Chapter 11bis where Iago brings the loot back

Cath'rinne is so knackered she can barely fly, much less fight and expect to survive.

Arlaine jumps on the wolf with a dagger. Attack roll 8.
Glenn tries to break free while drawing his own dagger.

Iago reaches his high point just in time to see this, ready to act next round if he wants to. He is about 15 paces away.

Iago fires at the woman with an attack roll of 11.

Thom Awareness + Perception Roll: 8. Thom follows the path but not too far. At most 10 steps ahead of Iago and pausing when he saw Iago stop to climb.

Thom understands that something is happening on the left hand side of the path, but he can only see Iago mounting the top. On the right hand side, can hear somebody whispering. It is not far away, but it is up and behind the rocks.

The donkeys are uneasy, and the handler has quite a handful. Telsa may stay and help him or follow Thom or Iago.

Thadeus acts before Iago, so waiting for @Arthur . In fact, he acts the round before Iago, who should roll initiative as well as the attack for the next round.

Thom will continue to invisibly and quietly advance to try to get a better sight line to what may be happening on the right side up ahead.

Iago is on initiative 3. He indicated to Tessa to stay with the animals and handler (s)

Sasso tries to bite the archer again, latching on an arm or hand, or better yet on a throat. (Atk roll of 18)

Telsa, hearing trouble from the other side and knowing that her brother is somewhere that way, makes her way there with a nocked arrow. (She'd be no help to the donkey handler, because she is Offensive to Animals)

I need your defense against Arlaine's dagger too, but the attack was only 8. If he is not injured further, he succeeds again only just to pierce the armour. Does he try to hang on like wolves at least do when they hunt in packs?

Iago hits, scoring a medium wound.


(Keeping records here, lest I lose it. The archer had his third light wound and the spearmaid a medium one.)

(Do we add a die roll to defense? I was just using the flat score, modified for wounds, thus 7. If we add a die roll, that would be 12 now, and 13 for the previous one.)

Sasso will hang on unless he suffers a(nother) medium wound. At least until the bowman is maimed enough not to be a threat anymore if Sasso has to run.

Yes, you add a die to the defense, so then the dagger misses. Iago's action was first in the new round.

Telsa came behind Iago, but there was no room for two on his rock, so she would have to go around. She will be able to see the gist of what happens now, to roll initiative on the following round.

Arlaine grabs hold of Glenn, or the wolf, or whatever she can reach, to pull them in under the rock where Iago is standing, so at it will be almost impossible for him to aim. They both flail their arms, trying to shake the wolf off. «Mad dog, get off us.»

Sasso can feel the pounding of the flailing arms, but they are not effective. It is, however difficult to hang on. Say Sta 6+ to hang on and Sta 9+ to do so without losing fatigue. Hanging on would be great help to the pack, who is not coming behind him. Str damage roll against a soak roll of 7 to continue doing injury. Does that sound like fair rules? I did not find anything in RAW.

On the other side of the path, Thom starts climbing. Again, he hears a voice whispering, but the words are Brythonic.

That would also reduce the severity of the previous wounds, from Medium to Light? That makes a difference for penalties on further attacks.

I'd think hanging on would be based on Strength rather than Stamina (which is not to Sasso's advantage), and perhaps Brawl should contribute.

As far as damage, that sound ok, although I think the idea of such attacks is to bring the prey to fall down on the ground. That prevents the prey from running, makes it harder to defend against further attacks, and exposes their more vulnerable areas (like the throat). But I don't have rules for those either. Perhaps the Constriction rules from RoP:M p.75 (which are themselves based on the Grappling rules from the core book) could be an inspiration.

In any case, hanging on roll is not good (rolled a 2, +1 for Str or +2 for Sta, and porentially +4 for Brawl).

Sta roll to avoid fatigue is 6.

I am inclined to grant an automatic brought down, or at least sufficiently immobilised to make it easier for the next wolf from the pack ... when I said Sta to hang on, I thought one roll for hanging on and avoiding fatigue. The alternative would be to lump it in with the damage roll. If the soak exceeds by 5 or more, the grip is lost. As the story behind the cub scout motto is told, hanging on is a question of willpower and endurance. Hang on and trust the pack to join in and support. What that means to Sasso in the current situation is a different matter.

<looking up grappling rules>
There is no mention of how a second opponent flailing at the grappler change the situation.
Only ungrappling attacks allowed, but a character being bitten by a wolf has at least one hand free to flail.,

Sta 9+ is too harsh. Should be 6+, so preserve your fatigue. If we use the other roll for damage and hanging on, it is net -4, so hang on without making further damage. I don't want brawl into this, because hanging on forgoes the chance to hit a more vulnerable spot.

So to summarise, Sasso hangs on, keeping Glenn at a disadvantage. Arlaine has successfully pushed or pulled Glenn into cover from Iago's arrows, and otherwise made no harm. Telsa appears and can roll initiative to join the fight. Sasso and Glenn are between her and Arlaine, with Glenn being pushed into the cliff wall.

Iago sees very little as the fight below has moved into cover. He is at -6 to shoot Arlaine who is the easier target, with three extra botch dice, hitting Sasso if he botches. It is possible to jump down, it is only 8-10 feet down, but it takes athletics+dex 6+ to land safely. If descends where he ascended he can join the queue behind Telsa.

Iago tries to descend but fails with a dex+Athletics roll of 5.

You mean jumping? Iago lands badly and have to soak a damage of 4 (0+die), lest he sprains an ancle.

Telsa turns into wolf shape and jumps at the woman Arlaine to bring her down. She not trying to hurt her (yet), just biting her clothing/armor to bring her down, then intimidate her into surrender. (Atk roll 19)

He soaks 4 without armour (Sta 1+ Tough)

Arlaine keeps flailing, pushing, and dragging at Sasso wolf. «Get off him!», but watching Telsa change shape makes her scream, briefly, before she turns the the scream into a howling wolf imitation. Some kind of howl response comes from the other side of the path, but it makes no sense to the Pomeranian wolves.

Iago lands behind Sasso, but both his and Telsa's attack would be next round.

Glenn too, tries to break free, pulling and twisting his arm. I think that is a contested Str roll. Glenn has 8. He shouts in Brythonic too, «Arlaine».
Does anyone know enough Brythonic to make out the other words?

On the other side of the path, Thom climbs invisibly up between the rocks. Somebody was whispering, but he cannot see them, and now they have stopped. Suddenly he finds himself in an opening facing South. The sun is bright, and blinds him for a moment, but somebody shouts «Look!», and he can see the man shouting, leaned up against a rock, pointing a spear in his general direction. Casting a glance behind him, Thom can see his shadow on the rock behind him.

What does he do? Quite likely he wants to roll an initiative. Even more likely, he wants to roll awareness.

Trying to time it so that Glenn overbalances, Sasso lets go of him and steps back to stand with his sister, both growling and snarling threatheningly at the pair but restraining themselves from further attack (for now).

Iago changes to sword and shield and enters the melee (Ini +11). He will attack the female he shot earlier (attack roll +11, damage +8)