Chapter 3: Dinner at father Gerald’s

[color=red]I beleive the Vis will come from my share of the covenant vis we have agreed that the vis not used for covenant projects will be divided evenly I will use my share for the ritual. I will get the vis from Justus when he returns from dinner

Mariella heads off to get the vis

Krispin falls in step beside Mariella before she can get too far ahead of him, clearly intending to follow. [color=red]“I believe three pawns[color=blue]* [color=red] of Creo or Corpus vis should be sufficient for the healing. I think I’ll go with you to meet Justus – just in case he objects. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the rules about personal use of vis here aren’t firmly established. Still, I suppose we’ll see what he says.

When they meet up with Justus, Krispin holds of speaking, for now, letting Mariella and Justus talk.

[color=blue]*This is based on my reading of Root-Cutter, which states that the virtue cannot reduce the vis cost of healing rituals “by more than half”. So he’d save two pawns off a level 25 ritual, since reducing the vis cost by three pawns would reduce it by more than half.

[color=blue]OOC: Agreed on the vis. You just have to use some plants and stuff, which a simple trip in the countryside should easily provide, especially with the magical forest just outside :smiley: That's great! Yannick told us the forest was our friend :wink:

Once you are meeting with Justus, a rather tired Justus how do you handle this conversation?

[color=red]Sorry to disturb you Justus at this hour , but I realised that Krispin was leaving early tommorow and I wanted to sort out getting Ilse healed before he leaves . So I would like to take 3 pawns of creo or corpus vis from my portion of the stores so we can get on with it before Krispin leaves

Three pawns of corpus vis, [color=red]that is quite a lot. But then it is to reward that young woman who got into close combat with a werewolf, armed with nothing more than a heavy piece of furniture. Right, take the vis. There is no need to count the cost or doubt the spending, there will be a significant morale boost. Take what you need then. Please excuse me, Justus yawns, [color=red]I must retire for the evening. By they way, isn’t it a bit odd that our good father need two housekeepers?

Krispin nods from beside Mariella. [color=red]"I’m glad you approve. I assure you it won’t be wasted."

[color=red] "I noticed that myself, Justus. Far be it from me to doubt a man of the cloth, but it seems to me the good Father has some little secret or other. And I don’t know if you’ve met them yet, but both housekeepers speak a Latin as good as mine – a skill I doubt sees much use in their profession. Were he simply keeping a mistress we could turn a blind eye but… well, such a lady has scant use for Latin either.

"I don’t doubt he’s hiding something from us, I just wonder how serious it may be. He seems harmless enough, but I wonder…

"Ah well, enough of that. These concerns are hardly pressing, especially not with renegade magi, quaesitorial investigation, and arduous travel pressing on all our minds. I will not keep you from your rest."

[color=red]I'll hope that you are right. Good night. Justus exits the room and goes up to his chambers.

[color=red]“Very good. Sleep well, Justus.”

“Well, that went well,” Krispin remarks now that he and Mariella are alone in the room. [color=red]“I will make the necessary preparations tonight and before dawn tomorrow. If you would bring Ilse to me, tomorrow morning, I would like to speak to her first, then do the healing in the courtyard. The morning air will do us all good, and that way interested covenfolk can attend.”

[color=red]I would hope that the father is not breaking his sacred vows that would be most unfortunate as we would have to notify the ecliasiastical authorities.
I will see you in the morning with Ilse.

Unless Krispin continues the conversation Mariella retires for the night. She arises early in the morning and goes to visit Ilse before the planned meeting with Krispin

Before the sun breaks the horizon the next morning, Krispin is up, dressed, and searching for herbs. A few of the early rising covenfolk would see him under the shadowy, dappled canopy of the forest, grubbing here and there for the choicest herb, heedless of his robe or wizardly dignity.

When he’s finally satisfied, and the sunrise has turned to early morning, he returns to the manor. There, he sorts his finds into small, neat piles, carefully picking out the ones that strike him as most magical and saving the rest away for later. His task finished, he sits down to contemplate the spell before him and to wait for Mariella and Ilse.

Early in the morning after her morning prayers Mariella goes to visit Ilse. Knocking on the door she calls out
[color=red]Good Morning Ilse. Magus Krispin is ready to heal your injuries if you could come with me

Ilse is already up and answers the door. Before anyone can realise what’s happening she is standing in the open door way. [color=red]Have you sent for a healer for me my master? May God bless you and your goodness. She almost throws herself around Mariella’s neck in order to hug her, but restrain herself as she knows that Mariella is her mistress.

