Character Creation for Gaxxian (OOC)

Yep, that works. Like I said, I was ready to let the Magic Lore 1 pass, so if you want to keep it that's fine too.

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Nah, i prefer to be legal, and Survival seems more fitting :slight_smile:

Btw, i forgot adding some Warping the last year... i've added a +1 at the ghost adventure.

I've also will use a season to learn spells, so I want to know the opinion about this one:

Call of the walking furniture (ReHe 10)
The spell animates a piece of furniture, which will bend, move, and walk as best it can under the caster's guidance. When the spell ends, the furniture stops in its current position and shape, which can cause it to topple over if it wasn't firmly placed on the floor. A Concentration botch or trying to stretch too much the item shape may cause permanent damage to the joints of the furniture.
(Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Concentration)

The spell looks fine. Note that custom spells are "learned" as lab projects, with no lab text available to help you.

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Yep, i know.

The initial intention was to just learn Freeing the Striding Tree (ReHe 30), for which i have a lab text. But since my lab total was 51 (Rego 11 + Herbam 18 + Foci 11 + Int 3 + MT 5 + Aura 3) i though into inventing a second ReHe spell (within the same Foci) with the remaining 21 points.

So i made a custom spell that would be useful for Alba. Since lately she is thinking a lot about her sanctum, that spell will let to move furniture around without needing help from others (and also be able to squeeze them through the doors :stuck_out_tongue:).

Its purely for background purposes, since i doubt that we need to actually roleplay when we move furnishing around, but... who knows? Maybe some day i will need to make a cabinet topple above somebody or barricade a door and that spell will save my life xD

Mixing spells from lab text and spells without lab texts in the same season? That is problematic if we go by the book. ArM5 p.102 (Multiple Laboratory Activities) states that "To perform multiple activities, simply add up the levels of all activities performed and apply your Lab Total to the total of the levels."

So the levels must be added before you apply the Lab Total. That's easy if all you have lab texts for all the spells, or for none of them.

For pre-saga advancement, I'd rather we avoid the issue altogether. So no mixing, sorry.

I don't understand the difference.... a lab text let me learn a spell just reaching the level spell (without needing to double the total), but at the end, i'm just creating a new spell using that lab text as help.

So, basically the lab text just changes the level cost. So 30 + 20 = 50. Where is the issue? :open_mouth:

If there is an issue, that would come from needing more than a single season to learn the spell. But then i couldnt use the Multiple Lab Activities at all, so it doesnt apply.

The issue is in the order of the operations. That's why I quoted the rule above, which states that you add together the levels before comparing to your lab total.

By the book, you are trying to learn a level 30 spell and a level 10 spell, so 30 + 10 = 40.

Your lab total is 50. With lab texts you can learn them in a season as per Multiple Laboratory Activities. Without lab texts, you cannot.

I know, that is a strict reading of RAW. I don't usually apply it during play.

Year 5 - 1205

1205 - Spring: In Irencillia
I have taken advantage of this spring to continue with the same book. I find it extremely interesting to know more about the mysteries of our house... it's fascinating to know that the transformation into a fairy seems to be a reality, although the possible connotations are somewhat scary. For now, I'm more interested in The Binding Gift as it might help me relate to others better... but I will need a familiar first.
I have also written another letter to Audeline. As expected, I have not received a response from the first. I just hope they are reaching her, I wouldn't want to lose contact with her.

Celeste for her part seems to have had some problems with her mother's ghost, but I think she has it under control again.
A few weeks ago she approached me to tell me that she had received a letter from a new covenant. I initially resisted, since I was convinced to look for a place in Dankmar to be close to my mother, but when Stella explained to me what I would find there... I understood that my best option would be going to that place.
Now that I've decided I feel a strange feeling... the possibility of having my own home... I feel both scared and happy with that though. Right now I have so many ideas about how it could be!

Study from House Merinita Lore summae L5Q14
House Merinita Lore 3+3exp + 14 exp → 3+17exp

1205 - Summer: In Irencillia
I wrote a letter with the help of Celeste and we sent it in response to Quintus Clusius. Hopefully there won't be any problem... I for my part already have an idea of ​​what I want for my sanctum, based on the home of the neighbors and gnome friends of my childhood and following the advice of some masons that live here in Irencillia. It's very exciting! But I must not forget that this is going to take me a long time... Thank that I am patient. I'm sure it will be worth it.

I continued reading the same book, I calculate that for the next season I will be able to finish it and carry out tasks for Irencillia for winter, before we leave... or at least those were my plans... Autumn was barely a few weeks away when Celeste told me that she wanted to go to Durenmar. She told me that she would come back to perform the task in Irencillia in the future.
It's not what I planned since I wouldn't finish the book, but I wanted to continue with her, so I reached a similar deal with the covenant to be able to do some task in the future... maybe when I come back here I will finish reading this book too.

