Chapter 4a (Winter 1231): Amazons on the Move

A couple of leagues isn't that far, but then again it takes time to collect your forces, plan an attack and then deal with the aftermath.

In the absence of anything else to immediately divert his attention, Gregorius will continue to head east towards the Caspian.

Keep in mind that these warriors are organized precisely for raiding, and they're mounted to boot.

As the part heads east, little changes in what Gregorius and the others are finding, save for one important factor: closer to the covenant, the villagers had never seen the Amazons before, and were totally shocked at the sudden, vicious raids. Here, though, the locals have more experience of the group: raids are not something that happens constantly, as a village couldn't survive under those circumstances, but adults, particularly the older ones, can cite a few previous ones.


That's interesting, at least. Do they have any strategies for dealing with them beyond the basic "run and hide"? Did anyone ever escape from being enslaved and make it back to their village (and if so, did that have any information that would be useful)?

Once we've gathered what info we can, we'll continue on east.

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Different villages have different strategies. Some figure that the less of a fight they put up, the less brutal the Amazons will be. Others try to deter attacks by building obvious defenses, including regular military training: they know they can't hold off a full-scale assault, but they figure if the Amazons anticipate taking significant casualties, they'll pick a softer target.

You have not found anyone who's ever escaped enslavement. There are stories of such a thing occurring, but it would be impossible to judge their veracity.


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Do the villages have any reports of magic being used in the Amazon attacks?

Does anything significant happen before we eventually make it to the Caspian?