Chapter 2: Once more in the council chamber

[color=red]We train the militia so that they can fight of threats if needed. Perhaps I should remind my fellow soldaes that there is a rather large stash of weapons in our stores. If there is a need we could arm the militiamen with those weapons but for now I think that they could be armed with clubs and other crude weapons. Justus drinks a bit of wine and starts eating on a piece of pork.

...nor do we want to be present for any petty theft or bar brawl.

The militia must be self-sufficient in time.
We will need to train with them, so they get used to our magic. They will need our assistance if we're attacked by werewolves and the like.
I think they should train with the weapons we have. It's no use letting them practise with clubs and expecting them to be able to use swords afterwards.

Oh, something different:
We could assign one of the scribes to the militia, to write down all the things they investigate, as well as the courts being held.
We could assign another to Gunther, for the bookkeeping.

Justus replies. [color=red]We can assign scribes to the militia and to Gunter when they are trained but for now I think is best if either recruit scribes from Kolberg or the captain and Gunter handle things as well as they can. I don’t think that it is a good idea to involve a stranger so perhaps we must do without scribes for a while or perhaps let the Latin school train a young lad or two in reading and writing and then assign them. Thus robbing them of any further training but letting them get a clerk job and a descent pay at rather young age.

[color=red]I'd prefer to have a difference between the milicia and the men-at-arms.

The former's role is more to police the village, and deal with troublemakers, thiefs and such. For now, they are unskilled in both weapons use and group combat.
The later's role is to defend the covenant proper against military agression. They are trained professionnals

I'd like the men-at-arms status to be a coveted one amongst the milicia, just as the covenfolk status should be coveted amongst the villagers.
As such, a better and reliable pay is one point, better equipment is another. Compensated by greater risks, of course.
In time, the best millicians should be able to join the turb, of course.

We should train with the turb, of course. In fact, I already began doing just this.
Once the milicians are better trained, they can begin to train with better weapons, and we can begin to have them share some training with the turb (emulation is good), but they're an additionnal force at best, at least for now.

As per the scribes, justus idea is sound, I like it.

Justus spoke, [color=red]I think I am agreeing with Ardath here. We use the militia to police our covenfolk and let them be separate from the guard.