Chapter 6: Travel to Kolberg

Henrich brings together a list of complaints and the list grows quite long. Perhaps the mayor of Kolberg could be the right on to receive the list after all Horst daughter is married to him. At the mayors hall Henrich is informed that the mayor is to busy with preparation for a feast with the Red Rooster company. Any personal meetings will as such have to wait but the clerk can take the list and deliver it to the mayor in the morning. How does Henrich attempt to contact Boris? Walk to the Red rooster company and ask for Boris, walk up to him in a dark alley or some other creative solution?

Krispin finds a rather reliant scource of information in Hans the stable boy, young talkative and likes both wine and women. He finds out that Boris is making arrangements for a caravan supply train that will go back and forth into the forest. Apparently there is something in the making and it seems that Boris is only there to start up a steady operation that will go on for quite some time. There are food, weapons and some building supplies in the caravan.

Fascinating. Does it look like Boris will be traveling with us? Regardless, it sounds like wherever this is going is something I want to see.

Heinrich will declaim somewhat indignantly and a little loudly [color=red] A feast?! I have a list here that clearly spells out life-and-death for my village's economic life and the mayor cannot spare time for business and politics from what? A state dinner, perhaps with cockerels? I have a personal connection with the mayor as I was patron of his wife via her father, you know! ~acting as if this is bad politics for the mayor~ [color=red]Well then perhaps the Office of Mayor could supply a civil servant who would accompany my small party to at least formally issue complaint - or at least investigation, inquiry and initial contact with Boris the Red.... Rooster, perhaps? Where is this feast taking place, anyway? Heinrich taps his foot impatiently.

If this doesn't work then perhaps some signed document of support or notary (I'm grasping for straws here ) might be a useful addition to an approach to Boris. If Boris is of the Red Rooster company, then perhaps I can get invited to the feast with some more pressure/cajoling with the Mayor's office. I

Krispin finds out that Boris will leave town with the caravan when it departs in a few days. Krispin is also asked if he wishes to follow the party and continue to do some lifting and other heavy labour. There will be a pay for the work other than food and bed. The pay is good but not great for a labourer in Kolberg. There are a few more honts for work for the Red Rooster company. It seems as if Krispin’s good working pace despite of his small frame has impressed his employer.

At the town hall. [color=red]Sir, I must ask you to leave. You can bring your complains here first thing in the morning. At the moment our mayor is preparing for a feast with a most important and most respected member of our community.

Heinrich snaps [color=red]Fine! I shall return, then. Once outside of the Mayor's hall, Heinrich purposefully deflates, grins and tells Alberich. [color=red]Let's push on to the Red Cock's. I think we'll aim for a front door approach... [color=black](subtly and sotto voce) [color=red] since Krispin aims for the back door, no? Heinrich will continue to keep an ear about town about the feast. Once at the Red Rooster, Heinrich will simply call on the master and seek audience to inquire, air grievances and gain a response.

Upon receiving the offer, Krispin nods excitedly. [color=red]Sir, I accept. As I said, I could stand to get out of town.

He will see if he can find out where exactly the caravan is going, and will keep an eye out for Boris.

Henrich comes to the Red Roosters guild hall. From the top floor there is the obvious sounds of an ongoing feast, is seems merry and not too wine marinated. At the front door there stands two burly guards each of them armed with spears, and short swords and clad in leather armour. The seems alert and on the lookout for trouble though they are not looking like they are expecting any trouble. As Henrich approaches and call out for some for of high honcho the guards eventually let Henrich speak with a lover guild official that where taken from the feast table to speak with the uninvited visitors.

Krispin is unable to find out where the caravan is going other than into the forest. Hans the stable boy is somewhat curious on why Krispin is asking so much after all it is a good pay.

Heinrich is surprised to see the feast here. To Alberich, quietly [color=red] Of course, it's here and now, ergh. stiffly to the guild official [color=red] My pardons for interrupting you, we are out-of-town on trade business and I would like to schedule and appointment or - obviously - come back later to meet with Boris to discuss trade issues my manor and the Red Rooster guild have in common. I do not want to keep you from the festivities. Pray tell, when is a good time to come back?

