Character Creation for Gaxxian (OOC)

Alba Ex Merinita
Age: 25 (17)
Warping: 0

Size: -1

Personality Traits

  • Naive +3
  • Serene +3
  • Curious +2

Sympathy Traits:

  • Trees 0
  • Loyalty (negative) 0
  • Int: +3
  • Per: +1
  • Pre: +1
  • Com: +3
  • Str: -3
  • Sta: +2
  • Dex: -1
  • Qik: 0
Virtues & Flaws

The Gift (0), Faerie Magic (0), Hermetic Magus (0), Faerie Background (0), Skilled Parens (1), Affinity with Herbam (1), Puissant Herbam (1), Unaging (1), Cautious Sorcerer (1), Good Teacher (1), Minor Magical Focus: Animating Plant Matter (1), Strong Faerie Blood: Nymph (3)

Faerie Upbringing (1), Gullible (1), Social Handicap: Expressionless (1), Small Frame (1), Weak Spontaneous Magic (3), Faerie Heritage (3)

  • Area Lore: Swabian (Black Forest) 2
  • Artes Liberales (Geometry) 1
  • Awareness (Smell) 2
  • Charm (Faeries) 1
  • Concentration (Spells) 2
  • Etiquette (Faeries) 1
  • Faerie Lore (Faerie forests) 2
  • Faerie Magic (Charms) 1
  • House Merinita Lore (Initiate Others) 1
  • Hunt (Tracking) 1
  • Language: High German (Swabian) 5
  • Language: Latín (Hermetic) 4
  • Magical Lore (Creatures) 1
  • Magic Theory (Herbam) 4
  • Music (Sing) 2
  • Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (House Merinita) 1
  • Parma Magica (Vim) 1
  • Penetration (Herbam) 1
  • Philosophiae (Moral Philosophy) 1
  • Second Sight (Invisible things) 3
  • Stealth (Natural areas) 1
  • Survival (Forests) 3
Hermetic Arts
  • Creo 6
  • Intellego 4
  • Muto 2
  • Perdo 2
  • Rego 8
  • Herbam 12+3
  • Ignem 2
  • Imaginem 3
  • Terram 1
  • Soothe the Ferocious Beast (ReAn 10): ArM5, pg.120
  • Grow the Bountiful Feast (CrHe 4): MoH, pg.75
  • Wall of Thorns (CrHe 20): ArM5 pg.135
  • Probe Nature's Hidden Lore (InHe 4): ArM5 pg.136
  • Hunt for the Wild Herb (InHe 5): ArM5 pg.136
  • Intuition of the Forest (InHe 10): ArM5 pg.136
  • Shriek of the Impending Shafts (InHe 15): ArM5 pg.136
  • Converse with Plant and Tree (InHe 25): ArM5 pg.136
  • Pass the Unyiending Portal (MuHe 5): ArM5 pg.137
  • Piercing Shaft of Wood (Me(Re)He 10): ArM5 pg.137
  • Evening's Confort (CrIg 5): MoH pg.30
  • The Welcome Addition of False Sunlight (CrIg 15): Covenants pg.96
  • Traveler's Foresight (InIm 5): MoH pg.125
  • Faerie Flute (MuIm 4): MoH pg.125
  • Wizard's Sidestep (ReIm 10): ArM5 pg.147
  • Sense the Weight of Faerie Power (InVi 3): MoH, pg.102

I see there was a discussion about the Str -3 / Sta +3 combo. I also tend to dislike that,as it turns Strength into a dump stat. It isn't so much that it cannot happen in a very few case, but rather that every second mage seem to have that stat high contrast, which stretches believability.

I don't agree, Stamina covers more than pure body mass or physical status. But I don't want to keep fighting about it, so I've changed it. It's that enough or i must reduce more the Stamina?

Considering that Second Sight is a virtue based on Perception, so a score of 0 will limit its usefulness.

I have free points now, so i've improved a little Perception.

