Chapter 5bis (Autumn 1013): South along the Pennines

Thom turns toward Turold, later as they walk, and smiles.

"Familiars? Of course, yes! You know that's kind of a thing among the Merinita. Our House's founder, Merinita, brought the arcane knowledge to the Order that allows a magus to bind a familiar to them. WIth the Merinita familiars are more common than apprentices."

Thom laughs as they walk.

"So yes, I'm thinking about a familiar once we settle down... IF we settle down. But I also am thinking that I want to explore how one might have a faerie as a familiar. I think that could be really interesting."

The animals on the way are mostly sheep and cattle. Turold learns that they are often sent to graze further up in the hills, Ā«but not in Oak circle, because Lise does not like itĀ». Lise, apparently, is a woman who just Ā«is thereĀ» and she Ā«has ever beenĀ». It is a pity, says the sheep, because the grass is very green. They point the way upstream. There is a waterfall too, and the pool below is a good waterhole, and the Ā«King of the White Foam is very generousĀ».

(EDIT Thom rolled a second sight 7+ ... result)

Thom, and others who go looking with second sight, see a flock of sprites by the riverside, flying from straw to straw. They first look like dragonflies, but when he looks carefully with the sight, Thom can see the tiny riders. Ā«Cauldron Falls? No. Beware! They belong to the King of the White Foam.Ā» There is not much more to learn from the sprites. They are very busy collecting seeds from the riverside plants.

If you follow the directions, you end up at Cauldron Falls

About 200 paces away, you find a characteristic circle of ancient Oak Trees; the kind of ancient and the kind of circle that often make magic tethers. You arrive about mid afternoon, and both sights lie quiet and undisturbed.

"I'm a believer, but not a theologian. But perhaps we can find druids who can explain better along our journey. I think the monuments we built had a purpose related to that, but I'd be hard-pressed to explain them."

"I think I know where to find those falls, but I think we may find faeries there. The sheeps told me of a King of the White Foam. Alternatively... we could skip the Falls, and proceed to a grove nearby, which may be what you're looking for. It's the lady we're looking for, yes?"

Thom shares what he learned with the others.

ā€œWeā€™ll want to be cautious, but it might be worth it to introduce ourselves to this King of the Foam.ā€

"Very well. I'll guide us there." Turold is leading the group towards the Falls. He'll be careful as he gets closer because faeries.

You end up at Cauldron Falls

If you search, you find a characteristic circle of ancient Oak Trees 200 paces away the kind of ancient and the kind of circle that often make magic tethers. You arrive about mid afternoon, and both sights lie quiet and undisturbed.

Second Sight roll of 6 for the Falls.

He looks over at Thom. "How do you want to proceed?"

That adds nothing to the First Sight.

OOC: Betula rolls a 10 for Second Sight at the Falls, does not include Aura (faerie-aligned power) or +1 for Spirits speciality. Willing to spend a confidence point for +3 if it will make a difference, please let me know if I should.

This is just the kind of waterfalls where there ought to live a troll or a merman or a selkie, or something. Betula is quite sure that there is something that she does not see, but she does not see it ...

... unless she spends a confidence point (ease factor 11 if anybody else wants to try) ... which she does (sorry missed that so EDIT) ...

Staring insistently at the white foam forming under the falling water, she can suddenly see through it, at the figure of a majestically aging man with hair and beard of white foam. Small fish and birds are tending to him. It feels as if you are looking at him through a shower curtain, and you are not sure if you could walk through it.

Finn gets a 10/13/16 second sight roll (+1 if Faeries).

Needs a confidence point to see what Betula sees (note the edit above).

Thom takes a few moments to simply look at the falls, the pool of water, the way the afternoon light plays against the natural shadows before touching the spray and tumult off the falls, the natural bubbling motion of the waters at the bottom of the falls. What a place!

The young magus then touches the ring on his right hand, invoking itā€™s Piercing the Faerie Veil effect with intent to determine how to pass into regio hereā€¦ if there is one.

Thom sees what the others see. If there is a way, it must be into the pool and through the curtain formed by falling water. After studying it for some time (all of you) and debating it, you see that some of the minions appear to be in charge of this curtain. They may or may not let you in.

Betula looks to the others and says in Anglo-Saxon, ā€œcan you see him, them? Do you wish to introduce yourself, Thomas? I am unsure if I do, though it is good to know he is here.ā€

Thom looks at Betula and then the others. He seems to be nervous, unsure of himself before he steps forward toward the curtain of the waterfall.

Thom speaks as loud as he can to carry his words forward.

ā€œGreetings and salutations to the magnificent court of the King of White Foam! The Legend of your Generosity is known in these Lands far and wide! We are a delegation of the Wise of the Order. May we come pay our respects to you, King of the White Foam?ā€

Thom bows deeply with a curling flourish of his hand.


Betula glances to Turold questioningly before stepping forward herself and bowing deeply, though more woodenly and without the digital flourish.

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Turold looks at Betula with the same questioning look and seeing her bow, smiles and decides to do the same, with a kind of nonchallance at whether he's looking ridiculous or not.

Finn also steps forward and gives his most theatrical of bows.

You step into the river to head towards the falling water, but you quickly find the water reaching your armpits, and there is no way to reach the falls but swimming. Do you swim?

Just as you have made up your minds, to swim or not to swim, you see two brown shadows emerging from the falls, swimming towards you. They raise their heads after a little while, and you can see fangs and whiskers.

What are you doing here? You should know that you are not welcome.

If you have a little bit of nature lore, you recognise the creatures as otters, except for the speech which is very unotterlike. If you have a little more nature lore, you realise that otters are not supposed to be this big. These are close to human size. (I am not asking you to roll; just decide if your character is likely to know/care about such things.)