Chapter 3: New Blood

(That does not take into account the expenditures for the winter season, so the total will be a bit less than 50 pounds. I'll update "The Business of Trading" soon.)

We cannot use it for anything other than living in, if that is what you mean. With our reputation, that is unlikely to change without magical intervention. Which is possible, given time. But yes, if you have a knack for wealth conjuration, here is the place to shine.

"While they claim knowledge is power, I have not yet figured out how to turn that into the day to day wealth we all need to live."

Knowledge is knowledge, power is power, and gold a third thing still. I say they say the sillliest things.

"Yeah they do. If only we had some gold things would be different, now we have to do with silver."

"Even if we aren't a true covenant of the order and all that I think we should come up with a name to make us feel like a community. What do you say, do you have any suggestions?
Terra Superus, Gemina Collibus or perhaps Visum Ventosa, just off the top of my head."

Yes, a name is in order. There is power in names, or perhaps knowledge? Regardless, my sigil goes to Visum Ventosa.

"Visum Ventosa works for me as well."

"Visum Ventosa it is then. Welcome sodales." he smiles.
"Are there anything else you think we need to discuss more formally when we are gathered like this? Herman do you have any questions or thoughts about well anything? Did you bring equipment for another lab?"

"I have some of the harder to find equipment for a lab, which should help get it set up. No other questions here."

(I think we can wrap up this thread and confirm the plans for the next season OOC.)

From what I can understand, the plans are as follow:

  • Prochorus: Spend the season gathering stories about the island by playing music and talking to people. Does he plan on following leads that those stories may provide him as they occur? Or would he rather concentrate on gathering the stories for now, leaving investigation for later? (Trying to gauge how much information he would have before starting a story for him.
  • Japik: Exploring the sea around the island and investigating the pillars to the north. What's you planned approach for the pillars?
  • Herman: Invent some spells in the lab to help find vis. This will need some details as to what spell(s) you are trying to invent.

Who will supervise the construction of the large house, when the stonemason arrives?

He would gather a bunch of stories first, preferably see if he can get multiple versions to verify, and then discuss them with the other magi to consider the best approach. Prochorus will suggest that Herman supervises the construction, because he is next to the construction site anyway.

First he tries to get in contact with the pod of dolphins he heard last year somewhere away from Helgoland. He tries to see if he can learn something from them about both the island and the pillars. Do they fear them and if so why, or is there anything else they may be able to "tell" about the surrounding waters, except for obvious dolphin-things like where it's easiest to find fish etc.

I would suggest Yulia perhaps? Since I'm going to play Lothar the Stonemason someone else should take care of her if not you Arthur.

Her pregnancy is beginning to show and slow her down. She may not appreciate having to travel up and down the stairs to Oberland. (That was what Hjalmar was grumbling about earlier in this thread. :laughing: )

Ah yes, I forgot. Anyone else then except Japik since I don't want to play my two characters against each other too much.

Herman and Tristan could supervise. Herman will be there, but will be staying out of the way. Tristan is actually a very friendly fellow who can at least avoid upsetting the mason. In any case we need to agree on what exactly we want him to build. I presume we are looking for a house big enough for the 3 of us, plus one or two more Magi if we get lucky, plus our servants? And space for how many labs (of the usual size, I presume)?

I concur. I think some of the grogs can live in the inn, at least until we manage to make it serviceable by removing the ghost and branding it a bit better.

Was there anything more to be discussed in this thread?

I don't think so.

I think we are done.