Chapter 7: The ghost of Kolberg

I do not seek trouble but I will not hide behind or from mundanes they will give me the respect a magus is due or learn the reason why. A pointless discussion let us go and be about our business

Let's go then.

As the magi get closer to the gate the guards notice them. There is not a great deal of people travelling through the city gate at this hour so going unnoticed into the city where never an option. Not through the city gate without magic that is. The two guardsmen are of rather similar stature, both armed with pole weapons but they don’t seem threatened. One of the guards speak as the magi and the two guards approach. What is your business in Kolberg? The voice give away a slight speech flaw.

Mariella as usual tries to avoid dealing with the mundanes and remains quiet for now. Although she is clearly impatient at being bothered by mundanes over the matters of her business they would not treat a nobleman or churchman in this way.

Petrulus glances over to the Mercere and hopes that the man will deal with this. While he waits he has a closer look at the men. I presume that it is still pre-dusk, otherwise I would have searched for a place to renew my Second sight spell combo (and Mad Max would have to roll again). Is there anything supernatural hiding behind/in the guards?

Okay, Riccardo has Gift of Tongues, so he can speak and understand any language as his native tongue. He has Presence +2, Charm 2, Etiquette 3, Folk Ken 2, and Leadership 4. He also has Charmed Life if that helps at all :slight_smile:

[color=red]The Mayor (?) had sent for us. I understand that there have been sinister and strange events lately? I have come to assist, and I have brought a few companions to assist me. These wise folk are skilled specialists in dealing with the strange and supernatural. So I ask of you, please kind sir, couldst thou lead us to where we need to go??

Tatiana had been quiet for most of the trip to Kolberg. She frowns as the guards do indeed challenge the group but she waits to let the grogs and redcap handle it for the moment.

The guard measures Riccardo with his eyes. Then speaks. Aye you may pass. A hint though, keep the strange folks of the streets at night. Kolberg is not safe for anyone who walks the streets of Kolberg after dark. The mayor and his house is at the central square, do not stray from the main street over there (the guards point) and you will find it.

Thank you, kind sir, we'll take your advice to heart.

Once we're a little far from the gards,
Well, that went better than expected.
Looking at Riccardo
It seems you're quite the charming fellow, after all. So, shall we go to the mayor's house, then? This seems as good a start as any.

The guards get a friendly nod, and then it is time to enter the city. After Ardath's question:

Well, we should commence swiftly, as every day we spend here is a day on which Ad Fons is nearly bereft of any magical protection. So, let's get to the mayor and then probably to the crime scene. But while we are on the way: Ardath, Mariella, I think you visited Kolberg before. Have you encountered any lacunae or low dominion areas inside the town? This could be helpful when it is time to recast some spells, even though it certainly is possible without if neccessary.

Not any that I'd recall, although we didn't seek them out actively.
Nonetheless, such knowledge might be useful: Who knows if we won't have to cast powerful magics in this city in the future? If you have any means of discovering them, you're welcome to do it

Just the usual way of prodding around, listening to rumours about strange places, checking them out etc.; nothing that works fast enough, unless we really happen to stumble over a regio entrance. I think we are three with Second Sight power, so there might be a realistic chance that one of us recognizes such a place. But I think that one of our number should spend some time here in the not too far future to actively search for such spots, for now, it might be too late to do so. Well, I fight evil sorcery, so I can hope that the angels will be of assistance.

Agreed. Such knowledge sure could give us an edge

Tatiana looks over the city, "I think the sooner we speak to the mayor, the sooner we can investigate this house. I do not like to spend time among the dominion more than I have to. I have only a single spell that lasts for any long duration and I hope that it is not necessary." She feels the touch of the dominion aura as almost an affront to her. Her fae blood is very appearant in the gold of her skin and the eyes.

[color=red]'Tis best not to dally. We are guests, and we were asked to remain off the streets at night. There, the mayor's house is up ahead. We should proceed directly to it as requested. ([size=85]but if one of you is stealthy enough through skill or magic, take a left turn as we approach that other building, scout out the area[/size]).

The magi move on towards the mayors house. The streets of Kolberg have the same interesting smell as any city and the streets are crowded. The only thing that stands out is that the guards seems to patrol the streets intensely and monitoring the situation. One can almost touch the unease that fills the city. At the town square there are a number of buildings that are made out of stone and with more than one floor. At each of the house there are guards in front. The mayor’s house is clearly decorated with the Kolberg’s heraldry. The square is crowded as people go about their daily business.

Then, we go to the mayor's house. We should make quite an impression: A group of well-dressed scholars with armed guards... Probably important people.

"If we crowd about, I could try to make a single person unseen until sunset, they still cast a shadow so say where a shadow won't reveal you. That person could scout for us." It is not one of her more strongly practiced spells and here in the dominion, it might fail but she is relaxed, the others around would block sight of her gesturing and her speaking latin is likely to go unnoticed.

The fact that she only speaks slavic outside russian and latin and this is her first time really in a city has her very nervous.

I think this might be helpful later as I doubt that we will be able to follow those guardmen's advice to stay of the road at night. If it is really a ghostly manifestation this is more likely when the sun is down, and so we should be there then. But now we have entered the town as a group, and the mayor is probably allready waiting for us, unless he hasn't been informed by the watch. Well, it would be rude to let him wait too long, and right now it would be better if we sticked together. After the mayor has told us his story we can collectively decide what to do, but if we split up now, it would become harder to coordinate our actions then. So, come on, sodales!

We approach the front door of the mayoral palace/cottage/shack/etc, get the attention of the doorman/guard, and Riccardo goes through all the rigmarole of introducing himself and his associates :slight_smile: