Chapter 11bis where Iago brings the loot back

If you leave immediately, before Thadeus returns, I am happy to start Chapter 12 and Summer straight away.

Does Thom have enough wounds to benefit from the mystic site? Nullsettings and I more or less agreed the following, and no one else chimed in AFAIR.

I think a heavy wound and a wound modifier total of -6 seems appropriate. Not sure wbout the part where you still need to be healing from that because that makes travel rather difficult without a spell like Bind Wounds.

For the record, I will get to confidence points and source quality when the other story lines completes.

My wiki notes say "Note: Wound penalty of -6, or a Heavy/Incapacitating Wound required. No limit on max confidence gained." rather than meeting both requirements. I'm unsure whether that came from the board or discord, but that's what I wrote down back then after we explored the site.

I found two posts on the matter. The one by nullsettings on Discord, quoted above, and this Chapter 5bis (Autumn 1013): South along the Pennines - #282 by loke

Just a heavy wound seems a bit light - it still leaves the candidate in the middle penalty category.

Take Sionag at Ungulus when you come... I refuse to let a wounded friend walk without me to look after him !

(OOC: You're just fearful of a more confident Thom. :slight_smile: LOL )

Sionag will use the casting tablet “heal the heavy wound” on Thom.

[casting : 1+11+10x2+5 = 37. Stress die : 0. Play with 4 botch dices ( base + 1 -rituel- + 3 pawn of vis), not a botch, casting ok]

[Does that fully recover Thom's heavy wound?]