Character Concepts

Present your character concept to the troupe for discussion and approval.

This should only be a concept, no fully detailed character. That is, about one paragraph of text, no more. Half a dozen sentences, describing the core of the character.

Once we agree on the concept, then you can proceed with actual character development in its own seperate thread (one per character).

Tytalus using low level magic and searching for a challenge and change. Magic is a tool to your aims, not an aim in itself
A hyppian tytalus up for a challenge. Generalist magus limiting himself to level 10 spells or below by choice. He will increase that limit on a magnitude for each 5 years of hermetic age. So 10 years out of apprenticeship he will be able to study or create level 20 spells. His challenge will be to best something big. Since he is new to the outside world he still has to find something that really interest him, but given his focus in XXXX (to be decided) and the fact that his Pater has expelled him from their covenant (not that he would have been around long anyway) he has decided to move to the new covenant of Heligoland when YYYYY proposed the creation of this new covenant out of the coast of Frisia. He thinks that magic is a great tool, but only a tool and not the all-problem solver that he find other magi indulging in. As such he is capable in manual labor as well as in magical manipulation of his environment.


I posted this in your interest thread, but I thought it bore reprinting here so we can discuss the entire concept.

I'd like to explore the possibility of Chronomancy. For those not familiar with the AD&D term, it's about controlling and manipulating time itself. Not necessarily moving through time (although traveling within one's own lifetime is a decent idea - +1 if you get the reference), but definitely toying with Longevity Rituals. Maybe the ability to Scry upon the future, as well as look directly into the past. And due to the age of the character, he's rather obsessed with it. I mean, you have to be a bit OCD over the whole time stream thing if you're starting to think about Longevity Rituals at the ripe old age of 22.

For Arts, I'm thinking Intellego and Rego, with maybe a dash of Muto. For Techniques, he'd definitely need Vim, with maybe Imaginem and Mentem? For house, I'm thinking along the lines of one of the Mystery Houses, with Criamon looking like the best option here. The Enigma is all around us, and cannot be explained properly by only looking at the present, now can it?

Now, Xavi posted something in that thread to help solidify the concept, and I'd like to bring that up as well if you don't mind.

Now, I don't have a problem reworking my concept or coming up with a new one in the event Arthur says no, but I considering the concept (apart from Divination and Augury) is core RAW with some tweaks as put forth above, I'd like to ask for a second review of it please. If you say no a second time, I'll not ask again.

Character concept: undersea explorer
This magus has had dreams of the sea all his life. During apprenticeship he became persuaded that the floor of the ocean was full of untapped sources of vis, and resolved to find them... but he didn't want to share with a cackle of old crones too lazy to do their own work. Design Notes: primary Art Aquam, secondary Auram & Vim, magic designed to explore underwater (Lungs of the Fish, Clear Sight of the Naiad, that sort of things). House: Tytalus or Merinita (I'm keeping Bjornaer in reserve). Possible Virtues: Elemental Magic, Affinity with and/or Puissant Aquam, Affinity with and/or Puissant Swim. If Merinita I'd be going with the Nature Mysteries, not the Faerie ones.

It might be interesting to have two Tytalus magi in the same covenant. They can compete to outdo each other and leave the other magi in relative peace. But if the Troupe thinks two Tytalus are too much of a bad thing, I'll go Merinita.

@Scarecrow: trying to work with time, you're setting yourself up for decades of Original Research, decades more if you consider the resources you'll need to accumulate to get it. If you want to set it as a long-term (read: probably not achieved during the game) I'd say that's okay, but you still need to design a magus that's viable to play :slight_smile:

I don't have a problem with a magus/maga who would like to overcome the limit of time. But as the storyguide, I can tell the player that it will never happen.

Now, Xavi mentioned several points regarding spells and effects that might be seen as affecting time. But that theory does hold water. Longevity rituals do not slow down time, it increases longevity by sustaining one's life force. ReCo spells don't speed up or slow down the passage of time, they increase or decrease your quickness, or provide impediment to your movements. Divination and Augury are non-Hermetic, as is Premonitions, and this virtues are all cloaked in paraboles and feelings. They don't predict the future, but rather extrapolate on possible future consequences of the current situation.

There is a reason why magi often consider the Limit of Time to be linked to the Limit of the Divine. If you can see the future accurately, or travel to the past, then you remove free will.

Now, your character may still pursue this, trying to prove the philosophers wrong. But it will be a dead end. It can still be cool character to play, but I don't want you as a player to be disappointed if your magus never succeeds.

Aiming for impossibles has driven humankind very far :slight_smile:

He can see those effects as being affected by time in his point of view (delusion? not necessarily so, though). Other magi may say "oh, you just are increasing your speed" and he will reply "No, I am moving normally, I just am moving in a bubble where time passes faster" :slight_smile: Same as longevity rituals. Maybe he sees this as stopping you in a certain moment in time. We are talking magic theory here, so he might even be right. I can see him offering to make longevity potions at a discount rate over other CrCo experts, but only if you allow him to Experiment on it. It all depends on what measurement parameters you use here.

