Chapter 15 - Hunter of the Shadows

No more glowing. All active magic (otherthan LP and such) expired when you crossed over.

Anyways, as you get closer to the castle, you notice that there is a small band of monstrous appearing humans in strange hodgepodge arour attacking the castle. Alexandro is there and has joined the fight, several of the monsters lay dead at his feet while he continues battling those bold enough to face him.

OOC If I only have 6 from boundary + 1 base without the 6 from vis then spell succeed. The botch was the 11th die (look at the rolls)
I counted base 1, 6 botch dice for 2 lt fatigue used in place of 6 vis and 6 for boundary -1 for mastery. If I only have 6 botch dice (1 base, 6 boundary, -1 for mastery) then they are 4, 7, 8, 6, 7, 8 and my total is enough to succeed.


Keeping focused on the near and the far, Vares witnesses the latest developments--and is thus compelled to update everyone, again. "Metron has vanished into the mirror! Not of his own volition."

Esteban cries, "Aur! Aur! Desperta ferra! Deus aia! *" and races toward the fight. He pauses long enough to hurl one stone using Invisible Sling of Vilano at one of the enemies menacing Alexandro.

Casting roll: : 28 for a level 15 spell, no problem
Aiming roll (0 Per + 3 Finesse): = 5 :blush: I guess I am not really cut out for that spell.

Then he continues forward and engages in melee, trying to fight his way to Alexandro's side. Here's the first melee attack and defense to speed things up:

Attack (+11): = 15, dmg is +7
Defense (+7), using confidence: = 10 + 3 for cnf = 13.

Oh BTW how many monsters are there? :wink: Not that it matters, they're fighting my comrade-in-arms.

  • "Hearken! Hearken! Awake iron! Help us, O God!" -- the traditional battle cry of the almogavers. Since Esteban is fighting on foot he thought it kind of fit.

OOC: Errr Boss, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it just say something along the lines of 'You may substitute long term fatigue for vis'? I don't remember seeing anything about botch reduction in there. I mean either way you're still channeling large amounts of power ( be it from Vis or the Divine Realm ) and if you mess up, the results should be the same no? So I'm inclined to agree with the way LadyP did her rolls at first, since it says nothing about not rolling botch dice in the Holy Magic description.

Well, okay then. Moe gives his speech thinking he is gonna die, he lays there, looks up and notices he is not deadyet, exhales and waits, looks up again,notices he is healing and not going to die after all, and then says [color=red]Well, then, nevermind :smiley:

Naw, she's all good. .

The rock flies and cracks the skull of an opponent. You jump into the fray; cut-thrust-parry; your initial attack takes down anotheropponent, Alexandro takes down a third...

Carmen Multicasts a few lightning bolts taking out some others.

The castle gate opens and a small contingent of horsmen is sent out, the ride forth to assist you and help you make it into the keep.

1 Confidence point for coolness 8)

From dragonback, Octavian instructs the dragon as wella s the two custos with him. "When we encounter Metron, I will require that you use your fiery breath upon him Drake Maurice. It will not harm him, but it should impare his vision long enough for dismount. Do not engage him directly until he is unarmed. His blade is particularly virulent towards your kind." He looks back to the custos behind him. "Your priority is to disarm him of his weapon. It is a powerful weapon that can be used against him by magi."

I must have missed this :smiley:

Looking outside, you see Khyron confronting his rebellious followers. Then suddenly (at the same time when Metron ceeds the tower to Ameline), the dull moonlight bright arc that was formerly a blazing arc of fire shines very brightly. It does not ignite, but the light eminating off of it is equal to full daylight. The darkness upon the land lifts and the palace shines with fiery brilliance once again.

The others will notice this also, the light begins at the palace and washes over the land like a rolling wave.

Oh, and the Efreet is also clutching Rodrigo in one hand.

As you are riding, you notice the darkness suddenly lifts. As you draw closer to the palace, you catch up with Maurice and Isaac. They are engaged in battle with three efreet minions (obviously Khyron doesn't consider the drakes or associate non-member magi part of the bargain he made).

Octavian looks down below at the three Efreet engaged in battle with the overeager magus. "My pardons, Efreets. Those you have assailed are under my governance. I am to command Efreet Khyron until he has recovered his demesne. I will bid you to cease and desist your battle."

"Alexandro! Well met! You look well.

"It seems that during the chaos of battle, whichever magus was maintaining your Parma Magica lost line of sight to you, and your Parma went down. You were drawn through the enchanted mirror to some other part of the Magic Realm. You were right, it was Lady Carmen's passion for her family that freed her from her prison. We followed after you only moments behind, but this realm causes some sort warping in time that may have made it seem hours.

"Alexandro, have you seen Carlos? He, too, was drawn through the mirror."

You are all brought safely into the keep. Carmen gives her brother a big hug, and after their embrace Alexandro firmly clasps hands with you
[color=red]Well met Estaban! Glad you arrived when you did, for I was nearly overwhelmed by those trolls outside (or whateverthey are).
Then a tal older man in rich robes approaches you, the embroidery displaying the heraldry of the Order of Hermes and House Tytalus.
[color=red]Greetings fair heroes. I am Kordobos of Tytalus. Welcom to the ill-fated covenant of Taglyn.

OOC: Carlos was not drawn in. Rather, he was part of Alexandro's group and had also lost Parma, and inavertantly affected by a rogue spell Vares had cast.

The change in the Realm is immediate--and Vares, through his multiple aspects of perception, is able to observe it from a unique vantage.

He does not, however, have time to savour it, already sending allies through to reinforce Ameline.

Spotting what looks like Rodrigo clutched in the Efreet's grip, the Flambeau Magus speaks across the distance, "Remember our deal, Noryhk. There is truce between us still in effect until the second new moon after we return to the mortal world." His tone is firm, but not accusatory; the circumstances by which Noryhk came to hold Rodrigo are yet unknown, and the Efreet may not actually be harming him.

OOC: How many more does Vares have to teleport through?

You have sent everyone through and have examined the situation. You poke your head out of the tower when you see Khyron holding Rodrigo in his clutches. He hears your speech and hisses in reply

I told you, the bargain does not apply to Rodrigo or Antonio. My emnity with them streaches back many decades

Vares is not about to allow Noryhk to attempt equivocation on this point. "No. The bargain that does not apply is an invocation of the Prophet's name by one who has NOT yet engaged you in battle as a shield against future enmity. The truce applies to us all. Your feud with Rodrigo and Antonio endures, but the truce holds. Beyond that, your feud may resume."

Khyron looks at you angrilly. His expression indicates he is about to argue about it, but he changes his mid.
Bah! I'll come after him later. (he lets Rodrigo go). The carpet and all of my other traps, they were set before our negotiations.
But anyways, Light has returned to my domain, so it seems Metron must be defeated? Do you have your Carmen, and are you all prepared for me to kick you out and send you ack home?

"Greetings, Kordobos. I am Esteban de Babastro of Jerbiton." Esteban leaves it for Carmen and Alexandro to introduce themselves, in case they don't want to give out their names for some reason. "Thank you for your hospitality. Pray tell, what were those monstrous creatures attacking my comrade outside?"