If dryad faerie blood is the same as nymph blood, which not srite it down as Nymph? Makes it easier to find in a sourcebook. :wink:

I've considered the same for simplification, but if people wanted we could do a more elaborated new Faerie Blood. Nobody said nothing about it, so rn its just the same. I can write Nymph for easier search.

Faerie Upbringing and Sheltered Upbringing overlap quite a bit. Both represent much the same thing, namely a lack of understanding with mundane society, even if they manifest in a slightly different way. As such, it weakens the value of the second one.

You can live with faeries that mimics human society and live in community. Since it wasnt my situation i wanted to emphasize it. But ok, i've removed Sheltered Upbringing and replace it with Gullible.

Social Handicap pushes that even further into the territory of a person ill-fitted for social relations. Com +3 and Good Teacher pushes the character into the opposite direction -- someone who can communicate very well and is a great teacher. How could she develop these traits when she led such a sheltered and weird upbringing with no social interactions?

I've had a few teachers that were GREAT teaching and incredibly socially awkward when you talked to them in the canteen.
Alba is weird, but its intelligent and has a great amount of patience. Being able to take your time and listen, while you know how to syntetize the information its a great deal when teaching.
For now i didn't changed it. But here i had an alternative list for Minor Virtues, i can pick one if you want:

  • Method Caster Works well with the idea of serene and methodic personality
  • Performance Magic: Music Not the most useful, but it kinda seems very fae related to me xD
  • Cyclic Magic (Positive): Spring & Summer Good to show her nature connection
  • Personal Vis Source Thats both good and can be fun. With a more literal approach vision... maybe she grows some flowers in between her hair, that when turns fruits contain some Herbam vis? It's cool and seems original
  • Deft Herbam One to show her innate skill with Herbam. Better than Performance Magic for that, but with less flavor

About the xp issue it was solved, but i will wait for review with the new sheet to be sure now ^^! At the end of this post i will add the exp detailed list.

If all the xp in Concentration comes from before her apprenticeship, the specialty looks wrong to me.

Idk, i think that you can have a knack with something that you didnt know until you've tried. But ok.

No Area Lore, not even of the forest where she grew up?

That's a missed ability... :open_mouth: i've changed that with the new sheet to add lore of the area with expertise into the forest.

Note that ArM5 p.31 seem to imply that xp spent in Supernatural and Academic abilities (such as Second Sight and Faerie Lore) should come out of Later Life experience, not Early Childhood. So the breakdown I see in [post 32] doesn't work.

My bad. Since both came from an innate source and the upbringing i though that it could be leveled at the Early Childhood. I've changed that too.

I would suggest you cap the score at 12 and reduce the overall xp spent on Arts. Particularly since none of your spells require such a high Art.

Thats was changed in later revisions, but i've reduced a lil more the Arts to have a few more abilities and balance a little, since its true that it was lacking there.

So, the detail about exp. With some luck everything will be ok:

------- First years -------- 45exp + native language
Language: High German (Swabian) 5
Awareness (Smell) 2 -15exp-
Area Lore: Swabian (Black Forest) 1 -10exp-
Stealth (Natural areas) 1 -5exp-
Survival (Forests) 2 -15exp-
------- Later life (5 years) -------- 75exp
Area Lore: Swabian (Black Forest) 1 -> 2 -5exp-
Charm (Faeries) 1 -5exp-
Etiquette (Faeries) 1 -5exp-
Hunt (Tracking) 1 -5exp-
Music (Sing) 2 -15exp-
Second Sight (Invisible things) 1 -> 2 -10exp-
Survival (Forests) 2 -> 3 -15exp-
Faerie Lore (Faerie forests) 2 -15exp-
------- Apprenticeship -------- 300exp
Faerie Magic (Charms) 1
Artes Liberales (Geometry) 1 -5exp-
Concentration (Spells) 2 -15exp-
House Merinita Lore (Initiate Others) 1 -5exp-
Language: Latín (Hermetic) 4 -50exp-
Magical Lore (Creatures) 1 -5exp-
Magic Theory (Herbam) 4 -50exp-
Second Sight (Invisible things) 2 -> 3 -15exp-
Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (House Merinita) 1 -5exp-
Parma Magica (Vim) 1 -5exp-
Penetration (Herbam) 1 -5exp-
Philosophiae (Moral Philosophy) 1 -5exp-

Creo 6 (21exp)
Intellego 4 (10exp)
Muto 2 (3exp)
Perdo 2 (3exp)
Rego 8 (36exp)
Herbam 12+3 (52exp)
Ignem 2 (3exp)
Imaginem 3 (6exp)
Terram 1 (1exp)

Looks much better.

