Chapter 7: The return to Ungulus (End of Autumn 1013)

"That's a good point, but we'll need to find a way to build a relationship with the King of the White Foam and his sentinels. And Lise, of course, the Spirit Votary," says Thom as he considers the idea.

"I wonder if we could create a tree-based version of the Tower for our labs, something that would enhance the circle and take advantage of its strong aura."

Janus asks Thaddeus and Thom to attend a meeting. He suggests

  1. As the full members we adopt the new Charter
  2. We agree we have zero vis surplus and so award zero vis to members for Winter 1013.
  3. We offer immediate full membership to Cath’rinne, Betula, Nauvi and Sionag.

That closes the meeting with the next meeting scheduled for Winter 1014.

Any objections?

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Agreed on all 3 points.

Before the meeting is closed, Thadeus has a few more points:

  • Should we just suspend the meeting until the new members have accepted so that they can join the meeting? (if so, the following questions could be discussed with them)
  • Should we raise an Aegis right away using the casting tablet, or should we wait until Cath'rinne has learned the ritual?
  • Are we authorizing the vis expenditure to raise a second tower once Janus has learned Conjuring the Mystic Tower?
  • Are we nominating Hamish as captain of the grogs?

Fine, your items go to number 4 and we can invite everyone else in to accept, or not, membership. Then every member can address your items. If everyone is here we may as well vote in the Praetor as well.

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Thom agrees on the three points, listening carefully and with more seriousness than his usual manner.

As Thadeus speaks, Thom nods and agrees to the proposal to invite and review the Thadeus's items.

"On the question of a second tower, I don't think I'll be keeping a lab here in the tower," says Thom. "I am planning to join Cath'rinne and Sionag in founding a chapterhouse at the Midsummer Copse. That makes me wonder then if we need a second tower. There are three perfectly good labs on the fourth, fifth, and sixth levels. The cramped lab I've been using makes a fourth. Good in a pinch or for visiting magi. And we could spruce up the cottage to make a fifth lab. And Janus, you were thinking of an independent building on that rise over the lake? It seems like we have enough for the short term and should avoid raising the second tower."

Thom looks at Cath'rinne and Sionage. "Perhaps the play is to have Master Janus raise the tower in the center of the Midsummer Copse? The center of the copse is 50 feet wide and the tower creates a 30 foot wide tower. Perhaps that is how we start?"

"The cramped lab here," he gestures around them, "is actually the library and council chamber. Hardly a long-term solution. And we should leave Tessa's lab alone for at least a few years, on the odd chance that she returns. As for the cottage, it looks like more trouble than it is worth at the moment. Did someone not mention it would be easier to rebuild the cottage than try to fix it? So again hardly a good long-term arrangement."

"That leaves only two available labs in this tower, with at least three magi needing sancta here. Plus any visitor lab we want to keep. And with more mundanes I'm sure some of the room in the towers could be useful -- for stores if nothing else."

"So I still think that raising a second tower here is worth it -- provided of course that the council agrees the expenditure in vis is worth it."

“I will be developing an outdoor lab, probably in 1015, freeing up Frederic’s old lab however I still think a second tower is useful for those remaining here and for visitors. If the vis is available I am more than happy to cast the ritual at another location as well.” Replies Janus

"That makes perfect sense," says Thom. "And having raised a second tower should give more credibility to our claim to Ungulus. Master Janus, does it help at all if I use the Wizard's Vigil to assist you in raising the second tower?"

"Thank you for the offer Master Thom but with this aura my arts suffice for the casting" replies Janus

"I'll leave the dark faeries to you, I think." she smiles. "As for Lise, she seemed very happy with the idea of us settling there and spreading the aura, so I'm optimistic. It's a place where we could plausibly establish relationships with the local druids also."

"I'm open to alternatives to Mystic Tower, but that's not my skill - anything wooden requires Betula, anything stone-based requires Janus."

"We can ask Lise her thoughts on a stone tower. Has Betula had her baby yet?" ask Thom.

"I think Betula is due late in Spring, not before that."

Betula would call it mid-Spring, but Sionag would concur with second half. Those who were present at the time would guess that this all happened in the faerie version of the covenant at White Horse, and time was a little blurred, so who knows?

Betula has spent much of her time since returning to Ungulus in quiet seclusion. She has built a stone labyrinth and walks it frequently.

Pulling Cath'rinne aside one day, "I have heard mumblings of forming a charter and I would rather do that. I am unsure which site would be best though."

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"Thom, Sionag and myself were thinking of settling down at the Midsummer Copse oak tree circle with Lise and creating a chapter house there. Probably after taking some time to help our sodales stabilise Ungulus, and figuring out how we can get some local income, covenfolk and that sort of thing. Is that a place you'd be comfortable at?"

"While that is my favored location for many reasons I also would prefer to keep it as pristine as possible and not upset the Lise or The Trees."

"I suggest we broaden that discussion to include Thom and Sionag." Cath'rinne says. "That being said, Lise seemed eager that we settle there to try and spread the aura due to our presence." she says, walking, looking for Thom and Sionag.

Thom smiles from where he has been studying.

"Hello friends! Betula, how are you feeling?"

"I am feeling rather heavy and ungainly, how are you, Thomas?"