Chapter 9 where Cath'rinne goes to Edinburgh in Spring 1014

Awareness + Perception please

17 plus keen sense of smell

Impressive. The smell of the porridge fades, as the monk presumably finishes breakfast, but the monk does not seem to move. Apparently he does not budge for three hours. The smell is only faint, as long as he does not move, but Cath'rinne's sense is impeccable.

Of course this annoying mundane can't be bothered to go take a piss outside or wash at the river. She fumes internally.

OOC: Could you give me some ideas of the dimensions of the cave she would have to cross, and how much space there would be to quietly walk/fly by the bed/cooking pot? I'm trying to figure out how difficult it would be to use some spells to cross the cave or try whether sneaking through is plausible.

The cave opening is about the size of a common cottage door at the narrowest. It is a little wider where the monk sits, but not much. Small frame human under an invisibility spell could sneak past without contortionist skills, but if the monk stirs they would touch.

how long is the cave?

At least fifty paces from the monk to the vis source, but the monk uses only the outermost room as far as you can tell. The bedding and the modest sack of oats is in sort of a room just inside the narrow door. The room is little more than two paces by three before it again narrows into a door sized tunnel. The monk, when you have seen him, sat just outside, still sheltered by the overhanging cliff, where he also had the fireplace.

Still in vulture form, Cath'rinne casts silent a spont Rego Imaginem spell: Base 4, +1 additional sense, +1 conc - she leaves the image of herself and any sound she makes 15 paces behind where she is. I rolled a 10 (including the penalties for silent casting), so this cost 1 fatigue, +1 for the missing magnitude. She hops along through the small room where the monk is probably laying down or meditating, still being discreet and trying to avoid physical contact. Once she makes it past the cave, she moves to the side of the entrance for cover, drops her concentration and flies away.

Concentration check of 8(-3 for fatigue, so 5) to maintain concentration while hopping along. I figure this is closer to walking (3), and so the check should be sufficient to maintain concentration.

She needs a magnitude for changing image, and possibly one for matching movements, following the template of Wizard's Sidestep, cf also Illusion of the Shifted Image. I suppose one magnitude suffices since you do not need the same fidelity as you need to sustain the illusion in battle. This makes the fatigue penalty -5.

Cath'rinne barely maintains concentration as she hops out of the cave. The monk turns around, kneeling and facing the cave, and starts speaking loudly in Latin, commanding the devil of the cave to stay in the deep and leave humankind in peace. If Cath'rinne had not been so knackered, she would have noticed a hint of panic in his voice,

But Cath'rinne quickly escapes and loses the delayed image. The monk can relax, knowing that the «devil» once again has settled, dormant in the depth of the cave.

Cath'rinne can set off. She is too knackered to fly either far or fast, but there are plenty of trees to perch in the vicinity. The monk has turned around, watching her, but he does not move.

She goes back, finding a way to catch her breath and eat along the way.

One confidence point for the brief and successful mission.
Source quality has to be taken for the season as a whole, but I assume it is waived for lab work anyway.

Is this enough for a 5 or 6 xp adventure?

Anything goes for a 5xp adventure, but there is an incident coming up at Ungulus after lambing, so stay tuned.

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