Chapter 1d: Underwater Explorations

(Wait, how didn't that go off? The total was 14, so half = 7, whereas target was 5)

He probably blasted you with a Divine aura

(The warehouse is within town, so there may indeed be a Divine aura. :mrgreen: )

(Right, forgot about that. I'll rest off the fatigue and do it with life-linked spontaneous - it should work by simply declaring I want to do it at level 5, right?)


((Indeed, with LLSM you simply set the level you want and pay the remainer as Fatigue. In this case, the maximum you might lose is 2 Fatigue Levels.))

Prochorus begins his incantaiton anew, this time opening the tap to his life energy. It proves unecessary, as this time the spell goes off normally. (Rolled an 8.)

His insistent touch upon the corroded disc reveals no trace of magical energy flowing out of it.

Nothing. Bah. Maybe show it to the others. It's probably an impractical wagon wheel or some such.

[i]Over the next few days and weeks, Japik continues his explorations of the sea around the island. He soon discovers that the area to the east and north of the island has the remains of stone buildings in many different spots. These ruins have been battered by the waves for years, decades and perhaps even centuries. Those to the east are half-sunk into mud and silt. None look very stable so for now he avoids any deeper explorations of them.

There are perhaps half a dozen such places that he can discover. Those seem to have been villages in times past, although at least one of the ruins was probably a castle of some sort and another one may have been a monastery. Whether any of these contains buried riches or secrets remain to be seen...[/i]