Chapter 4a - Barcelona Nights

Everyone who is going on the trip to Barcelona, shout off here :smiley:


Awesome. I need everyone lined up by Monday. We are headed to Barcelona with or without you :smiley:

For now assume Octavian is tagging along quietly.

Xalbador accompanies the delegation as well, keeping mostly to himself on the journey.


Now this is an interesting mix! :smiley:

Once I have everyone lined up, we can proceed. You may want to talk over the logistics of the journey. Walk? Fly? Horse? Carriage? Teleport? Entourage (custos & etc).

Lejla will be useful in Barcelona and I will play her as an NPC if Jeam Michelle does not desire to. I promise not to kill her :smiley:. Cant promise about other people not killing her though :laughing: (jk!)

Octavian is a good little Tremere and will make his own preparations and carry his own gear. He'll let the leader of the expedition make the proper preparations for the journey or provide assistance and counsel should it be requested.

Good little Tremere, plans like a Roman. I base my view of Flambeau philosophy on the Spartans. Spartans didn't carry supplies or worry about logistics. They just took what they needed as they went :wink:

Anyone remember what the old school Flambeau Gauntlet was like?

I suggest that maybe Octavius could be a little more proactive and suggest ideas. We are just going to Barcelona, so no need for a huge supply chain. However, a good Tremere would realize that, when walking up to another covenant, it is wise to bring gifts and other offerings (the whole of the city and suburbs are considered part of their covenant).

OK, here's a rough precis of what those travelling to Barcelona may know - not much given the general lack of Iberia Lore and/or Order of Hermes Lore amongst the magi.

Barcelona Covenant

The covenant of Barcelona dates to just following the Schism War and was founded by Jerbiton magi intent on living integrated within mundane society. As such, it is atypical of many covenants of Iberia and more in keeping with the interlinked covenants of the southern Toulousain and Mediterranean coast of the Provencal Tribunal to the north.
(most magi will know this basic fact)

Most interesting to visiting magi is Barcelona's status in Hermetic law - it's early members successfully petitioned to have the whole city regarded under their protection and authority. Open use of magic is not tolerated, lest it reveal the magi to the mundanes of the city and this forfeiture of the normal rights of a magus to practice without restriction is backed up by the quaesitors of House Guernicus. Even the late former Praeco Matlus was barely tolerated to visit the city due to his Twilight Scars and the current Praeco of Iberia is not exempt from this ruling.
(Octavius will be aware of this due to his status as Quaesitor, as will Decimus due to his position in the Mercere heirarchy. Inigo will be aware via Leijla, who may have carried post from Barcelona in recent times reinforcing this edict but Ludo will be unaware of this or likely dismiss it as fancy)

Magi desiring to visit Barcelona are advised to call into the Inn of the Silver Rooster, which acts as a front for the interests of the Jerbiton magi in the city.
(Leijla will presumably know the correct phrasings for this)

Of course, any magus is free to consult the library if they have a specific question in which case the following books may prove useful for research, although they were all written a long time ago:

  • Historia Hermetica, Arturius of Bonisagus (Order of Hermes Lore Summa: L6, Q13)

  • The Saga of House Flambeau, Joseph of Flambeau (Order of Hermes Lore Summa: L5, Q14)
    *Commentary by Julius of Flambeau, Julius of Flambeau (Order of Hermes Lore Tractatus: Q8 )

  • El Poema de mio Cid (Iberian Lore Tractatus: Q9)

Another alternative is to talk to Carmen or Rodrigo, who may have more of an idea of the area, being frequent travellers (and natives) or create some shield grogs that may have had dealings there before.



Okay, everyone that knows how to ride, saddle up. We have a few Magical Reins, Lesser Enchanted devices with a singular ReAn function that allows a magus to ride a horse. Those who don't like riding, we have a wagon, a flying carpet, and a spare pair of Boots of the Seven League Stride.

We don't need a lot of supplies. A moderate amount and proper funds will do just fine (BTW, I finally got around to calculating our income and expenditures, and we are quite comfortably affluent, more so than I thought).

We do need to be discrete in the city. Those with the Blatant Gift need to cover their heads and not look anyone in the eye. Let those with the Gentle Gift or no Gift do all the talking with mundanes. Once we get to the Inn of the Silver Rooster, we can check in and relax a bit. Utmost discretion is required at all times. The magi of Barcelona will not tolorate any blatant use of magic in their city.

