Chapter 15 - Hunter of the Shadows

Marie nods:
"No man from Andorra will ever trouble you again - if you leave us all alone. I am impressed with your manners, Khyron - I did not know you beings of spirit were so courteous. My best wishes be with you."

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I'm not quitting or anything - just a new job and a new home (the last move for a long time, it seems)

Carmen and Alexandro both introduce themselves, and you are all invited to dine.
Kordobos answers your wuestions concerning the creatures outside
[color=red]They are men,savages really, warped by the magical energiesof this realm. They are the stuff of nightmares, twisted into the horrors that people run from in their dreams.

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Esteban shudders. "Is there anything that can save them from that fate?"

Kordobos's expression is grim.
[color=red]I am not sure.Indeed, I am not even sure if they are real or not. It is only recently that we have become aware of the reality of our existance. We are trapped in the magic realm, prisoners of a foul magus named Abaddon. This is an Imaginem Boundary, where dreams and nightmares take on solid substance. It was a fellow prisoner here,one named Metron of Flambeau, who revealed to us the nature of our captivity and discovered a way to use the Mirror of Infinity to escape. He learned that the artifact houses a powerfulspirit that can be commanded to manifest vestiges of the mirror in other realities and use the mirror to travel to them.
But he was a corporeal being. That method will not work for the rest of us, for we are but ghosts.

OOC: I am working under the presumption that Dreams & Nightmares are the stuff of Imaginem. I originally considered them to be Mentem, but discussions elsewhere on the Forums have convinced me that Imaginem is more accurate.
The "Aspect of the Mirror of Infinity" was such a vestige as Kordobos had mentioned, and the spirit bound in the mirror provides ease of transit through the Twilight Void.

(OOC How are they not mentem when they are creations of the mind?)

Dreams & Nightmares being creations of the mind is a modern concept. There are all sorts of othertheories people used to have: your spirit travelling in other realms, you are haunted by spirits, prophetic messages, and what have you. But still, regardless of their source, Dreams and Nightmares are Images that occur while you sleep, and thus Imaginem.

((OOC: Ok, then why are spells like Pains of Perpetual Worry or that affect your dreams Mentem and not imaginem? Imaginem is about effects that affect the SENSES not hte mind directly. When your unconscious, you aren't using perception but introspection whether it is subconscious or not)

Reasonable argument. It doesn't affect anything in my design to call it Mentem rather than Imaginem or visa versa, so I guess it really depends on what the rest of you think is believable. I myself think that the question is worthy of the forums and shall bring it there. But as for here, either Form works for me.

As the 'royal' Efreet has released Rodrigo and seems now willing to adhere to their bargain, Vares remains civil or at least diplomatic. "Carmen has been freed, but she, Esteban, Alexandro, and Metron have all vanished through a Mirror that is in the tower where Carmen is held. We are not sure where that leads. Do you know anything of it? If we could dispose of Metron permanently, it would rid all of us of an unwanted enemy and nuisance. We seek, of course, to recover our lost comrades as well."

As Vares tries to negotiate with Khyron, the released Rodrigo glowers as he dusts himself off. Then he smiles a wicked subtle grin, as he has a trick up his sleeve. Ameline (who is now a background NPC) felt that the burden of the magic jar was too much for her, so she had handed it off to Rodrigo who had hid it in his bag. He now pulls it out...

Hey Khyron, @#$% off!
And he opens the jar, pointing the opening at the efreet. Khyron sneers, yet is surprised when he is suddenly drawn within as a whirling vapor.
Rodrigo puts the led stopper back in.
Well, that takes care of that. Now, let's see about this mirror thing...

Suddenly you hear much cheering and yelling, a reaction to a commotion outside the walls. Another visitor approaches and has engaged in battle with the trolls. He lashes out at them with balls of black flame and his ebony sword, cutting down many in his path. The guards at the gate begin to shout [color=red]It is he! The Flambeau! Metron returns to liberate us as he promised!