No score in House Merinita Lore? That's the Mystery Cult Lore for House Merinita and is used when acting as a mystagogue.

Looks much better.

Great :slight_smile:

No score in House Merinita Lore? That's the Mystery Cult Lore for House Merinita and is used when acting as a mystagogue.

F xD
I had Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (House Merinita) like it worked as that one, and i forgot that it was a different ability... let me change that...

Ok, done. I've replaced the Profession Scribe with House Merinita Lore. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have created the stats sheet topic for Alba. Put her final stats there at the time of her Gauntlet.

  • First post should always be his current stats
  • Second post should be his advancement log
  • Third post should be for custome spells he has
  • Additional posts can contain past versions of his stats (for example if you want to keep a snapshot of him at Gauntlet and another one at the start of play), description of his lab, enchantments of crafts, additional details, etc.

Once that is done, then you can start on the first year (only) of pre-play advancement here (not with the stats). Let us review that before you keep going. You can start with just a single season, or do the whole year if you prefer. Then we'll comment on it and give you the go ahead for additional years. That gives us a chance to check for assumptions before there are too many layers built on top of something that might need to be adjusted.

You can base yourself on the topic for Clusius if you want to see how I like things presented and organized. :wink:

Thanks Arthur. Tomorrow i will start to write the background and everything :slight_smile:

Meanwhile other people is free to comment too.

Since i still had 17 points to pick spells, i will add those 2 to the list:

  • Sense of Faerical Power (InVi 2): as Sense of Magical Power, ArM5 pg.157, to detect faerical auras.
  • The Helpful Sentinel (ReVi 15): as Watching Ward, ArM5 pg.162, with Moon duration. May contain spells up to level +1 magnitudes.

Since container spell aren't par of your character concept, I'd rather you didn't select a custom-designed spell like that at the time of her Gauntlet.

If you want her to add such a spell to her roster, then she will have to design it in the lab from scratch (no lab text).

Oops, sorry, i didn't know that custom spells were limited in that way.

What about one spell that lets me see though vegetation? Like it turns it semitransparent to me, so i can find things into the forest a lot easier.
It could use the same logic as the InAu guidelines that let you see through air effects like fog, smoke, etc.
So, iirc, it would be like: InHe 15 with Base 1, +2 Solar, +4 Visual (R: Per, D: Solar, O: Eyes)
If thats not ok or it should be a higher level, then i will think another one later :slight_smile:

Limiting custom spells during apprenticeship is a SG call. :wink:

Intellego Herbam doesn't have a guideline for seeing through plants. Although InAu and InAq do, we don't have a similar guideline for Animal and Corpus. So I am hesitant to introduce such a guideline and thus the spell.

The closest thing I can see for solid matter is A Window of Singular Direction (HoH:TL p.41, but also see also its errata as the level is incorrect). That's MuTe, however, not InTe. Which tends to confirm the inexistence of an appropriate guideline for Herbam.

So, for now at least, I'm going to rule that its not possible.

No, no, yeah, i understood that :slight_smile: And that seems good to me.

Aw... i missremembered that one that you say from Terram. Ok then, i will search another one then.

Ok, i found some interesting ones:

  • Soothe the Ferocious Beast (ReAn 10): ArM5, pg.120
  • Grow the Bountiful Feast (CrHe 4): MoH, pg.75

Aaaand... i have 1 point left D:
I will replace Sense of Faerical Power (InVi 2) with... Sense the Weight of Faerie Power (InVi 3): MoH, pg.102 :person_shrugging:

Considering that your maga's strongest combo is ReHe, and her Magical Focus, I'm surprised you didn't select Coils of Entangling Plants, The Lord of Trees, Twist the Living Tree and/or Freeing the Striding Tree (all from the core book).

