Chapter 9bis where Finn goes to Carlisle in Spring 1014

“I don’t have food to trade I am afraid. I was looking for a scribe to do some work, do you know where I could find one?” Asks Finn

«Nobody 'round here, as far as I know. Marcus left, and Gilric succumbed to the plague this Winter,» says the pock marked carpenter.

"You lookin' for steady work?" asks Hamish to the pock-marked carpenter.

«What do you mean? Is there something you need?»

Edwin will check the weaver's wares, as he knows master Nauvi is interested in cloth for some reason. He is concerned by the lack of food in Carlisle, and will avoid eating in public to avoid the risk of being mugged for a meal.

"I'm sure we could use a carpenter, if you know your trade. And you look like you do," says Hamish with a smile. "You got a family to bring along too? Steady work, steady coin, safe place to put down roots."

«... and who are you, good sir,» asks the carpenter.

The cloth is the best wool, and nicely weaved, as far as you can tell. This seems to be a very skilled craftsman.

"The name's Hamish. We're looking for good people to come help us establish a village down among the lakes."

«Right. Well. You think the living is better down there? Good luck.» It is hard to read the carpenter's face, if he distrusts you, if he has a good life where he is, or if he has not understood what's on offer.

"I guess the question is how much you get paid here, friend. We can make it worth your while. Regular coin, food, and work to do. I'm sure we can get you a regular coin on the steady and then, of course, commissions for your work. We've got plenty of needs, for sure. What would get you to come with us? " [Bargain: 15]

«I own my own house and run my own shop, and I get paid for the goods I sell. How much may vary, but the problem is not the lack of silver to pay but the lack of food to buy. Why would I give up my freedom to go and work for you lord?»

As Hamish keeps pushing and bargaining, he asks about every detail of the deal, location, accommodation, workshop, food arrangements and quality, ale and wine allowances, and whatnot. It soon becomes clear that Hamish does not know an awful lot about what the covenant can afford and what a carpenter would save them, but Edwin, overhearing the exchange, can work the numbers. The cost of keeping a carpenter is at least £2/year, and at least £3 if Hamish's promises of extra-ordinarily good food is to be kept. The craftsman can reasonably save the covenant £3-4/year depending on skill level, but the first year, this saving is probably spent just relocating and setting up a new workshop.

That said, if Edwin does not interfere to curb the promises, Hamish is able to sway the carpenter by promising the living conditions of a Summer Edwin also knows that resources are being stretched at or Autumn covenant.

Hamish doesn't let up on trying to land the carpenter.

At one point, the big soldier rubs his stomach and says, "Just look at me, friend. You think I've missed many meals in my day?" and chuckles softly.

Hamish is hopeful, thinking that a carpenter would be a significant win for the new covenant.

It does not look as if the carpenter is starving either, but he may be convinced. «OK, if your offer is so swell, list the details and let's have it duly witnessed. The weaver and the wine merchant will do. Don't forget the ale and wine allowances.»

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"Hamish, were you definitely instructed to bring a carpenter back? While I'm sure there'll be coin enough to pay the fellow, there's only so much ale and wine to go round - don't promise too many things to too many people" Edwin cautions. "The man is skilled enough to pay his own way where we live, and I'm sure all the work he can do will save the masters more than he costs in the long run, but we may want to be cautious before making too many promises."


"I guess that's your call, Edwin. I don't recall us having a carpenter on hand. In the two... places I lived before, a carpenter sure came in handy to help build what was needed for our success. As it is, I'm holding off on looking for more swords for the turb. That can come later, I think. I'm just tryin' to land the fish that I hit my bait. Happy to let it go if that's what you want to do."

Exploring the market and surrounding trade district is more of the same. There is much less activity than there was last Autumn. Many shops are boarded up, but some are open and seem to do ok. The best inn, facing the cathedral, where Ealhstan hung out last time, is still open, but void of guests. They are happy to provide cheap loging, but charge double for food. Most guests bring their own.

In the morning, Leofric attends mass, which is entirely ordinary with no events other than the Divine presence.

Finn goes to meet his new recruits, presumably flanked by the ever-helpful Hamish and the more appropriately skilled Edwin. There is a crowd of 30-40, all eager to join. The three who were invited to recruit more servants are at the front, eager to point out their six recruits. You do not immediately see the other three in the crowd, who is full of anticipation, trying to be seen by the strange-hatted and promise-ful foreigner. Most of the crowd are young, including children down to six years old. Some are elderly, including one on crutches. The two lots solicited also include children down to seven or eight, but only one who looks past thirty.

Dealing with the crowd is almost certainly going to call for leadership+presence, but it may depend on strategy and RP. It may even call for folk ken+int to remember whom the promises were made to the day before.

Finn rolls Folk Ken + Int of 6. he has no leadership so will not try to control the crowd in any way. He turns to Edwin and Hamish "Edwin, we need to pick the best 18 out of this lot and you know the running of Covenants to know what to look for, Hamish this may turn ugly so be on your guard. If needed I will try and distract them with a story or two but I don't think it is the best strategy"

Leofric, arriving with his cart and Roxie after the morning mass, is only half-surprised to find such a crowd hoping to join the trio. He stays some distance away, praying things will not degenerate. He wonders how the huge Hamish and his companions will treat the poor people desperate for a place with food.

The monk has been fasting since the day before.

Finn is confident that the three in the front are the three persons he talked directly to, and invited to bring two groups of six. He also recognises, at last, the frail and elderly beggar who was in the original group of six; they are seated on the flank, watching attentively, possibly to tired to compete for attention. With them is two more of similar age and disposition. Finn is not at all sure who the last two people invited are. There are enough beggars who look the same.

Edwin does his best to calm the crowd down, but he struggles because Hamish made too many promises the day before.

[Int + Folk Ken 5, unless being cheated speciality applies.
Pre + Leadership 7...and I hope to roll above a 3 sometime soon]