Marie laughs, surprised. She raises her missing hands in a mock gesture resemble applause: "Sneaky you are Rodrigo. A worthy Tytalus. But today you have sealed the doom of our order. One day, Khyron will be free again - and he won't forgive us. Best if we make one of his minions king of this realm - we need friends in this place."

ooc: Ameline an npc - bad news that. Her player was difficult at times, but someone good for a roleplay that deserves to be called that way. Andorra: Fluctuat nec mergitur. Fluctuat a lot recently.

Rodrigo's sudden and unexpected action stuns and horrifies Vares. As Khyron vanishes into the Jar of Solomon, Vares exclaims, "Rodrigo, what have you DONE? We were under truce with the Efreet. Would you abrogate the Word of Andorra, of Flambeau?"

Marie's much more practical viewpoint is nevertheless also compelling. "Unless you free him, as he released you--and HOPE that he must still hold to a truce which you, too, would violate--this is a kingdom without a ruler. None of them except Noryhk could stand against Metron. What else would you have gain power here?"

OOC: Err...Rodrigo's action is a gross violation of any code of Honour. Especially after Noryhk/Khyron was reminded that the truce extended to ALL involved, including Rodrigo. By his action, he threatens to Dishonour Vares and possibly the Knights of Seneca.

(OOC: just bumping to see if the efreets are still fighting isaac and if they responded to the fact that Octavian and the others arrived as "reinforcements")

Assuming she's still here (I thought she went through the Mirror, but never saw her on the other side), Viola concurs strongly with Vares.


OOC: Didn't know where to post this, so I figured I'd toss it in here. I'm using Green for Titus and Blue for the Guards to make viewing easier, not that y'all can't tell. Unless languages are reflected by color? I know some games do things like that, but I don't think we do?

It wasn't often that the Village of Arans had visitors, so when the six well armed men suddenly appeared in the dead of night it caused quite a stir. Without a word to anyone, they make their way towards the Castle overlooking the village, ignoring all attempts at conversation. They finally are stopped at the doors to the Castle.

“Halt! Who approaches?”

At this a man steps forward from within the group. “My name is Titus of Flambeau and I have come at the behest of Archmagi Antonio Perez, I seek an audience with him.”

There is a moments pause and then “You may enter.” At this the doors to the castle swing open, allowing the men entrance. A short moment later they stand in the courtyard, surrounded by the Guards of Andorra.

An older man, who appeared to be the Captain of the Night Watch spoke. “Magi Titus, if you would please accompany me? But I'm afraid your men will have to remain here.”

There seemed to be unease among the men at this statement, but a wave and Titus' response silences the grumbling. “Of course, we wouldn't want to intrude on your hospitality. If you know of a place that my men could... entertain themselves in the meantime, I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated.”

“Of course sir.”

The issue settled, Titus is escorted into the entrance hall to wait while the Captain returned with Antonio. “It's rather grand, wouldn't you agree Cadoc?” The guard that remained with Titus looks at him in confusion, talking to nothing was weird, even for a Magi. And yet Titus carries on a conversation for a good half hour with what appeared to be nothing.

Finally he musters up the courage to ask. “Erm Sir, is everything alright?”


“It's just that you're talking... to thin air.”

“Why of course not, I'm talking to Cadoc!”


Titus sighs before whistling sharply “Cadoc, heel!” With that a dog the size of a large horse bursts out of the shadows not five feet from the where the guard was standing. Leaping back in surprise, the guard swiftly draws his sword.

“W-w-what is that.. thing?!”

“Cadoc” Titus says simply.

The guard eyes the dog warily before asking “Does he bite?”

“Oh yes.”

Thankfully Antonio chose that moment to enter the hall. Seeing this, the guard beats a hasty retreat, glad to get as far away from the strange man and his giant dog as possible.

“Archmagi” Titus says, bowing. “I bring greetings from my Pater, Eustace of Flambeau. He apologizes for not being able to answer your call personally as his affairs keep him tied up for the moment. I must also apologize for my tardiness, I'm afraid I was in the midst of a hunt when I received word of your situation. However, I now stand ready to assist my brethren in any way possible.”

