Character Creation for StephenFleetwood (OOC)

Re: correspondence I didn't read that carefully enough. I was honestly trying to dump my correspondence into a lesser area. I am still writing to my pater about it, but just fail to get any xp. I will not claim that xp.

Re the item: absolutely, I think covered in spiderwebs makes perfect sense.

Re: magic lore: my thinking was that there were both faerie and magic spiders there (the idea being it was a confluence of magic and faerie things) but Marcus already knows about the faerie spiders, since he has faerie lore with a spider speciality, but the magic ones were new to him. So he learned more about that. But I am happy to take faerie lore instead

Re: intellego I mistyped. He is trying to get his forms to 5, so read intellego, not imaginem. My bad.

Year 3:

Spring and summer:

I have received news that my pater is coming to meet us. This is exciting but unexpected news. He has asked me to keep Heinrich here for the season as he resolves some business and travels here. That is easy enough to do, as I invite him to spend the season teaching me about magical resonances and links between some items and the magic he has been able to coax out of them.

It is fascinating learning, but I do wonder sometimes if I am going to be able to find a way to make this fully viable and valuable to me as a hermetic magus. Even so, never let it be said I did not enjoy learning for the sake of learning, and Heinrich appears to be a reasonable teacher, if nothing else.

Spend the spring and summer being taught Magic lore, quality 9 +6 for single student, twice.


Sigmundus is here! It is good to see him again after the years on my own. However, I must keep focused on the summation of the season’s learning, oh my hermetic family. I will confess, Sigmiundus made a decision which surprised me, in that he took my offer to make a longevity potion for Heinrich and took that burden on himself in exchange for a further service from the forest mystic. I was initially elated until I found that our Paerans was also going to ask me to assist him in the lab for this endeavour! I was shocked. There would be many in the order who would shirk at the cost of a master magus, as well as an additional magi collaborating on a longevity potion for them, and this was being done for a hedge mage. To say I am confused and a little put out is fair. However, I did swear to aid him as the head of our cult, and so I go to my duty.

Summer assist in the lab to Marcus’ great chargrin. 2+1 xp magic theory


Sigmundus has asked me to accompany him into the woods again, and has made a point of asking me to bring Spinnerbiene with me (who had been absent for the while, lacking a token of the aegis).

He has some plan that he will need to find something for the forest in order to move himself forward on his quest, and that it is important it is done in winter and not any other time. There is apparently a symbolism of having it in possession in spring time. This appears to be something which he is working on as important, though I confess the lore of it is lost on me. However, into the forest we go!

My notes after the “hunt”: I am not currently suited to the life of an adventuresome magus. I ache and am sore beyond reasonable amounts. We went into the forest, and it was a disaster. Well, Sigmundus seems to be pleased by the outcome, and I think I can just about see what is going on and why he is pleased, but I can mostly see that we were hunted like beasts.

Starting at the start, it seems Sigmundus has received some sort of quest. The first part of this involved hunting down some creatures in the forest which were apparently trespassing. I am not a huntsman, and somehow I am better in the forest than Sigmundus, even with a few months practice. I asked why we had not brought shield grogs or custos, but apparently this is not allowed, by the terms of some mystery he is hunting. However, as his most recent apprentice apparently I am allowed. Wonderful.

So, we went into the forest in hunt of some wolves. Said by Sigmundus to be ravening beasts, they were hunting beasts of virtue at a rate to make the magic of the forest deplete a little. So, on we went. I found he had wanted the presence of spinnerbienne since he assumed the forest would be natural home to a spider fae, but my friend is a faerie of the house and workshop and is as ignorant in forest lore as we were. And yet we hunted.

Eventually, with some improvised castings (which took me at times close to twilight) and some lucky tracking we were able to find and corner the beast. This was my first real combat or armed conflict as a magus and I am ill suited at present to it. Fortunately I was able to provide some support and cover, while Sigmundus hammered the beast. It also managed to use some power of fear over me which near disabled me Its pack were close to hand and with a pair of circular wards I have learned as spells I was able to protect us both from them. However, with how spellcasting hurts my fragile form, it has become apparent that I cannot rely on my spells too well in combat, lest I be incapacitated by pain and simply mauled after. I must work on imbuing an item, such that if I am ambushed or something I am not in as difficult a position. I must also work on my parma magica since it has thus far defended exactly no times from hostile casting. This is frankly not good enough!

Still, despite one small wound, we defeated the beast and the pack without use of fire and Sigmundus is happy. I am returning to a covenant to rest and heal, using some of the vis gained to pay my way.

I hope this missive finds you well, my siblings in magic. I am deeply interested in the magical lore that you have been uncovering, Pacifus, and hope that we can discuss about it and forming it into magical theory in the future.


8xp 5 for marma magica and 3 for animal, 5 animal vis and 3 warping from spellcasting.

Year end:

32 xp in magic lore

3 xp in magic theory

5 xp in parma magica

3 xp In animal

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Year 4:

Before he left to go and do something he claims is incredibly important, Sigmundus made a slightly arch question that he has not noticed any improvement of my skills in the lab since I passed my gauntlet. At first I was furious, but then I realised he was sadly correct. I must correct this! I also must work to improve this and improve myself and finally start to integrate all the magical lore I have learned into improving my hermetic magic. As such I am moving to Occulus Septentionlionas. What a strange covenant this is! They exist in no aura, as far as I can tell, but instead in the heart of a trading city. I shall certainly not be doing any enchantment here or seeking to settle down. Instead, I shall pay them a small fee to be able to use their, honestly, fairly simple library. Still, all I am seeking are tractatus on the subject of magic theory, which is something every hermetic library tends to contain.

(pay 3 pawn of animal vis for a year’s attendence)


I have arrived, by boat to the covenant, and I find that my price of some of my animal vis is extremely welcome here. I don’t think I have ever seen or heard of a covenant which is so rich in terms of material wealth, but so poor magically. Such wealth individually, however, I have never seen! Lacking the gentle gift, I have been given a room to stay in and a servant who will attend to all of my needs. As such I have been asked to stay in the building that they have allocated to me for the year. My needs will be handled, apparently, by the servants they have supplied.

Still, the first tractatus I have been given is perfectly fine, if not exceptional. I have made my payment for my year conditional on sound tractatus, and they have agreed. So I settle down with the book, fine food and a deep loneliness that was relieved only by Spinnerbienne. It was alike, in some ways, my time as a child learning alone with my spider companion. He certainly noticed, and was less impressed with my reading than my weaving.

I have asked the covenant to supply me with material to weave. I have used my faerie heritage to spin a great deal of cloth, which they are happy to buy off of me for a reasonable price. The profit is small, but the time taken is only moments each day, so it is worth my time after breakfast is served.

However, I settle in with “on auras and their effects most subtle” by some ancient Bonisagus. It was written in a time when Vim was still four different arts! As such some of the subtlety is not as great as it once was, though I am given to understand it was considered quite the seminal text when it was written.

Spring : xp magic theory 11xp


There is some mention of some great cause going north, and many magi moving. However, I am certain I am in no place to assist my Solades with such things since my time with the wolf. I am no armsman, as yet, and am better served learning to master my enchanting art.

My time here is interesting, however, as my hosts ensure that entertaining company joins me in my time in the cottage they have set aside for me. Sometimes one of the magi of the covenant join me for dinner, and their conversation is interesting. I hear that they have some sort of problem with local pirates, and they believe that some of them may even be hermetically sponsored, shockingly!

This gets me thinking about some enchantments which I should probably work upon, and so I am writing to some members of the order to see if there is anyone who is willing to host me, with a good book on creo, in exchange for some enchantment. With a small payment to the redcaps, I have made a letter to ask if anyone would be interested in some work from me.

Still, while I plan now to read rather better in future, I am currently reading “the platonic realm of forms made manifest” a tractatus on how creo magic can be thought to augment the forms of things created, and the reasons why some things can be summoned perfectly, such as the magical tower in Durenmar, whilst others require some skill and precision. It is a good and easy read, as it serves to cover some of the areas I am interested in, and the examples are clear and clarified.

Tractatus, quality 10 magic theory


Perseverance is paying off, as I have been allowed access to one of the better tractatus. It might have something to do with weaving as much material for my hosts as a family or two of skilled weavers due to my faerie heritage. It makes things a little cheaper for them, though I am amazed a covenant so rich cares about small amounts of money. It appears that the idea is more money is better, essentially under any circumstance. Still, despite this unseemly and unchristian greed, I am happy to be given sudden access to a rather better quality of book. It is not so obvious as to be noticeable to an outsider, but the books I request are being considered rather more happily. Still, no reply has come to my letter to the other parts of the order, but that is to be expected, I suppose. I settle in with “a meditation on the lesser limits” which is a fine tome, and has several insights about the implications of the limits and what holes they provide in the magic theory of bonisagus. It is a good read and I am lucky to have it.