They are all thematically appropriate for your concept. Whereas your maga seem to be heavy on Intellego spells (far from her strongest Art) and some of your selection seem a bit strange:

  • Grow the Bountiful Feast seems less attuned to forests than to farming.
  • Probe Nature's Hidden Lore, Hunt for the Wild Herb, Intuition of the Forest and Converse with Plant and Trees have a lot of overlap.
  • Shriek of the Impending Shaft is much less useful if you also have Wizard's Sidestep, so there is overlap there as well.
  • Pass the Unyielding Portal is more of an urban spell, a bit strange for a forest maga.
  • The Welcome Addition of False Sunlight is a fancy version of the lower level Lamp Without Flame if you need to save a few levels

These are just a few thoughts. Nothing wrong with your spell selection, by itself, but it is a bit off for the character concept.

Don't get me wrong, i want to pick several of those spells asap! :stuck_out_tongue:
But until now she was living with her parens, a very old man that lives into his sanctum at the forest near the covenant and who has focus on herbs. So he uses herbs to make potions as charged items and for improving his own health.
He had a young apprentice accustomed to the forest... so he didn't teach her a lvl 30 spell (she didn't have a high ReHe combo from start) with no direct use in the day-to-day work. Instead, he taugh her a lot of spells to help with herb growth and seach, to improve her life at the forest and similar ones. Spells that, in the other hand, he uses at his work a lot too.

Totally is, but as i said there is a reason that makes the spell appropiate for her background :stuck_out_tongue: And when we have the best garden of all the near covenants, you will thank me xD

You think? :open_mouth:
As i read them:

  • Probe Nature's Hidden Lore: let me know info and properties of an herb. Example: this is thyme and has antispasmodic, expectorant and antiseptic properties.
  • Hunt for the Wild Herb: let me search more of the above herb... so i can find more thyme when is needed, for example.
  • Intuition of the Forest: unless im missing something or we homerule it, there is no herb related ability (in A&A there is one, but it needs a Virtue and replaces Medicine). So, it cannot really help with it. On the other hand, that +3 does wonders when applied into Hunt, Survival, Stealth...
  • Converse with Plant and Trees: this one is very cool, but the herbs and plants are self-conscious of the properties they have when applied into the human body, it doesn't work at all for that purpose D: The only thing that maybe is could do, is to help searching for more herbs when you are able to ask to other plants (albeit at a very slow pace, and since its a lvl 25 spell, Alba couldn't use it until later into her Apprenticeship).

Idk... if im wrong, please, tell me, but i dont feel that those spells overlap :open_mouth:

True, but it gives nearly immunity against ranged weapons (except a very few ones) and against wooden weapons stack, giving a whole +18 to defense.
I though in giving Alba some extra protective spells because... well... her parens was worried xD I mean, she looks like the type of person that could get lost inside a church. So he taugh her several defensive spells so she can survive until she learns more about human live (you can expect bandits having clubs, hunt bows or daggers, so those spells should help her in those situations until she stops asking the bandits if they are really bad guys).

Thats why i though into having that ReVi container at the start. Because being able to auto-cast any or all defensive spells just telling a word at any moment, its very useful and powerful.

Yep, but that also means a pretty easy defense against prying mundanes: having a door without knob or hinges :stuck_out_tongue: Her parens had his sactum close to the covenant, but into the forest. And thats an easy way to prevent hunters or shepherds asking for enter.

Thanks, but i like a lot more the Welcome Addition one. Being circle it makes it a lot more useful... imagine painting a circle on all the grogs foreheads before you enter a cave or just saving a lot of money on candles.

Nah, its perfect to comment.
And i like to discuss those things, so please, dont doubt to telling me if im misreading or forgetting something :slight_smile:

Ok, at last i have ready the basic structure for my character thread and i've filled the character sheet, descriptions included. Please, let me know if i wrote some engrish or is there something not understandable.

