Chapter 7 Wirth has a visitor


  1. A blessed oil combining a muber of oils and Herbs used to anoint the couple , the materials can be obtained from anywhere but are fairly rare . Possibly less so in the meditterenean.
  2. A Bronze knife not previously used for any purpose
  3. Evergreen Boughs collected from the pine tree’s of the Cambunian mountains of Northern Thessaly under a full moon at midnight. Gathered by the Husband.
  4. A snake collected at a crossroads at noon by the wife.
  5. An obulus each (small silver coin) minted in classical Greece from the city of Athenes.
  6. Spend two days fasting at the shrine of Orpheus on the island of Lesbos

Well, that's fine, but... I won't do it yet, not blindly. We are still young, so there is time yet, and I won't do it until I understand perfectly (or at least thinks so) what it'll do to us, and especially to her.

Given Marissa's reputation, I'm especially wary that there might be some demonic plot here.

Iolar will when she hears about this talk to Wirth about this.

[color=red]I understand you need to be certain before you do anything involving you wife, however what do you need to make a decision about this. From what I know Marissa will have developed this ritual based on theurgy and the magic of some of the pre christian cults, I certainly don't have the knowledge to fully understand it and I beleive it took Marrissa a century or so to learn much of this so I doubt you will be able to fully understand this in the time available. If it is a matter of trust from what I know of Marrissa who knew my parents she keeps her word , if she offers to help you then I think that she means it , I know of no reasonw why she would be trying to hurt you and if she was there is nothing you could do to stop her . I trust her although I do not fully understand her or necessarily like her

[color=red]Thanks, Iolar. But do you know if this has ever been tried out? There could be unwanted... Side-effects.

[color=red]I know that two Bjornear magi where joined using the same techniques about fifteen years ago. However I never met them as I as .... indisposed. They are both still living however I beleive they returned to her covenant located in the far East of the Novograd Tribunal. The situation is not the same as yours as they where both gifted. I beleive some of the covenfolk at Shadows of the Past have also used the technique however you have been there and know how strange they ahve become over the centuries living in that aura. Marrissa has told me of bonds made by the Orphean tradition from which she aquired the knowledge in classical times and they reputredly where succesful . I cannot guarantee that there will be no problems but I no of none and do not beleive that Marrissa intends you or Clara harm. If you are worried about diabolism take your shadow Kilica along

[color=blue]I feel very worried, because wirth would study this at length, try to guess and all, but I, as a player, don't want to screw your story :confused:

[color=blue]Don't worry the plot won't go away becasue you delay. However I have trouble thinking of anythign Wirth COULD do to investigate further . He would either need to find another plan or learn several mystery initiations and a bunch of original research to undestand this one which is not going to happen as I would have to write them :smiling_imp: .

The main problem I see for Wirth is trusting a weird , possibly crazy archmaga with no real understanding of her motives or any secret intentions . The problem is any other hermetic mage who could help is likely to be equally old , have equally uncertain motivations and probably be crazy it goes with old and powerful mage's.

If you have some idea's for investigation let me know and I'll follow them up. It is just a bit hard for me to think of any which would get you anything, but the inventiveness of other people never fails to amaze me

Were these mundanes? Could I see them, and talk to them?

There's also the issue of Warping. A normal familiar bond won't warp magus or familiar. I'll need to ensure this doesn't happen to clara.

[color=red]I beleive the mundanes are still resident at Shadows of the Past. Marrissa will probably except another visit if you are willing to put up with visiting the place.
I beleive when this was dicussed Marrissa said that no warping occurred from the ritual and expected none. None occurred for the two magi I beleive and with the mundanes it is really hard to tell as they are resident in a high aura at Shadows of the past subject to many high level spells and many of them seem to have devloped a magical might of their own so how mundane they are is an open question, however they are ungifted.

[color=blue]Do I remember this? I, as a player, don't know.

