Chapter One: ooc


  1. I assumed we had January 23rd 1222.
  2. According to a website I found, the last New Moon was January 22th 1222.
  3. The ministrel can be quieted with a forgetting spell, or sent away with some emotion modifying spell (MuMe). Otherwise, some money should do the trick (you have some money - just don't start buying castles)
  4. The next time, please give a total as closely as you can calculate it (including all known factors - positive and negative). This saves me work, and maybe I'd forget some modifiers otherwise. I can always modify the total or reroll if there are factors you do not know about. Thank you!


1+2 )Link to the website you used? I couldn't find one that went back earlier than 1920.

  1. Ideally, I'd like Raimond Mir to stay in the story, either as a grog or on The Other Team. If he's pissed, then he can be a source of information for anyone who comes after us, having spent 2 weeks in the company of a magi. If he's not angry, then I can think of several uses for having a minstrel on our payroll. I never actually asked permission to add him in the first place, but adopted him under the "you can get a low-combat-skill grog if you can figure out how" line.

This is where we start getting into new territory for me. Can you tell me what other factors might apply?

1d10+4 → [10,4] = 4
~sigh~ Of course I rolled a zero. So, since this is all pre-game activities, I presume that she failed on her first spont'd MuMe spell, hilarity ensued, and she tried again and again until she ended up with Raimond Mir.

Next rolls
1d10+4 → [8,4] = (12) -> No botch
1d10+4 → [7,4] = (11) -> Success?
1d10+4 → [1,4] = (5) -> Roll of one, doubles next roll...
1d10+4 → [4,4] = (8) -> 4*2+4 = 12, Success?
1d10+4 → [10,4] = (14) -> Another possible botch, but I've probably succeeded by now.

I wasn't sure which attribues/abilities I would be rolling against, so I left that to SG option. I can usually figure out which ones, but not this time...probably was past my bedtime.

NASA has a website that has phases of the moon, broken down by century, from about 2000 BC to 4000 AD. This table has the phases for the 13th century.

just clicking around. We will use the Nasa site. They might be right.

Language skills in a pbp (guideline - not rule):

Level 1: nouns (no abstract concepts): bread [German second-grader speaking English]
Level 2: nouns and verb: eat bread [German fifth grader speaking English]
Level 3: nouns, verbs adjectives: eat bread bad [German 6th grader speaking English]
level 4: understandable, minor mistakes: He can'ts not eat the bread, because its bad. [German 11th grader speaking English]
level 5: You have an accent - are you from Texas? (not native language - a native language is hampered by dialect, writing poetry may be hard) [German university student of English literature/linguistics]
level 6: no problems ever
lvl 7: most authors of crime fiction
lvl 8: Shakespeare, Joyce

rolling for every time you say something might be bothersome. You can of course roll if you try to express concepts more complicated than your language level implies.

As my Latin is at 4 except when talking to members of the Order about Hermetic stuff, i was thinking a roll was in order.
For the most part , unless asked for a specific ability roll , or one that is needed for spellcasting ,
i did not assume every speaking situation required a language die roll.

As i have never had a player hat for Ars Magica 05th Ed , i'm probably thinking too much like an ST.
The only play experience i have , was a few months with 3rd and 4th Ed respectively.

Awesome. Could you post this in the house rules so it can get easily looked at?

I always assumed the "hermetic usage" specialty meant "when used for use of hermetic magics", like writing spells and lab texts (things on which you'd better NOT make a mistake), or teaching Arts and MT, rather than speaking to people.

Hermetic "stuff" = Magic Theory , The Arts , Finesse , Penetration sort of thing.
I never considered you got to speak betterer just cause someone was a Hermetic mage.

Ah, yes, we agree then :smiley: I misread you

You've gotta stop. Seriously.
If you continue like this, sooner or later, I'm gonna pee in my pants laughing :laughing:

But isnt that how semi-illiterate Ex Misc wizards are supposed to speak?

Unless you want to do more in-game small talk, I'll move on to the next scene.

As for language - I'm praying for a good summa on Latin! :laughing:

Onward, onward!

First of all apologies for the lack of posting. A combination of family wedding down south and work has conspired against me.

Having said that I don't feel this guy will give us much more. Onward!


Ever Onward! Ever Onward!
That's the sprit that has brought us fame.
We're big but bigger we will be,
We can't fail for all can see, that to serve humanity
Has been our aim.
Our products now are known in every zone.
Our reputation sparkles like a gem.
We've fought our way thru
And new fields we're sure to conquer, too
For the Ever Onward IBM! ... Onward.htm

Yes, as amusing as this exchange is, it is unlikely to actually move the plot forward in any noticable way. If we wanted, we could probably continue to RP the rest of the day/evening even after beginning the next chapter.

Works for me.

Okay, you can still use chapter one - I'll wait with writing the summary for one more week.

Chapter two is open can can also be used!

A few questions which should be answered by the time we get to Agraves:

How does Raimond Mir the Minstrel react when I meet him the evening before we depart? More generally, is it acceptable/encouraged/discouraged for us to introduce new NPCs like this? My hope is to have him travel around the local countryside, collecting gossip, story seeds, and rumors of potential grogs/allies/etc for us/me.

What is the book-making industry like in Narbonne? Glass? Any other industries? You mentioned mills, but I'm not sure what that actually means, in terms of Craft and Profession skills.

What is the employment situation like in Narbonne? Crime? Ie, how easy will it be to find craftsmen and "other covenfolk" to transplant to Phoenix?

How exactly did Phoenix keep itself in food and other mundane resources? What has happened to those sources of income since they disappeared?

How many covenfolk were in Phoenix? Have any of them been seen alive?

What sort of things do we go to Jonah for? Father Pierre? What do we explicitly NOT go to one or the other of them for? It's not entirely clear to me if Agraves counts as part of our covenant, or what the relationship the rest of the Agraves villagers have with Phoenix.

More specifically, are we supposed to send Pierre to Narbonne for city errands like finding laborers/craftsmen/covenfolk, supplies, odd materials?