Chapter 1 (Spring 1013) Morning on the Battle Field

You have more fish-stew for breakfast. It tastes a little better than last night since the fish has had time to absorb water overnight, but not much. It is still the same fare as you have had for weeks.

It is easy walking up the valley towards the ruins (was it not for the fish-stew threatening to make you sick). You can clearly see the foundation of what may have been a turret. A square outer perimeter and a circular inner one towards the Southwest corner. The outer foundation does not reach higher than your knee, while the inner one reaches you almost to the shoulder, with an obvious doorway. Inside you can see the remains of a flight of stairs, five steps up before it ends in rubble.

The remains of the actual wall extends Westwards, with some sections about man-high and some knee-high. Towards the East there is rubble only, although you can trace the its path as far as you can see.

Looking back, you can see down two valleys; the one with the village and the one with the camp.

Please make your magic sensitivity roll, please, and an awareness+perception difficulty 6+, too, and anything else you want to attempt. People back at the camp, with awarenes+perception 9+, can spot the three figures around the ruins; 15+ to actually recognise them and see how they search the place.

Edwin examines the area intently, alert to any slight tingle from his skin, and carefully examining the stonework.

Edwin's skin tingles. There is something here, not obvious what. The sandstone of the walls have been wearing down, and you notice pools of silt forming at the base, a foul white/greenish mass. Touching it it itches, but it is not just a chemical reaction; you feel the power that the magi crave.

Looking up, you see the stairs again, and they continue beyond the five steps and the rubble, but alas, at the moment they are closed, as if a black heavy curtain has been pulled over them.

Accompanying him, Luciu waits until he is out of sight of the villagers before he casts his usual spells to see both types of regio, and magic.

The spells allow Luciu to see what Edwin sees. The stairs lead into a regio but the curtain is drawn and it cannot be entered at this time. The silt which has run from the sandstone walls contain vis¹. It is a disgusting mash of which he needs to amass about a pint. I hope he has a container.

¹ 1p Perdo for recording; he does not know that yet, but will find out in due course.

Luciu believes this place is inhabited, he says to Edwin, "Let us leave things undisturbed." A little louder, he says, "I believe there is a wary magus living here,I am Luciu of Guernicus. If you are willing to talk, I would be grateful, otherwise I will perhaps come at a better season. The war is essentially over, I am not a combatant, though I travel with one who was formerly so, he is weary of fighting and also wishes peace."

He will wait a few minutes, then heads back to the camp, he does not disturb the silt.

There is no response. A hare stops just outside the ruins and watch you briefly, but when you turn your head it rushes off and disappears in the heather.

You return to the camp and meet the others, who have had plenty of time to rest. It is still morning.

If you try, you will find the abandoned cottages that Hrothulf suggested. Three goats were grazing in courtyard between them, but disappear quickly into woods when you arrive. It will take some effort to clean up the place and make it comfortable, but the roofs are in good condition on two of the cottages. The furniture is functional, and pots and utensils have been left behind. There is even dry firewood. A third cottage is derelict. Finally there is a goat shed which is the only building which looks inhabited.

This may be the end of the season. Is there anything you need to wrap up?

  • SQ 12 xp
  • Three confidence points
  • Plus one confidence points for each memorable action, such as frying Wulfric, leading the way into the Roman regio, and whatever else you have. Edwin deserves one too, maybe for interviewing Angus. Please propose more.