Character Creation for Rafael (OOC)

If you find that, tell me xD I want one similar to see through Herbam :stuck_out_tongue:

Which combination TeFo will you need for the Lynx? Maybe it gives you ideas for more powers.

It's InTe, exactly because of this only power. It was thought that lynxes could see through objects. =9
My thought was, from the start, to develop Regulus toward InVi and InTe, so that's very fitting for him.

Other common powers attributed to lynxes are supernatural vision and clarivoyance, which are likely better represented through Second Sight and some kind of InIm spell to see at distance.

The urine of a lynx (well, a medieval one) becomes a precious stone. Some accounts say that it was actually amber (lyncurium), possibly because amber was mined in Liguria. I'd therefore suggest to model it as amber regarding S&M bonuses (but some lapidari attribute to lyncurium the properties of dispelling "illusions from the eyes", healing or improving vision and others, so there's some room for other bonus).

All that said, it's not that I can't design the lynx or lack ideas for powers, but that I'm leaving some of the design open for now. ^^

I didnt know that xD Its cool tbh

Maybe you could pick powers from the tortoiseshell cats then. It seems pretty similar.

You just want to await until you find him i suppose :stuck_out_tongue: Fair

Assuming Argos build is ok, I am advancing him and Simon Le Blanc (Regulus' shield grog) through 1205 ok? If there is any problem I'll fall back and adjust.


Spring: At Confluensis. Practiced the sword with Simon, but learnt mostly French.

  • Practice: French (0) (---) → French (1) (military terms) [5] (8+2 independent study)

Summer: Spent much of the season as personal servant to Regulus, doing small tasks at the covenant and surrounding area.

  • Exposure: Laimunt Valley 0 (---) → Laimunt Valley 0 (---) [2]

Autumn: Spent much of the season as personal servant to Regulus, doing small tasks at the covenant and surrounding area.

  • Exposure: Laimunt Valley 0 (---) [2] → Laimunt Valley 0 (---) [4]

Winter: Left to his own devices. Stole from people, learnt a lot of cuss words in High German.

  • Practice: High German 0 (---) → High German 1 (swear words) [5]
Simon Le Blanc

Spring: At Confluensis. Practiced the sword with Argos, earnestly.

  • Practice: Single Weapon 5 (heater shield) → Single Weapon 5 (heater shield) [6] (+4 x 1,5 from affinity)

Summer: Spent much of the season as a watcher, first during the travels through Normandy, later in Tugurium.

  • Exposure: Awareness 2 (in combat) → Awareness 2 (in combat) [2]

Autumn: Simon starts to warm up to the other grogs in Tugurium, and they to him.

  • Exposure: High German 0 (---) → High German 0 (---) [2]

Winter: Simon has a lot of free time to jest and play, getting more of the language.

  • Practice: High German 0 (---)[2] → High German 1 (military terms) [5]

Worth noting that neither of them have genuinely free seasons, so these divisions are somehow an abstraction of their usage of time.

The Core book says that Practicing a Language, if in use, is usually SQ8.

First, practicing a language in a community where it is the native tongue merits a Source Quality of eight, until your score in the language reaches 5. At this point, the Source Quality drops to four.

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Argos has Independent Study (+2 to practice, +3 to adventure totals). :wink:

Sorry, I didn't realize that the number in [] is the leftover.

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Regulus will travel to/from Durenmar through Basel, letting the redcaps know about his current location. If he doesn't receive the letter until autumn of 1206 he will attribute the delay to his recent travels ("the redcaps probably got confused, but I'll receive it by next season, or the next one at worst), but if by summer of 1207 it still hasn't arrived he will start to get worried. Let me know if it truly doesn't arrive. ; ]

Since legal cases only come up during Tribunal I would hate to see one go past without any legal oriented play for our resident Q if you are interested in pursuing such. Perhaps some "civil disputes" and an actual crime coming before the Tribunal? Regulus could get pulled into being involved after he shows up at Durenmar if the senior Q is there.

No real ideas yet, but it seems like something that would/could/should happen.

Edit: In case this isn't clear, this is me offering to work on preparing to run such a story elements as would relate to this while Regulus is at Durenmar. But only if you signal interest.

Don't worry, it was very clear. ^^

I'd be interested, yes. Regulus very much intends to offer his help to settle cases and help with things before Tribunal proper. If you have any ideas, I'd be glad to oblige!
(On the other hand, if you end up with no ideas, this is also fine.)

If it helps: Regulus should have gone to Durenmar with both his shield grog (Simon, the son of a trustworthy grog at Confluensis in Normandy, if that is relevant) and his personal servant, Argos... plus whatever grogs and companions we find necessary/suitable for the other playes. I'm not going to play both Regulus and Argos, but we can have him causing trouble in the background, or center a story around him and another magus (if someone intends to go through Durenmar) while Regulus pore over the past records.

If something shows up for Regulus to do in Durenmar, it's very possible for him to stay until the Tribunal.

I have updated Regulus' stats with his lab. I supressed the Basic flaw to avoid making editions for little reason, but I've considered it in his previous laboratory activity, and will keep considering it till he spends a season getting his lab to proper work condition.

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