Study from House Merinita Lore summae L5Q14
House Merinita Lore 3+17exp + 14 exp → 4+11exp

1205 - Autumn: In travel
We received our answer from Quintus Clusius, they expected us for the spring of next year, but and it seems that the laboratory that Celeste wanted would not be exactly what she wanted, but she did not seem to care too much since it was close enough for her. I don't really understand that... I mean, its your sanctum, it must be perfect. I can understand that you can add things with time, but the base at least should be exactly what you need. For me the sanctum will be like the only place where I will be able to be me. Thats my wish at least... I've never found completely in home with fairies nor humans. So maybe its just me and for others isn't so important...

A few weeks later we left Irencillia in the direction of Durenmar. To my surprise, Stella wishes to join us. She told me that since I've named her, she can't let me get lost in the woods... when I insisted that she'd be fine, she seemed annoyed, so I decided to let her come with us, after all I felt sympathy for that foul-mouthed cat and I didn't want to part with her.
Inka, on the other hand, had to stay so I said goodbye to her with a hug and a small pain in my chest... I'm not good at goodbyes I'm afraid... I don't know what to say or how to act. I just feel... bad. I hope to see her again when she returns to Irencillia in the future.

The trip to Durenmar was quite calm. Stella proved her worth, warning us of any danger long before we encountered it. The only time we were out of our element was sought by me, really.
I couldn't help it, when I saw the edges of a fairy regio densely populated by plants I felt great curiosity. I'm sure Celeste didn't really wanted to go in but she accepted for me... at least it wasn't dangerous so I didn't have to regret anything.
It was like a very big vegetable maze. At first we got lost a couple of times, but Stella and I understood that the problem was that the plants were changing places to trap us in the same places. Once this was understood, it was much easier for us to move towards the center from which the aura arose.
There we found a huge fairy oak. It seemed lonely and eager for company, so we camped under its branches for three days and nights. We were talking, telling stories and singing (it had been a long time since I sang... I missed it), and when we left, the oak gave each of us some gifts.

After that, we continued our journey without problems... although since then, at some nights I think I saw a faun watching us from the trees. No one else saw it, not even Stella, so maybe it was my imagination, but the feeling of being watched didn't go away until we got closer to Durenmar.

Adventure (8 exp source)
+1 Warping
Herbam 15 + (3 x 1.5) exp → 15+4.5exp
Music 2 + 5 exp → 2+5exp
1 pawn of Herbam
Ovum Anguinum of Virtue

1205 - Winter: In Durenmar
I had been to the famous Durenmar covenant before when I formally became a mage, but it was a short visit and I barely got to see anything. Unfortunately, after a season here, it's not like I've been able to see much more.
First, that there isn't much to see outside, and second, that what you really want to see, which is the library, has restricted access. So I was pretty disappointed overall...

Moreover, seems like Celeste it's altered. I'm worried that I may have inadvertently said or done something inappropriate to her... Stella insists that sooner or lateri she will be okay again and not to worry, but I can't help but feel guilty. I wish that when we depart she will feel better again.

At least I was able to order a ring from a local craftsman using as a base a small half-scorched hawthorn branch, I suspect by lightning, that I found on my journey here. Now that I'm going to settle in an alliance, I have to start thinking further ahead and have an object to enchant as my talisman, so I asked for a ring with that wood that included a rope of three braided lead wires and with the tiny Ovum Anguinum set on the inside so that it is well protected.
Celeste told me later that maybe that man had overcharged me a little... but I don't really care, and at the end the work was very good and I felt happy, so that's what's important to me.

Meanwhile, I have taken advantage of the season to learn one of the spells my teacher gave me, since at least access to public laboratories is free.
Stella still doesn't leave my side, and especially in winter it's nice to share some warmth with her during the long days of work in the laboratory. Others thought that she was my familiar, which led me to think about it... we certainly got along well, and it seemed like she was more aligned with Herbam than I expected. When I asked her, Stella just snorted that it was about time I realized even though I didn't quite know what to say to that, I took her answer as a yes.

Learn spell
- Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm 15): ArM5, pg.146

Magic Theory 4+5exp + 2 exp → 4+7exp
- Hawthorn ring with a lead rope

This will be the letter sent by Celeste and Alba early summer from Irencillia:

Master Quintus Clusius of House Jerbiton,

I am Alba of Hourse Merinita, and I am writing to you on behalf of myself and the maga Celeste of House Merinita. We have not acquainted in the past, but the news of your search of magis for your prospective covenant have reached us.

So, we write you this letter in the hopes that you could confirm that you are still interested in new members and to formalize a meeting into the covenant.

From our part, we understand that you have several rooms in which to place a laboratory and that Tugurium runs with the installation of a basic one if we are interested. Lady Celeste expressed some interest in a laboratory with the following characteristics:
- At least 650 square feet of laboratory surface.
- Placed in a independent building of at least four floors high.
- The lab should be at the top part of the building.
- A perfectly polished mirror as tall as a person, placed facing the main window.
- The place should have a certain derelict look to it, as her mother's ghost prefers places that are not too pristine.

For my part, I must express that I have certain very specific needs, so I do not expect a building to exist that can cover them. However, I would like to supervise the site in person so I can give the specific instructions to carry out with the construction and preparation of the laboratory.
I am willing to bear with the economic and temporary expenses that such a feat would entail, so I hope that this request does not entail any problem.
Meanwhile, if I can work in a temporary laboratory, it will be enough for me. Since its temporary, I will only need installations for spells and texts developing, and ingredients for Herbam.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

Alba of House Merinita
Celeste of House Merinita

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Summary of advancements since Gauntlet (4'5 years)

+4 Warping

Experience (156 exp in total)

  • Sympathy (Living trees) +5 exp
  • Area Lore: Bohemia (Wild areas) +5 exp
  • House Merinita Lore +56 exp
  • Magic Theory +7 exp
  • Music +5 exp
  • Penetration +4 exp
  • Teaching +4 exp
  • Intellego +2 exp
  • Perdo +3 exp
  • Rego +30 exp
  • Herbam +31 exp (+46.5 exp)
  • Mentem +3 exp
  • Vim +1 exp

New Spells (85 levels in total)

  • Coils of the Entangling Plants (ReHe 20): ArM5, pg.138
  • The Animate Attire (ReHe 20): MoH, pg.58
  • The Succubus's Trick (MuCo 5): HoH:S, pg.97
  • Step Sideways (ReCo 15): TtA, pg.79
  • Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit (PeMe 5): ArM5, pg.150
  • Unseen Hand (ReTe 5): ArM5, pg.155
  • Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm 15): ArM5, pg.146


  • 3 pawns of Vim
  • 1 pawn of Herbam
  • Ovum Anguinum of Virtue
  • Hawthorn ring with a lead rope
  • Bag with coins
  • White linen kerchief
  • Laboratory texts:
    • Freeing the Striding Tree (ReHe 30)
    • Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm 15)

I've also seen at the book RoP:M, pg.55 (the last sentence of the page):

A creature with the Large Virtue has 1 less point of Quickness and 2 more points of Strength than its base statistics

So, a creature with Large must apply the changes in characteristics due to size.
I didn't applied to the sheet for Stella since initially i though that the Virtue would work as for humans (change in size, but not in characteristics).
Are you ok if i apply that change (+2 Str, -1 Qik)? Or do you prefer that remain as is now? (I prefer to consult it before changing anything)

If you used the cat stats from RoP:M, I think that adjustment has already been included.

I've used the cat stats, but since i added the Virtue Large, the size changed from -3 to -2. And following that rule, i should change the characteristics too (i didnt touch them).

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Future Talisman?

Not that tiny if we go by Pliny's original description (albeit RoP:M doesn't comment on that). About 5cm in diameter.

I think you have given the answer yourself. =9


Rlly? Thats a problem then xDDD Since at the end they are just sea ​​urchin fossils i though that it could be small (and some of those fossils are really small).
If people wish to stick to Pliny's original description (i would find it logic, due to the game's background), i will change that reward, since i have no use for it in a ring and then it wouldn't be a reward xD

Just asking to not do a ninja change mainly ^^! And also in case somebody knows a rule that says that im wrong or something.

Or, you could take that as a 'challenge' and add an enchantment to the ring that makes the fossil smaller, as a constant effect, range touch.

Sadly i dont see it possible. I mean, the talisman must be a finished object before i enchant it xD I cannot have a detached part that only can be attached after i've enchanted the talisman -___-

Could be a reason to seek out the mystery of The Great Talisman...

Well, yeah, but... at that point i could also directly get the virtue directly xD

Yeah, The Great Talisman have more benefits with it, but even then, she doesnt know the existence of that mystery (iirc its not a widely known mystery and its not from the Merinita House).

And if she knows, how many years until that stone turns useful? :frowning:

The closer that comes to my mind would be cast first a ritual to make the stone smaller for a year (developing first the spell), then socketing it into the ring and enchant the talisman. And before the year ends, add the constant spell into the ring.

But im also not really sure if i wish to invest so much vis and time to do a talisman that, being honest, i think that its already obsolete with the Watching Wards rules... initially i wanted to use it as a way to sustain and fast cast wards against spells or mundane attacks, but you can reproduce that with Watching Wards for free, so... idk ^^!

Right now i just wanted to do it because it feels appropiate for Alba rather than because i think (as a player) that its useful.

Btw, i've applied already the changes in characteristics for Stella.