Chapter 2: In the Summer of 1210

(This topic will be used to tie together events occuring in the summer, including work on the buildings and any story that occur during the season.)

Days go by as the villagers of Ober start to build the first house for the covenant, clearing a space about a dozen paces east of the oak's branches -- far enough that none of them risk coming into contact with it. Although Pytheas had plans to supervise the construction to facilitate the transfer of the lab once the larger houses have been built, this plan is quickly put in its grave when the workers get sight of him and work screeches to a stop.

After the first day, someone else takes over from Pytheas, leaving the Tytalus frustrated by the whole situation and wondering whether settling down here was a mistake for him. His magical skills are ill-suited to finding new sources of raw vis, or investigating magical sites in general. And his strong Gift makes interacting with mundanes almost impossible on a day-to-day basis. (This sets the table for Pytheas leaving the saga.)

Dietlinde starts her search for a house for the magi in Meden. She grumbles and is generally testy day after day of limited success, but eventually is able to report that she may have found a place that the magi could acquire cheaply. (See Chapter 2a story thread for more.) She come to Prochorus before the small magus has had much time to start investigating the pillars to the north. He discusses this with Quercus, who might perhaps take that investigation over from hism? (This would be the Chapter 2b story.)

Meanwhile, Japik spends day after day exploring the sea floor around the island and navigating the surrounding area. This yields a number of small artefacts from the sea floor -- but nothing really worth any trouble -- as well as a better knowledge of the various crevices and small grottos in the area. Noteworthy is the fact that the only scholl of dolphins he becomes aware of does not come close to the island. He only hears from them calling to each other in the distance. His plans to swim to them keeps getting postponed by new findings, until a few weeks have passed and the knarr comes back from its first trading trip. Along with this they bring something else -- the surviving sailor from a pirate attack. (See Chapter 2c story thread for more.)

Finally, midway through the summer Bernhard comes back to the island with news. First is a letter to Pytheas -- after reading it he tells his sodales that he has to leave for a while. Second is the information that there is another young magus who might be interested in joining the others here. Although Bernhard has not told him much about the new covenant -- and certainly not its location -- this gentle-gifted Bonisagus apprentice might be a good addition to the covenant once he completes his Gauntlet. He sent a letter of introduction along with Bernhard, before leaving to take his Bonisagus exams. Bernhard could contact him again and arrange for him to meet them somewhere to discuss this, perhaps? (This would lead to the Chapter 2d story thread, where Konrad would travel to the meeting place.)

(I suppose you will start all the sub-chapters mentioned, Arthur?)

Upon hearing about the gentle-gifted Bonisagus Japik agrees that he sounds like someone we might need to deal with all the people. "But doesn't those Bonisaguses always want libraries and big fancy laboratories to be happy? I hope he realizes what kind of place this is. Nonetheless I'm happy to welcome him with open arms, especially if he can earn the trust of the villagers. By the way it seems some of the animals shun this island, not sure why yet though."

(Indeed, I will start all of those threads. Just wanted to set the table for them, although I didn't have the time to initiate them all. I figured I'd see who bites and start those first. 8) I had a fairly good idea with the first one, so I started that one first.)

"He is some kind of healer, from what I understood, and is more interested in setting up some kind of healing centre."


OOC: Aside from the short stories that I will be running, I'd like a clear picture of what the magi are doing over the summer.

Arriving and setting myself up.


Japik will continue exploring the sea around the island and try to get closer to the dolphins he heard and communicate with them to see if there is any particular reason why they seem to avoid the island and its immediate surroundings. He will also follow up on any information the sunken sailor gives regarding the pirates and the cargo that may be at the bottom of the sea.

He won't take part much in the building process of the covenant unless asked to do anything in particular. Hjalmar and Yulia will help with what they can though.

Japik will be around to greet the new magus when he arrives.

As the Summer comes to a close, things have progressed for the little group of magi newly arrived in Helgelund. But not all is well.

The two small houses have been completed in Oberland, but with the search for stonemasons having failed so far, the larger house hasn't been begun yet. Still, Pytheas has begun unpacking the furnishings of a first laboratory in one of the single-story houses, which also contains some living space for a single magus. For now, the second house is being used as a combination of living quarters and guard house for some of the grogs, so that there is a permanent presence and protection in Oberland.

The rest of the covenant's people are residing in the former inn on the outskirts of Meden town, which also serves as a more permanent warehouse for what little belonging that the covenant has. The ghostly woman makes it difficult to hire additional staff in town, as the rumor of its presence spreads. Dietlinde reports that some of the townspeople are avoiding her. Nothing overt, she says, but the occasional drumming at night combined with rumors of the magi and the occasional strange drumming at odd hours, all are contributing to the townsfolk's suspicion. The fact that a dead sailor was discovered in their backyard doesn't help either.

The covenant receives another blow with Pytheas' and Quercus' departure. The first one hadn't gone into much details, but apparently he had received an offer that he could not resist. Quercus, for his part, had been moody and frustrated for some time, before announcing that he felt the island did not offer him fertile ground to develop his abilities. Be it as it may, both were leaving Prochorus and Japik alone to build their small covenant. The departures also depleted some of the covenant's already small resources.(1) There had been time for some quick copying of those books they left with, but only barely. The smaller boat was also gone, leaving only the Baltrum at the covenant's beck and call.

Silver was still quite limited, at only 12 pounds in reserve.(2)

For a while, it seemed like a new magus might join them. But when Japik had travelled to Anvers to meet with a young magus called Konrad of Bonisagus, he had waited in vain for him to show up.(3)

(1) I have now adjusted the library to show only those books that remain after their departure.
(2) As detailed in The Business of Trading.
(3) Trogdor kind of disappeared, so I'm writing his character out.