[color=red]Yes , Krispin is a healer . He will also be joining the covenant as a magi and he is most happy to help. This will be a more complicated magic than you will have seen before it will take Krispin over an hour to cast the spell do not be concerned by the chanting and ritual implements used the spell is known to be reliable. There may be som discomfort but I am not certain as I have never experienced such a spell myself , Krispin will be better able to answer any questions of that nature. Come we will go and see that you are healed now.
Mariella smiles , and then leads Ilse off to meet Krispin

Krispin smiles broadly as Mariella comes in, with Ilse in tow. His eyes dart immediately to her hand, his practiced healer’s eye evaluating it. Under normal circumstances, he’d see about healing it in a mundane way, but, well, sometimes the magic is as important (or more so!) than the healing itself. He nods to Mariella as she enters, then turns to Ilse.

[color=red] “Hello, Ilse. My name is Krispin. I’m a healer, and, I suppose, a wizard, although not all the healing I do is magic. His eyes twinkle. [color=red] I am going to cast a spell, and when I’m finished, your hand will be as good as new. There will be no pain, although you may get a little bored waiting for me to finish. I trust after everything you’ve been through, that won’t be too much to bear, eh?”

[Latin, to Mariella]
[color=red] “Sooner begun, sooner done, after all – I’d like to start now. Provided all goes well, I’d also like to talk to her and examine her a bit afterward. If nothing else, I can check to see that she and her child are healthy.”

[German, back to Ilse]
[color=red] “I have to cast the spell in the courtyard, I’m afraid. Just be calm and trust in me – all will be as it should.”

Krispin leads Ilse into the courtyard, Mariella presumably following. He looks around, evaluating his surroundings, and then begins to cast. He walks carefully through the spell, in accordance with his plotted astrological calculations and his own intuition. He stops occasionally, simply thinking and getting the magic under control. As over an hour passes, the air hangs thick with the sweet smell of mixed herbs and there seems to be a slight golden glow around Krispin and Ilse. Satisfied as he can be that all is well, he finishes the spell with a blessing in Latin and the beatific golden glow begins to fade.

The spectacular show at the courtyard caught the eyes of many who looks astonished at the magi and their magic’s. Perhaps a few chores of the day will be preformed late but them rumour about the magi’s healing skills will spread.

[color=red]Your injuries should be better now, you still need to think what career you wish to pursue here. As I have said we will help you pursue any career here . When Krispin returns from his journey he will want to check that your injuries have healed properly and also check that your child is well.
As always if I can be of aid to you , ask and I will see what I can do. Now I must return to my studies

[color=blue](Not to pre-empt, but I figured I’d just get this out of the way now, since we’re here.)

Krispin grins, tired but happy now that his task is completed.
[color=red]“Thank you Ilse. I hope this begins to repay you for your service. I know Mariella will protect you, but you can always talk to me also if you have anything you need.”

He takes Ilse back inside and chats with her a bit, slipping in a Deft casting of Probe the Secrets of the Flesh somewhere. [color=blue]Any lingering health problems? How is the baby, what gender is it, and approximately when is it due? Is it lying right? How does it look like her birth will go? Anything else interesting? If she’s got evidence (scars and the like) of an abusive relationship, he’ll be more than happy to let Mariella have the SOB.

If all is normal, Krispin lets Ilse get back to home and work, and goes to prepare for the upcoming journey.

[color=blue]What impression did he get of her intelligence and willingness to learn from chatting with her? If she’s smart, her lack of profession and the village’s lack of healer has put an idea stewing in his mind... 8)

Ilse is healthy and her baby in good condition, she is due to about five months from the examination. It shows clearly. There are no apparent complications for the birth, at least not yet. There is no evidence of any abusive relationships, just the standard malnutrition of the medieval times. She doesn’t know who the father is, at least that’s what she tells you, and Ilse belives that the father doesn’t know that she is carrying his child. There where simply to much ale that night. She is clever though not in the sense of a young apprentice but still teachable for almost anything. Ilse can also be described as being a determined woman who tries to do the best for her soon to be child.

Happy end, at least for now.