Read a tractatus, quality 14 from the library on magic theory


A reply has been forthcoming from Cunfin, in the Normandy tribunal! They are seeking a magical weaver since they are in some dispute with the leader of the covenant when my spinnen kin reside. As such they are seeking my rather smaller competence to come to them in place of his well known talents. They say they have the excellent “of the formation, creation and righting of all the world” and will make time for me to read it if I am only willing to perform some enchantment when I have finished. I am more than happy to pay my way to such excellence with my time and skill. I need to spend some time enchanting or no one will ever know of my skill. But when I told my hosts I would be leaving before I was able to pay them for more of their hospitality, I found my welcome suddenly became more cold. I am very glad that I had already gained adequate access to a tractatus before announcing it, but even so I have worked through all their library has to reward me with. So, I have a factor find me a way to travel from this centre of shipping to my next temporary home, and settle down to read.

I have a copy of “ on magnitudes of power, the reasons for difficulties in spells”. I find it interesting, but it is certainly not as eminently readable as my previous book. Still, if I had written it, I should have been happy to append my name to it. I also notice this has been my quietest year, as the first without some strange occurrence or difficult adventure. I am unsure whether to be pleased or to mourn. I am however looking forward to moving away from this admittedly comfortable chalet. I have been cooped in this building exclusively for a year, with visitors, certainly, and my garden should I need some time outside, but restricted in movement and company. Onwards, to Normandy!

Read a tractatus, quality 10 on magic theory

End of year:

Gain 45+22.5 xp in magic theory from tractaii

Gain 2+1 xp from magic theory from correspondence

Lose 3 vis to pay my way

Promise to have a more adventuresome year next year.

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Year 5:

I have arrived! I have, however learned to read my destination somewhat closer before setting off. I have arrived in Cunfin, and to my surprise it is a covenant which is shared with the church. I have moved from being in a luxury cell, to finding a place where monks and magi live together in something which seems to at least approximate amity. Surprised as I was, I met the local magi and found that they consider themselves somewhat of a point of meeting between the two worlds. I will be asked, in turn to make items which help healing those who are in need of it. A very happy arrangement, I am sure and the covenant is incentivised to help me with learning creo magic as it will in turn provide them with a more potent enchantment. As such I have been given a place in a lab and assured for the near future I will have access to the fine creo book.


I have been given a forge, with, bless the monks’ care, a loom dragged in for my convenience. I shall ignore it for the time being, especially as it is in a style I usually do not prefer. I suspect I shall be tinkering with it over the next few months. However, first I shall be applying myself to the book. Since they will be demanding a season of work for me for every two I read, I had best learn as well as I can. The monks are currently giving me a wide berth, I suspect because I am a new gift among them, and they all secretly think me some sort of heretic. As such I am going to make sure that I get to see them at dinner time and try to build their tolerance of me. In the daytime, I shall read. I am none too secretly glad I will be returning to the workshop soon, as I grow a little weary of neither seeking new secrets or working at the loom. But needs must as the devil shall drive us along. Perhaps I should not use such profane metaphors here in the walls of a priory!

Read a good (quality 17, level 11) summa on creo.


Disaster! There has been a great calamity, and it seems that I am in need of helping the covenant as best as I can. I sorely wish that I was of more use to them as a whole, but what must be must be. A terrible sickness has befallen the covenant which seems to have a magical cause. Luckily there are magi with skill in creo, since they have all partaken to some degree of the wonderful book I am reading, so healing magics have generally been available, but that is not enough on its own. Many of the monks and magi both have been lain low by this sickness, and it seems I am saved either only y my coming late or some quirk of my fae blood. Either way, it falls to myself and another new magus named Artorious to go seeking the issue. It is also apparent that the only gifted people spared the sickness are those who lack a longevity ritual.

So we went seeking the cause of the trouble, after casting something to help the sickness pass on as many of the covenant as we could. As such we began our search.

After some slightly incompetent searching and investigating, we were able to deduce the sickness was an unnatural one which had been spread to the village and then the priory by the charcoal burner.

Now, the charcoal burner of the village sat in their often unenviable position of being suspected of witchcraft, as laughable as that is when they have a wizard in their midst who is near eightscore years old, but the ways of the superstitious peasant have long been beyond my ken. But their suspicion of witchcraft, long settled upon the poor burner had made some sort of magical link of witchcraft as an idea and the home of the charcoal burner, and the magi of the covenant.

When we went to find said charcoal burner, we found that they had died of the plague which has infected the village, covenant and priory. However, in her place was a genuine witch. Well, a hedge wizard. It seems that they had some sort of grudge against the covenant and priory. They were the cause of the disease. We decided this was enough cause to end them.

