Chapter 4a (Winter 1231): Amazons on the Move

[OOC: I think that given the Ironboundtome doesn't appear to be very around, it probably makes sense to wrap this one up?]

Gregorius thinks a moment more, then sighs and shakes his head.

"Let's go back to the covenant. We've got the location and some arcane connections - we'll send one to my Exarch so the Order isn't starting from scratch if something happens to us or our covenant. I'd have really liked to learn more about their magicians, but hopefully we can use the arcane connections as a starting point for that."

[OK, reasonable enough.]

At this point, what the covenant will need to think about is how to set up defenses and early warning systems.


OOC: The next logical thing for Fray to do was approach the people, but I didn't want Fray to approach the strange people on the island as he's had previous devastating experiences with being under attack, and also being alone in confrontations. He's curious rather than brave.

"the arcane connections will need to be made fixed. Perhaps there is enough threat from these strangers to make that time well spent even if the exact location isn't known as strategic. Even to retaliate if needed as a form to distract. I would hate us to hurt ordinary people if the have no direct bargain in the attacks. "

Gregorius nods agreement to the suggestion that the arcane connection be fixed. "I can do it myself if necessary, although ideally I'll be able to persuade Viola to lend us a season of her apprentice's time. Keeping another arcane connection on hand in case something goes wrong, of course, but it should be suitable as an introductory lab project."

"We need to use the arcane connections to gather more information. It's frustrating that we haven't managed to find one of their magic users, but we already checked the cave where they were holding Tasia previously, and short of that I don't have any ideas of where to look for them beyond just blundering around and waiting for them to attack us. Which is a strategy with flaws, shall we say?"

[In terms of defences, Gregorius has been doing some work on this already - by now we have perimeter wall contructed by a Tremere Architect, and a tentative agreement with the local village about their light cavalry in exchange for us helping them capture some of the Magic Stallion's mares. The early warning system is still the big problem - we'd had some discussions of Viola creating something, either via Animae faeries or Imaginem enchantments, but I don't think we ever got either off the ground. I think the key problem of the latter was where to aim them - do we have any better ideas now we've been traversing the terrain?

I'd quite like to get an Enchantment of the Scrying Pool set-up and then Fray to use his knowledge of the sea to use it to spy on the coastline of the sea / island until we find something useful, but that requires someone to learn an InAq 30 spell and (at least) 6 pawns of In / Aq vis.]

Remind me of what you had in mind for defenses created by Viola--how does the terrain affect them?


The question was how do we know ahead of time that a hostile force is headed our way. One possibility was to set up remote monitoring on likely routes to the covenant, either by arcane connections and Intellego spells to a location or installing spies (e.g. faerie Animae) at the locations. But I don't think we even quite managed to answer the question of where to put them that actually had a high probability of being on the route the hostile force took.

"Scrying is on of my weaknesses, so I cannot help with that. On defence of the covenant, I believe we can we safely assume an attack on foot, and many of my spells could be bound to a device to hamper and disable soldiers and horsemen. Should you wish I can craft such an item."