Chapter 2: Council meeting

Iolar, you are the only person Roberto has ever admited these things too. He has never backed down or run away from anything in his life. During the battle of Las Nova de Tolosa, when his pater was struck down by a summoned ghul; Roberto stared it down, sword in hand, and said "Oh, so you wanna play?". But that day of the raid, as a ten year old boy, he ran away, and he has felt ashamed ever since. It is the root of his reckless bravery, a struggle to atone for the natural instincts of a child.

In other news...
In the old days, when Ars Magica awarded xp's instead of confidence, I used to award 1 to 3 points, and would hand out bonus points for exceptional roleplaying. Andrew and Fixer would both get these. Iolar's characterzation is awesome! Wirth is a lot of fun to read, and he purposefully heald back during the ship scene so Okeanos could have his due. He gimped his own character (Okeanos got a CP, Wirth didn't) in the interest of story. He should be rewarded for that somehow.

Next week I plan to finish this thread off. I don't know if I am going to fast, but to me this seems so very very slow. I need feedback people :smiley:

When Wirth leaves the covenant Building Kilica insists on accompanying him , after all she is supposed to be protecting him.

She follows a respectful two paces behind and just to one side and carefully keeps an eye out for threats.

When Wirth meets with the pirates , she is completely unnable to follow the conversation but watches the men with deep suspicion.

I don't remember what the different sub-ethnicities of Turks are. I know that Saladin was a Kurd (and Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the world without a country, followed closely by the Assyrians, Gypsies, and Basques).

Anyway, some of the men Wirth is talking to begin to snicker and snarl. Fred puts up a hand commanding them to shut up. He sees that she wears mail and carries a greatsword, and does not think it is funny or amusing at all. Fred's mother was an, um, unpleasent woman. He recognizes the fire in her eyes.

He extends his recruitment offer to both of them.

Ulrich is just returning now with his 4 man band of bandits fresh with current
booty from ambushing a merchant on his way...

Looking around the covenant at all the hustle and bussel going on and wondering what he has missed, he wonders for but a brief moment then heads over to find some drink.

Aelianus sits in his chair near the desk in his laboratory. In front of him there lies a letter, it is half written and the ink dries as he ponders what to write next. Diodorus jumps up on the desk without warning. Aelianus jumps in his chair as the large cat appear in front of him. Diodorus rolls up on the desk and start licking his fur. Aelianus scratches Diodorus behind his ear and speaks. [color=red]Now what shall we do Diodorus? Thank the gods that I didn’t become involved in that pier construction project. Hauling stones like a serf, I think not. Diodorus rolls over and demands that his belly should be scratched, Aelinaus complies without question. [color=red]Now how shall we meet our “obligation” towards the covenant? Aelianus thinks that he does enough by just arranging the opportunity for these rather odd magi to live somewhere in comfort. [color=red]Diodorus I promised them a charged item, and thus one of those shall be delivered. It will clearly outshine what they might come up with. Do you have any idea? Diodorus looks up, seemingly bothered by the question or at least the disruption in his scratching. [color=red]Well they will have a pier and other structures for fish gathering but no tools or boats, no sail and no fishermen. Fishermen can be hired at a low cost and there are always out of a job lowlifes hanging around the docks in the larger cities. And you think that I know anything about how a shipping vessel should be constructed? Aelianus removes his hand from Diodorus as he replies.[color=red] A boat how hard shall it be? They all look the same. Aelianus sighs and the cats not so insightful answer, he needs to get enough vis to cast the gift of reason on his feline companion. [color=red]No Diodorus I have a different idea. Come here and I show you. Aelianus picks up Diodorus and walks towards the workbench, places Diodorus and picks up a bit of chalk and starts sketching. [color=red]Aeilanus mutters, I think that the item for our covenant will have to wait.

[color=red]I will spend this season construction the item that the magi of Dragons rest requested. From that deal I can get vis enough to give our covenant something useful. I have an enchantment in mind for you my friend sometime in the future. Dragons rest produces exquisite steeds and their stables needed some improvement. They are trying to breed horses that can accept a magus as a rider. Aelianus looks at Diodorus. Yes, I know it is a fruitless task but it pays me well. This wand with a miniature of Saturnus on top is held in the hand and the person who touches the skin of an animal and give the wand waver detailed information about the willingness of a steed to carry someone with the gift. It will become a lesser device but as I said the reward makes up for it. Diodorus looks at Aelianus. [color=red]Wont the others complain? Diodorus asks and Aelianus replies.[color=red] Perhaps they will, but an supply of vis speaks for it self.

[color=blue]OOC: Aelianus produces a device that give specific information (the willingness to carry a gifted rider) about an animal that wand waver touches. InAn Base 4 + 1 touch = 10 + 10 for unlimited uses per day. Thus the total becomes 20 and Aelianus receives 4 pawns of Mentem vis as the item is picked up by a redcap.


[color=red]Well. It seems we should be able to find an agreement :smiling_imp: .

You said the witch folks neglected you.
And you have guts enough to offer me to join you :smiling_imp:

Well, I have an offer for you.
Work with us, not as you did, but under our care. You may be strong, but with sorcery at your side, nothing mundane will stop you. Easy work, easy gain^^

What to you have to say?

About Iolar and Clara: Clara is mostly quiet, letting iolar speak.
About her and wirth, she just explains, in clear, luminous words, how they met, their affinity, natural understanding and complicity, this feeling of mutual trust despite the gift... Things like that.

I feared as much :wink:
Wirth doesn't care much, so long as she doesn't hinder him. As clara would put it, it's her job, after all, and she means well :unamused:. Still... He broods a little more :laughing:

As Havlard begins to prepare for fixing up some of the town with magic by walking the length of the road and looking for piles of stone. After the first day Marcello walks with him talking about one house or another. He is not sure Havlard is even listening but Marcello thinks that the mage may be able to repair some of the worst houses by magic.

Reluctant townfolk move rocks into piles. Many of them grumble about it. "Fix the road? we are not even piling the stones near the road." Marcello is invaluable in convincing the townfolk to help even a little bit. "

"It is all frozen mud with great ruts. I'm not digging in frozen ground."

"we've done no digging. The scholar::spit:: just has us mark the boundary of the road. Like he can't see it. bah!"

Havlard's first spell is a level 10 ReTe (Ig req for frozen ground)(CT 19) roll = 23
Leveling of the Rutted Road (Inst, mom, boundary)
The spell moves earth on a marked boundary to level it.

The spell is done at night ( when Havlard is most powerful). Those townfolk that are awake hear the far off baying of hounds.

The next day the townfolk are amazed. All the marked roads are slightly built up and leveled. While a bit scared of the strangeness of it they seemed pleased and are more talkative to Marcello when he passes through.

A day or so passes while Havlard rests. On the third night, while the moon is 3/4 full, Havlard casts his next spell.

ReTe10 March of the Cobbles (Inst, Moment, group)(CT 19) roll = 22
Moves piles of stones into a boundary and lines them up. Stones roll across the ground in single file and line up in rows within the boundry.
((I will need s finesse roll but I need to wait until I get home to check my book))

Havlard is mildly surprised that all of the houses are still standing ( knowing the chaotic nature of his magic).

He knows he can not leave the stones here because the townfolk would move them so he must begin try to set them.

ReTe10 (Req Pr, Ig) Road maker's friend(CT 19) roll = 21 Shape and sink stones within a boundary into the ground. The Perdo requirement smooths and levels the stones as they sink into the ground. The Igium requirement is because the ground is frozen.

Havlard is a bit more than winded now so he heads back inside to keep reading Soaring like the Birds

Havlard's dice rolls

((I made my rolls before I wrote the story. I had one extra roll there because I thought I would need it but as I wrote I found that I did not.))

Iolar mainly chats about inconsequential things or legends and ballads , she gives the strong impression of not really having seen much of the real world but having listened to , too many romantic ballads.

She eagerly awaits the efforts of the tailor and hopes he produces something resembling a proper dress.

As to her activities for the season she does not plan on doing any work for the covenant instead she will do that in one of the later seasons of the year. Instead she plans to get to know the local winds and lands
(Practice nature Lore Source Quality 5 , and Exposure Area Lore(Novius Mane) (Geography))

By the end of the season she may actually feel confident enougth to spend the night in her sanctum