Yet, I think I'll have to go for it... And trust True feeling to protect her from any negative effect. This should prove impervious to magic.
Sigh... Okay, let's do it, then. Some components should prove easier than others to obtain, and it'll give me time to think. I wonder about marissa's motivations, though...

OTOH, clara isn't eager to see her husband risk his life. She'd like to have a baby, too. A WHAT????

[color=blue]I meant to make this clear the time but may not have done. So if you don't remember it , that may be becasue it was not said :smiley:

Wirth has to work out how he is getting to Greece , I can think of about 5 options

  1. Boat around spain through the straights of Gibralter , complicated by the politics of moorish control of Gibralter
    2)Head over land to Italy getting a boat from somewhere in Italy (Probably Venice)
    3)Boat around to Sourthern france/spain , cross the country and then boat on the medditerenean
  2. Try to get access to the Mercere Heremtic portal network
  3. Some other form of transport magic. Probably means borrowing some from someone else as I don't think anyone in the covenant except Iolar has magic for long distance travel and hers is her heartbeast

A good reason to take Roberto!!

Good idea. Venice could be an interesting side adventure :laughing:

That is the same as option 1 actually. I myself suggest that he heads for Barcelona and set sail from there, to Sicily then to Greece. That is the actual trade route used back then.

That would be sweeeeet!*

David (now an NPC) has Leap of Homecoming and Flexible Formulaic magic. He could be a deus ex-machina needed to send Wirth where he needs to be in a timely fashion.

It is difficult as they have as I understand it a monoploy on trade through the straights with some agreed exceptions. Whiel Crusader fleets can ignore that you will have more problems

Good idea. Venice could be an interesting side adventure :laughing:

That is the same as option 1 actually. I myself suggest that he heads for Barcelona and set sail from there, to Sicily then to Greece. That is the actual trade route used back then.

Any of the land then sea routes are viable and all have potentially interesting complications

I prefer not to abuse Leap of Homecoming too much . All of the magical ones essentially come down to bribery
House Mercere are know to have Hermes portals between the Mercere houses of tribunals and their Domnus magnus . So two journeys would get you too Greece. They are going to charge at least 4 pawns of Vis per head for this probably more.
It is beleived that one of the mages of Vindolanda has a Hermetic portal to Constantinople as she certainly seems to run a good business selling eastern goods and that is thought to be her source. You have no idea what her price would be. She is the one who you gave back her boat after the pirates took it.
Someone must have a flying carpet you could rent.
Shadows of the past has numerous items for turning people into animals , some of them may be good for travel.
You could try and find a route through Arcadia or the Magic realm :smiling_imp: (Good luck with that)

[color=red]I'd be an honor and a pleasure to have roberto with me. Moreso, his martial prowesses will surely be needed.

As of the route, the trade route from barcelona will be safer. It shoud also be easier to find a bat there.
Aside from that, using any favor for this would be a waste, in my opinion.

Best place to get a Bat is Undercity....
(World of warcraft reference) Barcelona will be a good palce to get a Boat

At the moment Venice has the trade monopoly on most of what was the Byzantine empire although the bits which are still Byzantine won't trade with them .
So the route is as I understand it
Boat From Covenant along French Coast risking the storms in the bay of Bicay.
Land at Santander head across country to Barcelona it is now the end of March just after Easter
Boat from there to Sicily
At Sicily catch a Venetian vessel to Constantinople.
The Journey time for that is going to be on the order of about 60-70 days and you need to be at the ritual on June the 17th for the Summer solstice

Will there be enough time both for the travel and the acquisition of the components?

There should be unless something happens to really delay the journey although you may be a bit rushed once you reach Constantinople

[color=blue]Wirth in me so don't like rushing in like this, I feel bad :laughing:
We'll need to send a messager to marissa. We'll also need a force of grogs.

Roberto, I'd be glad if you could come along, as your strength of character and martial prowesses might be needed.
Any sodales that might want to help us would also be very welcome.