Both of these bolded statements tell me that this character is not going to work in your game. I don't want to create and play a character who has been told up front that his aims and goals will never come to fruition. It's kind of pointless knowing that nothing I do with this character will mean anything.

Based on that, I am withdrawing interest. Nothing personal, I just wanted to explore this possibility. It's not possible, so I'll let someone else jump in here.

Thanks for entertaining the idea! :slight_smile:

No problem. I prefer to be up front with those things, as I find it avoids resentment in the long term. Not every concept works in every saga.

I hope you find the right saga!

Concept is approved. You can start a thread to develop the character. Do you have a name?

Spell selection should probably reflect what your pater wanted to teach you, not necessarily what you wanted to learn. So some of the spells will probably not be related to your specialty. Unless you state that your pater was also an underwater explorer, which seems unlikely.

Regarding the House, consider that the covenant will only have 3 or 4 magi, and face many challenges from outside. So it won't really need inside competition. But I leave it up to you to decide which House you wat to go with. Talk it over with Xavi, to make sure he doesn't have a problem with it.

Concept is approved. You can start a character creation thread for your magus. Do you have a name in mind?

No, but I'm planning to have my apprenticeship happen at Fudarus, Tytalus' domus magna, which just happens to be on an island. So at least I'll have some justification for learning some sea-themed spells.

Will do.

Pytheas ex Tytalus.

I have a question: given that you mentioned that our scarce resources are in part the gifts of our parens, would it be a bad idea for me to have a bad relationship with mine ?

I have no problem at all. My tytalus competition idea goes more along the lines of fighting the environment, not other tytalus. More "I do my stuff and you do yours, and then we compare results" than "I will turn your life miserable and expect you to do likewise for mutual misery and supposed improvement". :slight_smile:

No, I do not have a name yet. I have to check German and northern sea names here.

No problem there, you will simply have gathered yours from other sources -- through work, exploration, or even from an enemy of your pater. It will have no impact on how much resources you have, only from where they came.

Is his bad relationship with his pater the reason why he fled to the Rhine Tribunal? :wink:

Do you still have a spot open for a magus? If so I would be interested in joining with a sea-based or amphibic Bjornaer. I will elaborate on the character concept if I'm allowed to join.

I have only one spot available, and another player posted before you did (on the other thread). If his concept doesn't work out, you're next on the waiting list...


No problem! I'll stand by then. I really like the saga concept with low resources and will follow the progress here.

Can you elaborate a little? The concept is a little short to really get a good idea of the character. Also, revenge as the driving force behind the character may not be the best, since they will face enough outside pressure as it is. Particularly if it become more dominant with time.

Note that the source of the character's weakness could also be a magus or even a covenant, instead of a supernatural creature.

Some preliminary ideas concerning how my character's ex misc tradition the Tietäjäs ("knowers") might connect with things:

The Tietäjäs originate in a tradition of hedge wizard sages in the karelia-ingria region (i.e. in whereabouts of lake Ladoga mostly in modern Russia). Rather than being destroyed through the Christianization that intensified around the year 1000 and threatened all hedgies there, the Tietäjäs sought protection in the Order. They were readily accepted, as the Order was at the time seeking to expand into the region. This made the Tietäjäs no friends with the volkhvy or Scandinavian wizards, however, who perceived them as having allied with the enemy. Some of the Tietäjäs have since seen fit to relocate south, especially along the Novgorod trade route through the Baltic sea and down the Volga.

My character might be from the Novgorod tribunal. The wiki mentions ( ) a covenant called Ynglinghal somewhere in the Gulf of Finland. I can't find this covenant in the book, though, nor any more information on it. Perhaps it has been destroyed in our saga, and this is why my character must find a new place for himself? Alternatively, I could just plop him down in a Rhine covenant, maybe Oculus Septentrionalis, and say that's where his parens is.

Any thoughts? This seem acceptable?

I'm pretty sure Ynglinghal is a fan creation, probably from a Troupe who played there. Doesn't mean you can't come from there, some covenants have been left undefined in all the Tribunals so players can create their own at need. Nothing wrong with borrowing that one.

It is a long way for your character to come, but I'm sure you could come up with a reason. It might help if you had your parens, or perhaps even the whole tradition, relocate somewhere closer first to close part of the distance. Or if the tradition had some history or interest in sailing rather than, say, being focused on reindeer herding.

If he is originally from Novgorod, how would he have come to know the other two, who are from the Rhine and Normandy tribunals? Remember, the characters need to have met before the saga starts, while they were still apprentices. Coming all the way from Russia is a bit difficult to rationalize.

Pomerania (nowadays northern Poland) would work very well because it is technically part of the Germany (Rhine Tribunal) at the time. It has solid Slavic roots, as described in Guardians of the Forests:

This is simply a suggestion to make things easier. It would also mean that your character's native language would be Low German (Pomeranian), whereas the local language is Low German (Frisian). So you'd suffer only a -1 when communicating with the locals, instead of having to learn a new language.