I again cursed myself for my decision to delay my construction of some sort of magical support for battle, however at least with a human to compete with some of my spells were more useful. Arturious went into conflict with his sword drawn, but I managed to bind the witch’s clothes to incapacitate her. Her lack of a parma magica also meant that I tried to send the shaft of an arrow prepared for the occasion into her heart.

Just avoiding twilight, I put the arrows into her until, god help my soul, I killed her. Artorious considered that he killed her. It was a confusing time, but in the end she lay dead, and I realised that I may now be a murderer. Somehow being a murderer did not stop me going through the possessions of the witch and carrying away the vis she had hoarded. I may be a murderer, but I am also a poor murder.

I wish I could say that the death of the witch meant that the disease ended, but that was not what god intended. Instead it simply made the disease stop getting worse, and allowed the pair of us to spend the rest of the season tending to the sick, both magically and mundanely.

The monks seemed to become happier with my presence when it was bringing them health and wellbeing, surprisingly enough. Well, it seemed a penance for my murder, to tend to the sickness of monks.


Xp gain: parma magica 5xp, 5 xp medicine, gain 3 warping and 3 pawns of perdo and 3 pawns of creo vis from looting the corpse


Now people seem to be getting better, I am going to return to the book. You might have hoped that saving their covenant and village’s life might have freed me from my promise to enchant on their behalf, but it seems that the covenant believes that a deal is a deal and technically I did not negotiate any release form duties before rushing off to save them all. Lessons learned, I suppose. However, I am going to use the time I have bartered for to the fullest. Thus I begin to read again, applying myself to the book.

Read a good (quality 17, level 11) summa on creo.


Well, I have read a good book for two seasons, so I suppose it is time for me to make good on my promise to do some enchantment for the covenant. However, this is also a fine opportunity for me to use some of the magic I have discovered in my time with Heinrich. I am going to make some alchemical enchantments that suit the holy purpose of this holy place. I am also going to find materials which match the needs of a weaver, such that when I can work them thoroughly out I shall become famous in the order as someone who expanded the power of the order as a whole! Well, it is time to start the process of making my name, even if it is the beginning steps here. One day the whole order shall know of the work I provided and how it strengthened the order as a whole.

Since the covenant and the priory has a large medicinal garden, I am able to find a great many herbs to experiment upon.

Enchanting a charged item alchemically:

Delaying the mortal wounds

This bandage, when applied to the recipient removes all damage on their body immediately, as a spider web like glow of golden energy briefly pulses over them, and restores them, dissolving the bandage as it does. This will last for a moon duration, giving the person so treated time to get to emergency medical care.

Base 35, touch +1 moon +3 = level 55


Creo: 9

Corpus: 5

Magic theory: 7+2+1 (specialisation)

Magic lore: 4+1 (specialisation)

Int +3

Aura +3

Experemental genius +6

Form bonus: (needs to be rolled)

Experimental bonus = simple dice +2(risk factor) =

Experimental roll
+2 for the risk factor is a side effect!

Then a roll of a 2 means the item has a minor flaw. I suggest that since I am so pained as a magus, the recipient retains one level of pain as in from the painful magic flaw? I am open to other ideas. (the 4 was the roll before)

This is an alchemical experiment, where Marcus will be using the items of:

Sage (a healing herb, literally meaning “I am well”) proposed +2

Birch (since it is the creo tree for verditious runes) proposed +2

Human hair (for the sympathy to humans as a whole) proposed +3

Human blood (again for a corpus sympathy) proposed +3

Self-heal (a meadow herb named for its medicinal properties) proposed +2

Pennyroyal (another healing herb) proposed +2

Spiderweb (a creo sympathy,, as it is something being created) proposed +2

Gold thread (gold is resonant to the sun, which controls health and well being. A creo resonance) proposed +1

Roll to find a magical property:

Dice + perception (2) + magic lore (4) +specialisation (1) = 7

re reading, I an not 100% sure if my risk factor is added to the minor drawback, making it a minor side effect. If so, I suggest this:

The character who has been healed is left with gold colouration on their skin wherever the sigil went to heal them for the duration of the effect.

I'm having trouble following some parts in your last post.

You often use alternative terms for some of the game terms, which makes it hard to follow. For example:

  • You use "Experemental genius" instead of "Inventive Genius". That's confusing.
  • Is "Experimental roll" the roll on the "Extraordinary Results Chart"?

Please be more precise, that will help us a lot! :wink:

Also, the Experimentation Bonus (12 in this case) should be divided between the various Components. Right now the total adds up to 17 instead of 12. Once you have corrected the proposed bonuses I will make a call on the appropriatedness of each. Edit: That is incorrect - I just re-read the text and the bonus is "used" up as you determine which components provide a bonus.