Heinrich remembers Mariella's brother at the monastery and thinks to inquire of business around town there. He'd like to get a copy of the investigation results left over there. Before he goes, he'll try to loiter casually around the guildhall/grounds, and should he catch sight of Krispin and try to rendezvous with him.

If difficult, then maybe a quiet and subtle (-7), Aura (-3) CR (9)/Me (7) - Sta +1, of the learned Silent Conspiracy - lvl 15 - might get pulled off.

The Silent Conspiracy

CrMe 15
R: Sight, D: Concentration, T: Individual
While the caster concentrates, they can form words directly into the mind of anyone within sight. The target recognises your voice and knows the message is of supernatural origin.

(Base: 3, R: Sight +3, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual)

If Heinrich talks to Krispin, he'll get him up-to-date. Ask of his discoveries and let him know of his intent to initiate contact up front with Boris.

[color=blue]This could be difficult, because if he’s casting it on Krispin (is that what he’s doing? I wasn’t sure.), Heinrich will need to penetrate despite a -9ish penalty from the Aura. Krispin may also be a little miffed, since penetrating his Parma is arguably a magical attack and grounds for prosecution under the Code. Not really his style, but still perhaps not a good habit to get into. A better use of this spell is probably to communicate silently with companions and grogs. Your call, though.

[color=blue]Good to know - I'm still getting a handle for sodale relations and penetration. If it's over the top, Heinrich wouldn't do it anyway. Good ol' normal communication will do fine. More likely to be attempted under emergency conditions given that.

Krispin will speak to Heinrich under his breath, occasionally trying to maintain his disguise.

[color=red]Good. You initiate contact with Boris, but don’t give me away. I want to know where this thing is going. See if you can find out if we have recourse for our own suppliers, because this can’t be good for us in the long term.

[size=117]"Oh, sorry sir, yes, the market is off to the east, yes, thataway…"[/size]

Krispin nods earnestly. [color=red]Don’t worry about me, at least not for now. If I find out where this thing is going and have a chance to slip away, I will do so.

From the man who where forced to talk to Henrich he gets informed that he can come to the Red Rooster in the morning an book an meeting with those that he wish to talk to. The man return to the party and the guards take up their posts at the door following Henrich closely with their eyes, suspecting that he is up to no good.

Evening turns to night and night unto morning.

In the morning the following day Krispin gets informed that they are leaving the next day. Location unknown they have orders just to follow the horse that Boris rides. While speaking to his “boss” Krispin is asked if he knows how to drive a wagon.

Is Henrich going anywhere with his complains? If so remember to be specific about the time as most of the gentlemen’s that Henrich could be looking for are probably not uf for a meeting early in the morning.

[color=red]I could try it, sir. I cared for a horse on occasion when I was a lad, although I can’t say I’ve driven too many wagons. As long as the path is clear an’ the animals don’t spook much, I imagine I’ll be fine

With Animal Handling 1 (horses), Krispin should be at least OK for a while, especially if there’s someone who’s in charge of the wagons above him so he can ask questions. If this is shaping up to be a tough drive, he’ll turn down the offer and just walk (or whatever).

Post if you have some plans otherwise I just let Krispin roll along with the caravan.

Heinrich quietly and quickly to Krispin [color=red]If I find an unwitting victim perhaps I can make him more willing to talk. But only if I can take an easy shot. - a littlelouder [color=red] [size=150]Your German is appalling. What are you Flemish? Well, then, thanks, I shall find it myself.[/size] Heinrich doesn't have to try too hard to sound extra pompous.

Before Heinrich leaves, he will very casually explore shop windows, pass as if coming and going to elsewhere and look for opportune scouting opportunities to find any vantage points that might be useful for finding cover in spell casting (esp. for bold gestures). In the meantime if the Rooster guildhall is an open yard I'm always looking to find a good partly covered vantage point. With any luck, he can intellego some mentem and vis-oriented basics from some unwary caravan train member (besides Krispin :stuck_out_tongue: ) and the grounds themselves. If that doesn't work for possibilities then Heinrich will try in the early morning.

Heinrich will make sure a copy of his work is left at Mariella's brother's monastery and will make the call in late morning upon Boris or his staff accompanied by Alberich.