I have created a character for Golda, Carmen's mother and Antonio's mistress. She is from Barcelona and will gladly act as your guide :smiley:

I am going to presume we are travelling on our merry way :smiley:

After too long engaged in his studies, Vares feels the need to emerge into the outer world once more. So much is happening, so much unfolding that he wants to learn of it through ways other than the study of the heavens. He watches, from afar, and listens, as is his wont, but there is a time when a physical presence is required. Thus, the subtle-working Magus joins his sodales on their excursion to Barcelona, a city he has visited in the past, though not in some time. He reads the latest dispatches from the city carried through the Mercere House, and speaks to the Redcaps who have visited there recently to apprise himself of the situation he might expect upon his arrival.

Reckoning the distances involved and the terrain through the mountains, he favours the swift movement of crossing from place to place, striding across the land in great leaps that contact the compass of it in intervals of Astrological time and place, touching the world and then stepping onward.

If the others choose to ride the difficult mountain passes to reach their desintation, Vares packs accordingly and climbs his mount. The caress of his hand is welcome; unlike some Magi, his quiet presence does not disturb the animal world, and the two work together well.

Fifth Ed. Tremere have a significant amount of Hellenic influence in their thinking. The Flambeau may have taken some elements from the Spartans, but taking too much contributes to the Flambeau infamy. They were effective soldiers in the field, with a society that disintegrated under their breeding policies and overreliance on slaves to do most of the non-military work. Strict adherence to tradition was their undoing.

Vares is not Spartan in outlook nor in mentality. His philosophy is far more supple and open-minded. There are other ways to discover the sparks and flames of knowledge.

Inigo travels quietly, keeping mostly to himself in public areas, especially as the party approaches Barcelona.

Barcelona is a beautiful and majestic city. I wish Xavi was still here so he could tell us first hand :smiley:. Anyway, Golda leads you all in under cover of night, posing as a caravan of merchants. She then takes you to the Silver Rooster, the focal point of the Covenant of Barcelona.

Octavian will travel on foot, carrying his own things. When passing through settlements he will loosen his ponytail to allow his hair to partially conceal his face. For the majority of the trip, the Tremere keeps to himself. He speaks rarely; when addressed or to thank one or more of the servants on hand for the meals. He will silently volunteer to assist in watch duty on the darkest nights.

The evening before the group's arrival, Octavian accosts Ludovico in private and out of earshot of others to avoid any embrassasment to the Tytalus. "Master Ludovico, may we have a word?"

Should he accept, Octavian goes on. "Thank you for acquiescing to my request. As a quaesitore I am compelled to inquire if you are aware of the particulars of the Peripheral Code in regards to the city of Barcelona."

He goes on to describe the elements of Hermrtic Law for the city so that Ludovico is aware of what to expect. Once finished he states. "I hope my advice will avoid MAster Ludovico from encountering further troubles in the Tribunal." With that he nods politely and returns to the camp. If Ludo has his summoned spirits, and if Octavian can perceive them with his second sight + keen eyesight, he walks through one of the spirits as if it weren't there.

It matters not to Vares that the caravan arrives in the middle of the night instead of by day. Without sign nor whisper to give breath to magic, only the hush in the darkness, his eyes behold the scene as if by day, seeing the fields before the city, the sea beyond. It has been some time since he last came through this way. The sight is impressive as ever. At least by night the smell is blown out to sea. He knows cities well, but the reek of nearly all has never been something he has missed. The puzzles, the curiosities, the stories within and about the walls--those intrigue.

He observes his associates and companions on the journey. Like the wiser, he has elected to dress in respectable if not overly conspicuous garb, of quality enough to account for his mount without suggesting wealth which could attract further attention.

As they near the city, his gaze and attention roam toward the gatherings of people who might be out after dark. He listens intently to their words, carried now on the wind, to hear the daily gossip and banter of the populace.

OOC: "Whispers on the Wind"

You hear people talking business, romantic gossip, grumbling about ethnic minorities, and so forth. Nothing special really.

However, the magi of Barcelona must have heard of your approach (either you sent a message or their scouts spotted you, you guys decide which as it will affect the rest of the encounter). They have sent a herald to greet you outside of the city walls, and honestly, spotting which group of travellers are the magi is not difficult considering the composition of your party.

His name is Thomas, and he will guide you to meet the magi at the Silver Rooster, but after nightfall under the cover of darkness.

PS, I am still recovering but I am making an effort to catch up and get back on track :smiley: