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Wonderful, we’ll say they got on well then.

I don’t think Pando will end up learning Forest Lore pre-saga, though I like the idea of sharing that NPC as a mutual friend with Wolfgang.

While I don't have enough interest in the Cult of Mercury to run a good story about them, I do have some ideas about lost mercurian stuff around the covenant (Rituals? Ruins? People? Pottery? Who knows?). Just leaving the info here in the case it becomes relevant sometime in the future.

This will eventually be lost as more posts are written in this topic. Better put that information in the Notes and Claims topic, more spicifically in this post Notes and Claims - #2 by Arthur.

I like ancient magic stories a lot, and I made sure Wolfgang wasn't too interested in that stuff so I can run those without a conflict. Hedge magic to a lesser extent, because Wolfgang does have some interest there (and there's a bit of drama in that he doesn't share the opinion of some of the Ash Gild, he's more tolerant and less kill-first-ask-questions-never)

@Vortigern, bringing here the discussion about Vorsutus (if this name is final I'm going to conflate your names a lot... hehe).

Are you thinking about stopping at Planetary Magic or do you want to go to Hermetic Astrology?

What kind of stories do you have in mind for him?

Just talking out loud: depending on the specifics, he might be a nice complement to Regulus on an investigation. That would be nice, if someone wants to run that kind of story.
I'd be wary, however, of they stepping on each other's toes, since I'm thinking of developing Regulus at least a bit towards a more standard quaesitor focused on hermetic crimes (well, I'm not settled on this, so there is a lot of room to maneuver).


I'm a new prospective player. I've been an Ars Magica player for something close to twenty years now and it has stayed one of my favorite games the entire time. That said ... I won't claim to have deep/perfect mastery of every aspect of the game. But then, with something like Ars, who does right?

I have a tentative concept as follows.

House/Tradition: Ex Misc. / Hermetic Haruspex (variant)

I would like to take the Haruspex and instead switch out the Affinity w/ Intellego for Planetary Magic to make similarly Roman descended Astrological minor tradition. (That would be a House/Tradition virtue/flaw spread of Divination & Augury, Planetary Magic, and Twilight Prone.)

Character Name: Vorsutus


Vorsutus was born to the norse name of Eadric Snorison in the norse port city of Wexford in the Hibernian Tribunal. There he had an exceedingly harsh beginning in life like many whose Blatant Gift is active so early. A natural born Seer he constantly receives information about others in snippets of voices, visions, and uncanny insight. This both alienated him from others even further and yet also allowed him to survive alone on the streets of the bustling port from a young age. Growing up in this way has left Vorsutus with barely contained hostility towards much of the mundane world.

He was eventually taken as an apprentice by a similarly Gifted Seer named Chaldeaus, whose home Covenant was Rellantali in the Roman Tribunal. There he was trained in a very Latin/Roman-descended line of magic with a heavy focus on astrology and divinatory arts. Beyond that Vorsutus in particular focuses on high ceremonial and sympathetic magic using arcane connections as well as ritual magic. Since being brought into magical society as an apprentice he has had mostly very positive experiences with fellow Magi, and so contrasting with his attitude towards mundanes he is friendly and loyal to fellow Magi and the Order.

I certainly welcome any discussion and/or suggestions!

Best regards.

I don't think I can criticize you there! :rofl:

I think for long term progression for him I'd like to see him pursuing both Hermetic Astrology/Celestial Magic as well as Cult of Mercury/Mercurian aimed magic.

Vorsutus doesn't like direct confrontation unless he has already completely planned it out. I also aim for him to have Mercurian Magic initiated with the Cult of Mercury/Neo-Mercurians (are they the same or different or comingled together in the eyes of the troupe?) and to have a strong emphasis on ceremonial/sympathetic magic that he can use from a distance/home. He would be much more of a plotter, investigator, and one striving to manipulate the situation without revealing himself if he can.

Though he also is of norse descent/upbringing and was apprenticed in the mafia Covenant of Rellantalli... so raiding and stealing and whatnot isn't beyond his conception. Especially if there are no Covenants involved on the other end to complain.

I see him as being quite incongruous in his both high regard/friendliness towards Magi while being vindictively biased against most mundanes. I am thinking of taking Infamous to give him a bad reputation amongst mundanes as a master of curses one should not offend to reflect that.

Hermetically I see his line of astrological magi being in good regard as diviners/seers, and due to both his own talent and being from that line I was thinking of taking Hermetic Prestige so that he is known and perhaps sought after for those skills, and someone other magi often find helpful/accommodating.

I think I'll need to get to know the immediate setting of the Covenant before deciding much more. But in general I see him as on the calculating/strategic side but with a strong pro-Order/anti-Mundane (or hedge wizard etc.) commitment/bias.

