Chapter 12bis where Nauvi goes to Lincoln with three cheerful companions

"We can release her easily enough. We get a little sleep, then a couple of hours before dawn I put the guard to sleep and try to work the lock while someone else handles the rope securing the cage. Once she's out, we see if she wants to come with us - if she doesn't, we send her on her way and start leaving for Lincoln. If she does come with us, we start finding a back roads way to Lincoln. I will change my appearance on the way, so as to make it harder to Wulfric to associate me with what happened.
If the whole thing is an elaborate trap by Wulfric, I will put a knife through the heart of anyone who betrays me." Nauvi sounds determined to defy Wulfric.

"Can you do something about how I look?" says Hamish.

"I kind of stick out in a crowd."

"No, I can't change your looks. I can make you appear more innocent or more imposing, but it won't actually make you less recognisable - people would still pick you out of a crowd. This is why we'd need to find a back roads way to Lincoln, so if Wulfric's men come looking for us we make it as hard as possible." Nauvi sounds disappointed as he describes the limits of his magic.

I suppose make supper and eat it while the sun sets. Do you manage to come up with your plan?

There is light from one or two houses in the hamlet, but they quickly dim after sun sets, and the villagers seem to go to rest.