Chapter 3: Meeting with the Queasitoris

[color=red]As i told you, it would be a side effect. The spell will give our forresters a feeling how they can get most out of the forrest without harming it.
There are places in the forrest where the forrest attacks you if you break living wood. The spell will make sure the forresters avoid such situations.
But i certainly will make the effect expire.

[color=blue]ooc: could there be a misunderstanding? I did not mean to sell the item.
And using magic to increase a covenants funds surely isn't prohibited?

[color=blue]It is a matter of degree, perhaps Bartolomeaus is very keen on looking after young covenants so that they doesn’t cause the order trouble.

Bartolomeaus replies, somewhat more friendly. [color=red]It seems like wisdom to make sure that non of your servants draws the wrath of the land upon the order. Just make sure that there are no significant increases in income.