Rodrigo drops his smug smile and takes on a cold serious countenance I made a command decision and did what had to be done to insure the security and safety of Andorra. You heard the details of his “bargain”. The truce was only for a limited time, and afterwards only those willing to invoke the name of one he considers a “prophet” would be safe; myself and Antonio excluded. And you saw how he is eager to twist the wording of his agreement. Though genies are magically Bound by their Bargains, they are at liberty to prevaricate as they will.
As for a new ruler of this kingdom, let us all enter the tower and see what Ameline is up to.
At the end of the last chapter…
Ameline is inside healing Moe, who had just delivered a moving dying speech only to discover he was healing after all. It is the seventh time he has given a death speech in his career. Just before Metron was sucked into the mirror, he had handed over his seized authority to her and was preparing to make his escape to places unknown.
Ameline invoked a small miracle, and Metron’s Magic Resistance suddenly failed and thus he was drawn into the Mirror (shouting something about Taglyn being worse than Purgatory). Outside, the darkness had lifted and the arc over the palace changed from moonlight brightness to shining as bright as the sun (yet no fire).

As Ameline is not a Magic being (such as Metron now is), she is not bound by this seat of authority and can simply leave anytime she desires. However, knowing the chaos this will cause, she will stay behind to choose the most honorable to be the new prince and try to convert the efreet from Paganism to Christianity (these efreet are not Moslems, Islam thinks of them as wicked heathens).

It happens. It was her decision to quit and I must respect that. I will drop the character off here for a while, perhaps she returns to earth oone day, perhaps not. Leave it a mystery for now. Long term games like this do tend to fluctuate. Life tends to fluctuate. The ability to fluctuate is what keeps it alive. There are still several original and long time members present, and do remember that this saga is built on the corpse of an old ArM4 game.

Rodrigo shakes his head. You are naïve and too trusting of those with crooked tongues. His very act of my sudden abduction proves how much he is willing to stretch the wording of his agreement. And he said himself he intends to come after uss full force when the time limit expires. He agrees to spare those who invoke prophets, a generous agreement to be sure, and one I would abide by if I were not his exempt list.
But what of those magi who couldn’t? Those of different faiths that would feel offended to invoke prophets hostile to their beliefs? What of Ludovicio? What of Decimus the Pagan Mercurian (Max) that was once one of our members?
Their personal feelings aside, the agreement as worded makes a magus of pagan faith a security weakness.
And what of the inanimate objects of the covenant? The books of our library and vis of our larder? Khyron agreed to spare life, he said nothing of hardship.

Khyron shall not be released from this bottle, not while I still live and breath to prevent it! Use your reason. We have made the wolf angry and caught him by the jaw, and must now forever hold it closed lest we be devoured. Regardless of what you may think of my actions, there is now noother option but to keep this bottle sealed forever. I will pay the Verdi who loaned it to you handsomely as compensation, you need not worry.
And you fear Metron to greatly! We shall follow him into the mirror and put an end to him once and for all. We shall recover Carmen, Alexandro, and Estaban, and then we will get everyone safely home.

Then, in my opinion, I think it would be cooler if your side comments were a continuation of Vares’ admonishment of Rodrigo. So I am going to pretend you did (feel free to negate this if you don’t think it also works out nicely).
Mind you, I am not at all claiming I agree with Rodrigo, nor am I saying I disagree. I am neutral. Perhaps he is wise, perhaps he is just a dick, or perhaps he is a wise dick. I simply thought it is something the character (based on the personality of the guy who originally played the character) would to do if given the opportunity. I also thought it would be a way to bump the story along and get everyone stirred up.

Khyron certainly did not consider the truce to extend to me! He is utterly bound by the words of his bargain. He didn’t acquiesce because you invoked the bargain. He couldn’t act against it in the first place. He obviously realized he was surrounded and outnumbered by powerful magi, and decided it was wiser to yeild.
As for your claims of dishonor, not only do I think you are unwise in your perception of matters, I would also remind you of rank and duty! Not only am I a Pontifix of the covenant and your superior, I am also a Knight of Seneca (lifts his shirt to show you his brand). Antonio has designated me a Grand Marshall, and command you to respect my authority in this issue!

Oh yeah, sorry. All combat has ceased, and very one (for the most part) is now in the palace square in front of the tower.