About next steps... I think that i will start writing her background until her apprenticeship before i start with her advancement after the Gauntlet, so it will be easier to put in her shoes later.

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I didn't forget about writing her past... its just... i tend to stretch too much... xD I already have nearly 2 Word pages and i didnt even started with her Apprenticeship T__T This always happens to me... I want to give details, explain many things, and more and more and I don't stop... (and since im doing it in english im even slower ^^! sowwy)

I'm trying to summarize more and more, to see if I can finish this soon... especially if the saga is going to be continued soon.
For now, i will add here the initial part up to when she enters into the hermetic world. Its not definitive, and it feels rushed by the end, but for now it will do xD

Before Apprenticeship

As far as she knows, she was born and raised in an undetermined point in the Black Forest with her mother, a dryad associated with the common hawthorn who was also the guardian of the area.
Her house was a great hawthorn standing beside a clearing in the woods in which was a circle of twelve heavy seat-sized stones. The roots were they only furniture, and the leaves and the branches their roof. Her toys were just leaves, stones, sticks and her imagination.
While they certainly didn't have much, that was all she knew, so she never missed anything else. Also, her mother let the girl do what she wanted as long as she didn't damage the forest or stray too far. Other than that and learning to survive in the forest, she didn't have to fulfill any labor or worry about any obligation.

They also weren't the only inhabitants of the clearing. Their neighbours were a family of gnomes that lived at the other side of their tree trunk. They played a large role in her upbringing, since her mother, despite her intentions, was poorly prepared to take care of a human girl like her. The gnomes, who imitated human behavior to a greater degree and being parents in turn, were the ones who helped advise her mother how she should behave to give her what she needed.
Moreover, their kids and the "human cub", as they affectionately called her, were friends and played as much as the difference in size allowed. The girl liked to play a lot at being a tree. To do this, she stayed still for hours, simply watching the wind in the leaves or the passing of the clouds. For their part, the playful little gnomes loved to climb on her and observe the clearing from the "heights" that the girl provided them.

In addition, with the arrival of the full moon, a party was held in the clearing. Fairies of all kinds came to dance, eat and sing. Although sometimes more troublesome fairies came and occasionally problems could arise, they were generally friendly and the girl was able to participate in the festivities.
Those parties were great occasions and something the girl looked forward to. There she was able to meet a wide variety of fairies, and even make friends with the most recurring ones. She ate and drank whatever her mother allowed her, and sang and danced until she fell asleep.

But not all fairies were amicable, and some of them were outright evil. When we was little, she never went too far from the clearing, but as she grew more confident and lead by her curiosity, she began to disobey her mother and stray further and further away.
Up until one day she was found by a troll that attacked her. She was able to outrun him until her mother appeared. He ended up with no scratches, but she's never seen her mother as angry as she was that day.

Since then, and for the next days, the girl felt as if a wall had been raised between her and her mother. Any attempt to strike up a conversation with her ended in silence or cold evasives.
Then, one day, nearly a moon after that incident, a man in dark robes appeared at their forest. The girl had never seen him before, but one look was enough for her to get the feeling that he must be a bad person. Her mother told her in a distant tone that the man would take her to her new home, which made the girl apologize a thousand times, beg and beg to let her stay, to no avail. Her mother only added that the time had come for her to go live with the humans, and the man dragged her away from the clearing with him.
That was the first day in her life that she cried.

She remained in silence all the travel with the man. He tried to start a conversation, comfort her and generally treat her well, but she continued to mistrust him and his deadpan made it even more difficult to understand her. When the forest started to get thinner, he gave her some simple clothes and helped her to wear them, since it was the first time that the girl used any cloth.

They traveled through several roads and villages for two weeks. And the girl was just scared of everything and everyone. She didn't show it though. She would barely remember those days in the future, being a blur in her memory, but she remembered that the man didn't stop to talk to her and that he really was as nice to her as he could.

