Chapter 5: Vengeance and lost tomes

As Mariella cast her spell the mist dismisses but before anyone can see clear an arrow hits Mariella in the chest. If the point had not dissolved into dust then… There is no possible way to tell where the arrow came from and no shooter is visible.

Calling out Loudly
[color=red]You are begginning to annoy me. Your weapons are useless , flee or surrender and your lives will be spared. Anyone else who tries to hurt me will die

Continue on along the path , however make at least some attempt to avoid ambushes and traps .

A little bit down the road you can see a clearing that ends the path. In the middle of the clearing is a house and outside there is a hermetic laboratory situated, sensitive parts of it are covered with a roof but most are out under the sun.

From the house Hedwig’s voice can be heard or at least what you remembered that it sounded like. [color=red]You can’t get me! I will never surrender.
From the forest a bit to your left there are sounds of a spell being cast… There is no visible caster and the voice is about 15 paces away into the forest.

Ok everyone declare your actions as here starts what may perhaps become a combat.

Mariella has no moral qualms about killing. It's just a trifle inconvenient to kill him before questioning him. The whole Pacifist thing is why she did not want Krispin here , he may get in the way and her attitude towards problem solving may offend him , lots

[color=red]You have one last chance . Join the order or Die*

Mariella walks towards the house , prepared to fast cast a spontaneous spell as defense. As she walks forward she looks around to try and spot any threat before it attacks

Legal disclaimer
Mariella gives no gaurantee of acceptance to the order, any prior crimes maybe brought before a tribunal and result in your marching, the offer void with diabolism. Wizards war remains a viable means of settling issues after joining the order. Joining the order may cause lapses in membership of other organisations. Long term exposure to hermetic magic may cause pomposity and insanity .

[color=blue]lol - A lot to be read into 'Join or Die.' Shouldn't that be registered or trademarked? Legal user agreements and association clauses way ahead of their time. I think Mariella is about to invent code on intellectual property, too.

Knowing where this comes from, Yannick will jump from Mariellas hood, using the mist as cover...

Yannick remembers her smell as well, and snakes easily sense where there are people walking around them. Shouldn't be to difficult to track her once again, even if she's invisible.
Hopefully, she'll be to distracted enough by shouting and spellcasting of the other magi.
Yannick will try to sneak up behind here and then seek his poisonous teeth in her leg. He'll stay in adder form long enough for the poison to take its effect.

A spell goes of a Mariella is not quick enough to cast here defence against it so the spell strikes against her Parma and does not penetrate. Mariella however loose one fatigue level from the defence effort. Mariella is also aware that the attack came from the forest.

[color=blue]OOC: The number added to Hedwig’s casting total should be 15 and I did not re-roll a stress dice as Hedwig where faster in any case.

Yannick realise with his enhanced snake like smell that the smell of Hedwig is in the forest. You can slither your way towards the smell but it will take a few rounds, I assume that Yannick is still opting for stealth rather than speed.

Next turn of actions. I assume that Ardath where occupied by looking towards the house this turn.

I cast an Obsidian Wall between us and Hedwig, so as to block her sight. She'll need to move and keep concentrated on us, while yannick'll creep towards her

Ardath has heard Hedwig's voice from the house but spellcasting from the forest. Where is the wall placed? Between the forest spellcaster or in front of the house?

Mariella reaches the wall of the house and touches it casting Obliteration of the Metallic barrier on the wall. Hopefully Hedwig is inside the spray of lethal debris will take her out
(casting total 30+dice roll)

The magi’s make their move. Mariella rushes up to the wall of the house and cast her incantation. The spell is successful and the wall is forced into the house with a furious force, as the dust clears the house seems empty of either living humans or damaged individuals. Either there is an invisible person who withstood the casting or there is no one in the house. There are also other items in the house, a bed, a chest, a cupboard, a chair, a table and a closet and other assorted items.

OOC: I assumed that the wall where placed so to block the spell caster in the forest.

The spell caster voice in the forest is not heard this round.

Yannick slithers on.

Next turn…

Indeed! As Hedwig seems to be invisible, pinpointing her is his primary objective. He'll take the time it needs, knowing that Mariella and Ardath can handle themselves and keep Hedwig busy.

[color=red]So Hedwig, you skulk, hide , steal and murder but dare not face a hermetic mage in open battle. You are a coward , and I will enjoy killing you
(Thinks If that Quasitor had not taken my arcane connection this would be much easier)

Mariella unleashes another Wind of mundane silence spell to bring down Hedwig's invisibility spell.
Casting total 26 +dice roll, spell lvl 20 penetration 5 (unless Hedwig is actually the name of the whitch as I have a curse tablet prepared for this name which will boost penetration to 15)

The forest one.

[color=red]Mariella! We're out in the open, and thus vulnerable, we should reach the forest for cover while we can.

[color=red]"I see no need to cower from this cur , she is not a match for a Flambeau.
(OOC I know I am going to regret saying that)

Mariella stands next to the ruins of the house and begins a careful survey of the surroundings looking for signs of an invisible mage or any other threats

The winds of mundane silence bows away the magic in the area. Hedwig appears but on the other side of the path where Yannick thought that he smell was (she did teleport last turn when the wall blocked her sight). She is about 30 paces from Yannick, 15 from Ardath and about 25 from Mariella. A map would be good here but we just have to do without.

Hedwig cast a spell at Mariella and I assume that Mariella defends herself with fast casting. I make a lot of assumptions but combats are slow especially in this form. Mariella is knocked over when the spell hits her and fall down unconscious. Mariella will come to in the next turn but will sure feel bad, -5 to everything due to fatigue.

Here are the dice rolls.

I wa avoiding Spont spell casting becasue I wanted to avoid fatigue, mariella was counting on her parma of 4 to protect her agaisnt magic. Mariella has Puisant Parma magica skill boosting it to 4 rather than the skill score of 2

Mariella's stats in the character sheet sections says Parma Magica 2. Is that one not up to date? If so I should perhaps start a new character sheet thread where we can put our sheets and keep them updated. The old section is a bit clutred.

I think it is up to date but I have not included the Puissant parma in the skill section t should be
parma Magica 2+2 (Ignem)