Krispin is indeed happy to roll along with the caravan, driving a wagon if necessary and keeping his eyes peeled for Boris or sign of where they're going. He stops his verbal inquiries if it looks like they're arousing suspicion, at least for now.

Henrich can find out as much as Krispin knows and at the red rooster hall the clerk looks most confused when Henrich asks for Boris.[color=red] Master Boris is an honoured guest and as such not available until when he returns. Master Boris will go on a journey in a few days and I can’t tell you when he will be returning. I can book an appointment with Otto the head of our company if you wish to talk business.

Krispin will roll away into the forest with the wagons. He is allowed to drive one of the charts and the journey leads into the deep Pomeranian woods. The caravan travels slowly and near the end of the next day the wagons arrive at a village, hidden within the forest. Krispin is ordered to help unload some heavy crates and load them into one of the houses. When a young lad tries to pull one of the creates of the wagon he slips and the create fall over his leg. Krispin hears the sound of crushing leg and the pain of the young lads scream. The other men rush to the young lads rescue and as they pull aside the heavy items Krispin can see that the leg is a bloody mess, the young lad has a pale face and not too much life blood in his young body left.

[color=red]Then we shall await Boris' return.

After leaving the guildgrounds, and far away from ears, Heinrich instructs Alberich to tail the caravan from very, very far. [color=red]You don't want to get anywhere near them, and you don't even want to get a closer look for Krispin is already there, of course. Just make sure which roads the caravan takes and if it seems they've reached a final destination then it is to be reported. They expect the caravan to be on the road for a few days. Should Krispin get into trouble of any kind, then you will at least be there to be a friendly face to help him cover up any trails if need be. After every crossroads find a tree two trees off of the north or just east of north and put a lover notch with the initials A.B.+S.H. to help us follow you, if needed. No trees, then spell it in small pebbles or reed pieces if need be.

If there is plenty of time Heinrich will return to the covenant to report. If not, he'll send post requesting Yannick to help catch up with, monitor and report on Alberich's progress. [color=blue]What time would a roundtrip from Kolberg to Ad Fons take?

Krispin gulps, then jumps in to help the wounded boy, staying in character as best he can. He will try not to blow his cover, but the boy’s life comes first, period. "[color=red]Stand aside man, I’m an apothecary. Unless there’s a true chirurgeon on site, let me do it." Krispin will cast a Deft Probe the Secrets of the Flesh to find out how extensive the damage is, whether it’s curable, and to what extent. He will also give the boy a Deft Restoration of the Mangled Body to aid his recovery (+12 to recovery rolls).

Thinking quickly, he stands up as if struck by an idea. "[color=red]We’re in a forest, I’ve got just the thing! I saw some goldenrod just off the trail as we were coming in, and I’ve got some comfrey in my pack. You, watch him and try to keep him from screaming or squirming too much." The last is said to a large laborer in a tone that brooks no argument.

That he has herbs to prepare a poultice is a bald-faced lie, but it should cover his magical tracks. Instead, he quickly collects some useful looking but entirely harmless plants and prepares a splint and a poultice that covers the wound entirely, so no one can see it. Depending on how bad it is, he may also Bind it while it’s under the poultice (where no one can see it) so he can do something about it later. If it will heal mostly on its own, he won’t bother with the extra risk of being discovered.

In other news: Is Boris with the caravan? What’s he doing? And what are people in the village doing? What’s in the house? What’s in the crates?

Henrich can with ease make a trip to Ad Fons and do what ever he needs. Alberich can easily stalk the caravan as they move slowly and does not expect anyone to follow them.

Krispin manages to stabilize the young boy and save his life, at least for the moment. The magical restoration will save his life unless some unlucky infection catches him. Later when all the commotion is over Krispin can see Boris who seems to be looking for him.

Boris approaches Krispin after one of the labourers pointed in his direction. [color=red]I heard of you saving that young lads life to day. Boris pause for a moment. [color=red]It seems as we have recruited a medicae as a labourer. I am going to give you an offer. We could need a man skilled in the medical arts here and I want to know if you are the man I am looking for. I will pay you a good amont of silver but you won’t be leaving this camp for a few years.