However, she does remember when she arrived at her destination. The man with her called it Fengheld, and told her that she would spend the next fifteen years there.
She, like the rest of the trip, was too overwhelmed, so she simply followed him down the hill towards the buildings that stood there.
There she was introduced to Bonsimon of Merinita, apparently the man who would take care of her from now on.

Ok, i have the second part. Opinions are welcomed :slight_smile:


Bonsimon was a serious old wizard, unaccustomed to dealing with people, so he lived close enough to the community to have his services but far enough away that people would not bother him.
This fact was a great help to his new apprentice, as it gave her the chance to slowly learning about human society from a safe distance.

Her parens taught her basic manners, as well as the basics of Latin and how to read and write. Shortly after welcoming her, the magus saw her potential and opened her Arts.

The girl was shown to be eager to learn and (despite what her parens initially thought of her due to her looks) smart enough to do it quickly. However, she lacked the slightest attitude for effort and hard work, and Bonsimon was very strict against that. So to drive her away from those indolent habits of the girl, he had no qualms in the quick and efficient application of the cane.
Despite this, the girl never came to express any complaints about her pain or her parens, and in a matter of a short time she put her bad habits away from her and accepted her new life of study.

Over the years, the young girl had become a willing and obedient assistant, and Bonsimon had noticed the affinity with the girl's Herbam form and her knowledge of the forest, so he formed her so that she could take it upon herself to help him in the search and cultivation of its herbal ingredients for his chardeg items in potions shape.
So he would sell his potions for money, instead of vis as was more typical among magis, and send a large part of the incoming to Merseburg.
Since the girl was ignorant, she never really questiones why he was doing it.

As she growed, the young woman had also gotten more used to other humans during her trips to Fengheld, and although the human world continued to be almost as unknown to her as it had been at the beginning, she no longer felt fear of it as it did at the beginning.
Moreover, as she learned more with Bonsimon and spent the years with him, she felt more and more that the world in which she had grown up was not the one that belonged to her either.
She still missed her mother, and understanding more about the nature of fairies she feared that she would not have her forgiveness for breaking her rules. However, she still wanted to return some day to her old home, at least one last time, once she settle into a covenant as a full-fledged mage. For now this was her only goal for her immediate future, and after that she still felt lost about what to look for in her life.
Her parens could teach her many things, but finding a dream and an ambition was a job that fell entirely on her. However, being still young it was not something that worried her too much, because she considered, not without some reason, that she still had time to find her place and her goal.

The fifteen years of Apprenticeship passed faster than ever, and before she knew it she was on her way to complete her Gauntlet to become a real maga.

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Ty Rafael :heart:

Welp... so... i will continue i suppose :smiling_face_with_tear:
Let's try with the first year (half of it, at least):

Year 1 - 1201

1201 - Autumn: In Fengheld
I'm a maga now. Thats good, I suppose, even when I don't feel any different.
I mean, I felt very happy when I was ordered and my parens gave me my sigil, but now I feel like i'm very lost about what to do... so at the end I asked opinion to my parens.
After sighing, he told me to take things easy and learn a little more here at Fengheld before I go to the world (not like I wanted to go away so fast, to be honest). He also recommended me as first goals to find a familiar and learn more about our Inner Mysteries.
I suppose that the best way to do that will be by going to Irencillia, since there I will be able to learn more about our Mysteries for sure. And the familiar... well, I will think about it later.
Anyways, for now I will finish that Herbam book that I used to pick while I was in Apprenticeship. So I went to the covenant's library and started to read from where I leaved it.

Study from Herbam summae L15Q14
Herbam 12 + (14 x 1.5) exp → 13+8exp

1201 - Winter: In Fengheld
After a few days in winter, I went to the library to continue reading that Herbam summae, but I was unable to find it... after searching for a while I was told that Adelman had took it.
I've never liked Adelman... that Tytalus apprentice has always treated me badly...but I want to keep reading the book, so I have no choice but to ask him.
When I find him and ask him about the book, he simply tells me that he needs it. I insist, but he only responds with a laugh and makes me intimate proposals if I want the book so much.
I still don't understand him... I'm a maga now, and he's still an apprentice, but it seems that doesn't mean anything to him and he continues to treat me as usual.
Since I don't know how to deal with him and it doesn't seem like he's going to give in, I leave while I feel how my face burns when he starts laughing behind my back. I wasn't expecting anything better from him, but I still feel humilliated.
For now i will use this station to learn some usefull spells from the library. Hopefully in the spring I'll be able to finish the book...

