Chapter 4b: Circumnavigating the Island

Early the next morning, Cygna awakes and, almost immediately after performing her Parma ritual, heads down to the rivulet to the south and finds a relatively sheltered place to bathe. It's (probably) a beautiful morning, it's warm, and she would very much like to get the dirt and sweat from the recent travels off of her. Once she's done, she will spont a PeAq spell to dry herself off (base effect Level 4, no change for R: Per, D: Mom, or T: Ind. Pe 3 + Aq 0 + Sta 0 + Aura 5 + url=[/url] = 16/2=8. She quickly changes into her Heartbeast and attempts to cast Form of the Phlegmatic Heartbeast upon herself. Casting total +9, Aura +5, No Gestures -5, and url=[/url], for a total of 17...success with a lost fatigue level.

She returns to her Human form and takes her time getting dressed again (and recovering the Fatigue she just spent), in the same light undergarment she had worn the night before, then returns to Janus Cave. While she's out, she will look skyward and try to get a feel for what the weather will be like that day. Per 0 + Wilderness Sense 1 + url=[/url] = 3, which probably doesn't tell her much.

When she returns to the cave, she looks around curiously at the others, doing...whatever they're doing in the early morn. [color=red] “Have Berenguer or Serrano returned yet?”

Assuming she's told that they have not, she will mutter,[color=red] “Well, bother. Does anyone have any idea where they might have gone?”

If the answer is that they don't, she says,[color=red] “I'll be sure to keep a sharp eye out for them while I'm out exploring, then. I'll be departing once I've cast a couple of spells upon myself and become my Heartbeast. Viscaria, you said last night that you would be able to make an item that would enable me to contact you or send you a message should the need arise?”

She is going to cast two spontaneous spells upon herself before changing. The first is based upon MuCo(An) 5 Eyes of the Cat, except it would give her the eyes of an eagle. Base 2 (“Change someone to give them a minor ability,” i.e. Keen Vision); R: Personal, D: Sun (+2), T: Individual, for a final Target Level of 4. Any overage on the roll will go toward Duration. Mu +6, Co/An +3 (unless the Animal req is unncessary, in which case Co: +5), Sta 0, Aura +5, and 1d10=5, for a total of 19÷2=9.

She then rests for a couple of minutes while Viscaria explains the Arcane Connection Communicator to her, and ensures that it is something that will fit on her swan form's leg as a leg-band type thing...or maybe around her neck, but that makes her a little more nervous than a leg-band would. [color=red] “If you would, place it on me after I change. If this next spell I'm about to cast works as it should, I won't want to speak inside the cave.”

The next spell she is going to try is to give herself a stentorian voice, the louder the better. Base MuIm 1 (to change one sensation of an object, i.e. her voice), R: Personal, D: Sun (+2), T: Individual, with any excess going toward volume of her enhanced voice; final Target Level is 3. Mu 6 + Im 0 + Sta 0 + Aura 5 + url=[/url] 1d10=4 8 = 19 ÷ 2 = 9. In effect, she wants her normal speaking voice to be at least as loud as a shout.

Once that is done, she goes behind a stalagmite, disrobes, and assumes her Heartbeast form before returning to where Viscaria awaits. Once Viscaria secures the item, Cygna will make her way to the mouth of the cave and take to the sky.

The first day, she is going to follow the river to the bay and follow the shoreline northeastward. When she reaches the first cape, she is is going to head out and examine the islands offshore. Every so often she is going to call out for Serrano and Berenguer. She is looking for anything out of the ordinary, any signs of mankind (or magekind, for that matter), or anything that might bear further investigation (either by herself or her sodales). Let's call it five Awareness rolls (early morning, late morning, midday, early afternoon, late afternoon). Awareness +3 (Sight specialization), +3 for the temporary Keen Vision from her sponted spell, for a total of +6. Rolls are 1d10=2, 1d10=5, 1d10=5, 1d10=8, 1d10=2, so the Awareness totals are 8, 11, 11, 14, and 8.

Unless anything catches her eye, or she finds Serrano and/or Berenguer, she will return to Janus Cave by sunset.

eta: Since we had a good rain for several hours the afternoon before, the ground should be good and muddy. Perfect for leaving footprints, drag marks, et cetera. So Cygna will be especially looking for those.

Viscaria will be using a pair of leather strips, tied around both her wrist and Cygna's ankle. After discussing her magical skills, they develop a code of Muto and Rego Animal effects (Base 1 Range:Arcane (+4) = 5) to use as beacon signals.

Berenguer walks up to them and asks Cygna if she has tried communicating with any birds.

ooc: If you did - I must have missed it.

There are plenty of birds, and though her animal Ken deserts her because of the strange accent, she is able to communicate with them in bird shape.
She manages to strike up a conversation with a helpful white heron-like bird with a sexy tuft of feathers on his head.

[color=red]"Berenguer! Where on earth have you been since yesterday? And have you seen Serrano about anywhere?"


[color=red]"I haven't yet, I plan to today while I'm out and about, reconnoitering the island...and looking for you and Serrano, by the way. Looking for you just got substantially easier, by the way...thank you."

(edited to answer Berenguer's question)

Cygna approaches the odd yet intriguing-looking bird, one the likes of which she has never seen before. [color=red]”Aren't you an interesting looking fellow? What's your name? I'm Cygna.”

In conversing with the heron, she is going to try to find out things like:
[]Whether he's year-round or if he's migratory.[/]
[]If he's migratory, whether this is his summer or winter home[/]
[]Whether there are any people on the island, or if has ever heard of people having been on the island[/]
[]Whether there are any strange places that the birds or animals avoid for some reason.[/]
[]Whether there is a mainland or a larger island within range of here. And if so, which direction and how long a flight.[/]
[]Whether he has a mate. (sorry, you throw out a straight line like “sexy tuft of feathers” and I'm gonna swing at it :laughing:)[/]

Probably more things Cygna will ask (and in fact, if the conversation goes well, she may ask him to go with her the next day), but it's past my bedtime, so I might do another post if I think of more.