I think he would readily assist with an investigation if requested. I plan on having some basic abilities in the area of Intellego but not a lot of development there to start with. More a sideline that he can keep growing further into over time. His primary forte I aim to be the ceremonial/sympathetic/ritual magic angle. I'll be reading up on "Intangible Assassin" notes here soon to brush up before digging into the design.

For Vorsutus perhaps long term he might make something of a divination/intellego backup/supplement as well as an "Intangible Hoplite" if you will, to assist with Rogue Magi and/or other types of threats.


Sounds interesting! Happy to welcome a fellow Mercurian!

In my opinion the difference between neo-Mercurians and the Cult of Mercury is analogous to Charismatic Catholics compared to Roman Catholics - one group being much bigger and less devout, while the other group is a bit fanatical and more into a direct personal relationship with the supernatural - but overall they have a good amount in common.

Ok. I'm asking to start spinning my wheels in that direction. =]
But with the Cult of Mercury I can't help much. Not my favorite cult. :thinking:

Would this work with him moving to a new covenant and being, at least at first, unknown to the mundanes there? Also, is this a flaw if he has Blatant Gift and is already unlikely to interact heavily with mundanes (or be seen in a good light by them)?

Oh, I was thinking about his Divination. It's a major virtue, I assumed you would rise it as much as possible and make it a staple of Vorsutus to get the most of it.

I think that sounds like a good analogy to me!

Fellow Mercurian? Well ... even better! Mercurians are sad alone!

I kind of see his Ex Misc. tradition as being a very roman descended astrologer lineage, and thus their own magical lineage that is strongly associated with the Cult of Mercury/Neo-Mercurians but not strictly speaking exactly the same and likely has some tricks of their own up their sleeve.

I think so, depending. The reputation itself should manifest itself regardless. And/or be something that would generally make itself known somehow. Yet Blatant Gift doesn't automatically make you known in any way. If you are careful you can stay off the radar as a Blatant Gifted type. Infamous however means you are already on the radar in potentially interesting (negative in the eyes of most) ways, and that staying off the radar isn't strictly speaking an option anymore.

We'll see how it works out in character creation/progression. I don't intend to totally ignore it but really the other angle is his primary priority. I'd be happy coming into play with it at perhaps a 3 to a 5, if you will. Also bear in mind that divination by astrology, while flexible and capable of unusual feats, is time consuming. He has to sit down and do astrological calculations etc. for considerable time for each effect. And the totals are overall rather low, which means it is much preferred to do it at home in an aura and with an arcane connection.

So I would see him as excelling in the "preparation phase" of gathering information, provided the right ACs have already been gathered to facilitate that. But if the guy is standing in front of you it is much faster to cast Posing the Silent Question if you will. Which is something he may want to grow into eventually, but my first priority for him will be rounding out more as a Vim specialist than in Intellego.

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Howdy y'all! When it rains new players, it pours apparently?

So I haven't settled 100% on a concept (a classic Ars problem, too many fun ideas), but I've always wanted to make hermetic theurgy work, so I'm leaning hard in that direction. Yes yes, yet another Mercurian, I know. What can I say? It's a chance to play in a saga where I wouldn't be the only one!

That said, I know anytime summoners come into play that it can potentially provide some strong feelings from folks, so I wanted to gauge reaction before I got too far into things.

Hello Nithyn. Don't forget to introduce yourself in the Table Talk thread. ; )

Can't say I have a strong opinion on theurgy, so I'll let the others chime in.

Vortigern, you mentioned you want to initiate Mercurian Magic during post-gauntlet advancement (if I understood correctly). I can't find it at the moment, but I think there was a previous consensus from the troupe to let initiations happen in actual play (i.e. after the characters join the covenant).

Unless the troupe's position has changed on that?

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Up through apprenticeship up. Might need to go revisit his background a bit, but overall I think there is enough to get a feel for the character.

How much post gauntlet time should I write narrative for to be in sync with the game?

My design goal was/is Mercurian Magic and Great Talisman.

Is there a restriction in place? A man should know these things!

I can understand either way. It is nice to get a build done that you want. And yet I do tend to think people underplay the depth/commitment and whatnot of Mystery Cults and the process of Initiation itself. I don't think I'm aiming for a lot, but I don't want to take anything that was denied to everyone else already either.

Any critique or advice for how I have things so far? Can always use a second set of eyes in Ars!

Good to see you joining in here man.


I'm biased but I love summoners. One of my favorite archetypes. But I did say I am biased.

I've run into this myself, so I don't know that I expect everyone to think like I do about them.

I think a lot depends on how it is done. There aren't a lot details about your idea here yet. Care to expound a bit more?

Indeed, that was the result of the discussion. And no, that hasn't changed. :smiling_imp:

Any other advice/concerns for me?