Study new spells:

  • Coils of the Entangling Plants (ReHe 20): ArM5, pg.138
  • The Animate Attire (ReHe 20): MoH, pg.58

Total Lab: 3 Int + 5 MT + 8 Rego + 13+3 Herbam (+ 8 Foci) + 3 Aura = 43
Magic Theory 4 +2 exp → 4+2exp

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Looks fine so far. :slight_smile:

Just so you can take it into account, there should be a non'productive season each year, on average, during which all she will get is exposure xp. This may be because of service to the covenant, an older magus, travel, umforeseen events, etc. It is not a season in the lab for her own projects, either. So if she learns spells or enchant something for herself it is not non ppductive. :wink:

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Year 2 - 1202

1202 - Spring: In Fengheld
I was expecting to be able to finish the Herbam book this season. But as I was searching for the book I was asked by a senior magus to extract some vis, since after renewing the Hearth we have a shortage of Vim.
It was really discouraging to have to invest the season in this way... but there is no other option since I must collaborate.
On the bright side, after a few weeks working in the lab I discovered that Adelman was still using the book. So I still wouldn't have been able to use my time for what I wanted.

Extracting vis from lab
Magic Theory 4+2exp +1 exp → 4+3exp
Vim 0 + 1 exp → 1

1202 - Summer: In Fengheld
At least I was able to finish that Herbam book!
Also, since reading leaves me a lot of free time, I was able to enjoy the summer and visit my parens a few times. Its weird, but I miss my time with him in his small sanctum.
Yes, now I have my own room (its a guest room, but its just for me) but it feels too empty. My day to day is so different too... I live more closer to people than ever and I feel more alone than ever. If nobody needs me, nobody talks to me...
Do ghosts feel like this?

Study from Herbam summae L15Q14
Herbam 13 + (14 x 1.5) exp → 15

1202 - Autumn: In Fengheld
This season has been short for me... I would have liked it to be longer.
There was one book about Rego that I had already looked at in the past, and I wanted to give it a new reading this season, but again I was required.
It seems that a nearby magus has found a gifted girl and he entered Twilight. Since a week had already passed since the event, presumably there will be at least one season... if not more.
The girl has not yet been opened in the Arts, so technically she isn't her apprentice. But the magi want to honor his master, so I was asked if I could continue to teach her Latin meanwhile, so that there would be no wasted time.
Looking at her I couldn't bring myself to refuse, and I'm grateful for it. Since it was a very funny and pleasant experience. Audeline is very cute, and once she got past the starting shyness it was very friendly.
I tried to apply my parens methods to teach her well. His master had already taught her the basics in the language before, so I spend the entire season with her speaking only Latin.
This slowed her down at first, but using games, songs and walks in the woods to encourage her to use the language more and more willingly, and being with her at all times, and at the end of the season she was already able to read even simple books.
After his master's reappearance, he was so pleased with Audeline's progress that he gave me a few vis pawns for my service. I must confess that I had not thought that I was going to receive a payment... but at least I knew how to keep my mouth shut and accept what he offered me.

Teaching Latin
Teaching 0 +2 exp → 0+2exp
Reward: +3 pawns of Vim

1202 - Winter: In Fengheld
I still need to learn a lot, and I don't want to stay and abuse hospitality forever, so now that I have free time I've spent the season in the library, reading the Rego book that I couldn't read last season.
The rest of the time I spend in the nearby forest, just walking around and enjoying the weather. Life among humans is much more comfortable, but sometimes I miss being able to feel the passing of the seasons.
The last thing that I knew about Audeline was that she already had her Arts opened. So she is formally a maga apprentice now. I miss that kid...

Study from Rego summae L12Q15
Rego 8 + 15 exp → 9+6exp