Chapter 7: Homecoming

(Of course I'll keep it a secret. But what is the purpose of this society? Who are you, reginald? Happy to see you, though, guys)

Yes, it is Reginald. The purpose of this society is to see to the health and prosperity of their village. This their home, pirate or not, and they won't be chased off their land. the stonemasons are settling in here, and they intend to make their home hale and strong. With Reginald's influence, they have merged together in a common goal, and adopted some of the imagry of the stonemasons. They want to build a society, they see themselves as bricks, individuals bound together and drawing strength from each other, they refer to important townsfolk and institutions as pillars, they refer to rough hewn stone and finished stone as a metephor for the imperfect state of man at birth and the effects of refinement that the Great Workman of the World (God) can work upon them.

[color=red]Fine by me. I saw it that way, and didn't like you to be chased of.
And I told you: You're my men, and can count on me.
But reginald, or whatever your name is... You'd better have a good excuse to scry on us.)

[color=green]Reginald: [color=red]What? I am not scrying on you at all. I have a magical disguise, and I am not using it to spy on you at all. If it is a spy you are looking for, I would keep a closer eye on that Dragor fellow. His primary loyalty is to House Tremere, and he is not even a magus or anything.

Then what are you doing here? And who are you exactly? You revealed yourself to me. Helped my guys, too. I'm thus willing to trust you. Somewhat. But I need to know

IIRC, wirth don't know squat about reginald and all.

He gives you the whole story...

His cover here was blown, but it is still valid in other ports of call, and the inner circle of pirates have accepted him even though he is a magus (he has the Gentle Gift).

(let's assume I verify this later before alieanus. I don't want to hijack this thread more than we have already)

[color=red]"I am sure she'll be a great help in whatever she does . Helping deal with the locals seems a good idea as she does not have a gift to get in the way

Aelianus clears his throat. [color=red]Now the pirates where never chased away. I wanted that Novus Mane should evolve into a peaceful and prosperous community. We have fishing operation that are starting up and in a few years we will have a fish smoking shop that will further increase our wealth. The village is becoming an commune, independent of any other mundane power, so from where I am standing I see that we are making progress. The pirates where given an offer to stay as fishermen. A boat and a new house where given to every family of fishermen.

Now Writh you mentioned that your wife where looking for occupation here. I don’t know what she wish to do I can imagine a few things that we need. A head of the village council, someone who will preach the word of the old Gods to the population, someone skilled in the medical arts. We can arrange any things that are needed for her.

Oh one more thing. I will instruct my forge companion to craft experimental pieces of wooden art to increase the splendour of our covenant when she is not helping me with my craft.

Diodrous has by now put one paw over his eyes and the other upon his ears.

The Old Gods... I don't think so. We're christians, you know?

Then, the medical arts... I think she'd like to care for others, but she's unskilled in these. I guess she could study, though.

Head of the village council might be doable, too. People like her usually. But this might bore her to death.

[color=red]Now I can’t remember… Is your wife fluent in Latin? If so then there should be little problem. It could be a little tiresome but we should be able to fund her education or at least buy her some books. I will write to Florum to see what they can do. A medicae and nurses for our covenfolk would increase the splendour for our covenant. Aelianus rubs his hand together and smile thinking of the grand covenant that he leads or… at least share power in. [color=red]Now had we agreed upon the issue regarding our guard force?

[color=red]Well, she's pretty good with latin, about as well as myself, although she favors academic subjects.

About our mundane problems... Dragor makes a great spy and informant. He could mount a spy ring.

Guards could be divided in two groups, one training under Jan Axel, the other under kilica.
This would emphazise competition between them. They could also have different tasks.

Quietly drinks some wine[color=red]

We could thus have 2 forces, such as a mobile one, able to act quickly and move around, and a heavier, but slower, guard.

Kilica is no good as a trainer. Incomprehensible :frowning:

I had completely forgotten that oops

Marcello is decent as is Thor( grog) as leaders.

We really do not have that many grogs to make a force. I think 3 "shield" grogs plus an old watchman. The "pirates" could count as a militia force who would have weapon training.

That's why we took that Boon :smiley:

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I also posted Clara's advancement (Sheet not yet updated). Mostly wandering around and getting to know people when the weather's fine, staying with her husband in his lab (MT exposure) when it's cold. This is fun, as, with her being not a PC, I feel absolutely no compulsion whatsoever to advance her in any meaningfull way.

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[color=red]If we does not have anything else to take up at this council meeting then we can conclude it. Aelianus pause for a moment. [color=red]Lets eat and drink and tell us all the stories of your trip south. Aelianus summons servants that set the table with good food and wine.

The night moves on in a joyful manner…

Now I am waiting for Andrew to decide if he want to run a story or if I shall continue mine.