The Risk Factor is not added to the rolls on the Side Effect table.

Note that you still haven't posted the final stats of you magus at the time of Gauntlet in his final stats topic. Makes it hard for us to be sure what the stats are that you are using. Please do so as soon as you can.

Appologies. I will try to be more precise.

Now, to resolve the Vulgar Alchemy experiment. :slight_smile:

Did you list the components in the order in which you want to make the Perception rolls?

Note that Gold already provides a "+2 health" S&M bonus (TMRE p.33). Since the material is more general and provides a better bonus than what you were seeking, that consumes the first 2 points of the Experimentation Bonus. :upside_down_face:

(You may want to download a complete list of the Shape & Material Bonuses from the Atlas' Ars Magica page to avoid selecting components with existing bonuses somewhere in the published books.)

That is an incredible resource. I have been scouring books! That will be so much easier.
It seems my quick reading of medieval thought on resonances and those of the writers seem to agree a fair bit :slight_smile:

I will just run down the order in this order

Gold +2 (assured)

Birch (since it is the creo tree for verditious runes) proposed +2
Human hair (for the sympathy to humans as a whole) proposed +3
Spiderweb (a creo sympathy,, as it is something being created) proposed +2
Human blood (again for a corpus sympathy) proposed +3
Sage (a healing herb, literally meaning “I am well”) proposed +2
Self-heal (a meadow herb named for its medicinal properties) proposed +2
Pennyroyal (another healing herb) proposed +2

Can't change the list of components after you start rolling dice, my friend! You used up your free pass with bandages! :smiling_imp:

There are several other lists on the Atlas page, that's why I listed that link seperatedly. You might find some of them useful.

You mentioned that your magus' score in Magic Lore is now 4, but I don't see this (or some sort of advancement summary) in your character's stats. We don't want to have to dig through dozens of post to check the exact amount of xp accumulated on a specific Ability each time we have a question. That's why we have the topic for the stats of each magus. If you could update and complete his stats there, that would be a big help. You should include that date of the last update (in-character year and season) to make things easier.

In fact, take a look at my magus' stats to see the information that I consider useful to have and how I like it structured. :sunglasses:

I actually re edited in the gold while you were typing. I will get the advancement list together, as I have a character sheet with advancement by year I am keeping track of.

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I put them in a spreadsheet here a while ago: Shape and Material Bonuses - Google Sheets

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I think I have done what you asked!

Close! :slight_smile:

There's still a few things missing, such as Age, Warping, Confidence (score and points), Wizard's Sigil, as well as Equipment and Wealth (such as Vis and books).

Abilities could also be sorted alphabetically, as it makes finding a specific score and specialty much faster.

In general, anything that is from a book other than the core book (ArM5) should have a note to help us find the reference. That may be virtues or flaws, spells, etc.

It is unclear at this time if the stats include the results of the post-Gauntlet advancement or not.

That's what I meant when I wrote about the date of the last update. That's an information that goeas well with Age, for example by noting "Age: 31 (at the end of Spring 1204)". In your case, until you complete your pre-game advancement, you could use "end of Spring of Year 2".

Note that your advancement summary should also include Vis (gained and spent), Warping and anything else of importance that your character accumulated during the season.

Sorry if that looks like a lot! But that saves so much time and efforts for any storyguide that wants to run stories for your character that it is better to put everything in place right away. Cheers! :smiley:

I shall work on all those things. I will also include that the stats there are post gauntlet and the character sheet linked is (and will remain) current


I have a 5 year post advancement sheet up with all the things you asked for. Adding the vis and warping now.

The first post should always be the current stats. We don't want to have to search the topic for those. The stats at the time of Gauntlet are historical and can be kept later on.

Remember to sort the Abilities alphabetically to make it easier to find the relevant score.

I have it in alphabetic and non alphabetic form to make it easier for whoever should want to see it.

Coming back to the list of components in the experimentation of Year 5 Winter. :slight_smile:

  • Gold is automatic and consumes 2 points, as discussed.
  • Birch at +2 for healing wounds is a bit weak, since current known S&M bonuses are "+1 Creo herbam" and "+3 childbirth". No modifier to the Perception roll, so the Ease Factor is 9.
  • Human hair +3 does not seem very relevant to healing wounds. -2 modifier to the Perception roll, so the Ease Factor is 14.
  • Spiderweb +2 is fine. No modifier, so Ease Factor 9.
  • Human blood +3 is good. +1 modifier to the Perception roll, so the Ease Factor is 11.
  • Sage +2 is fine. +1 modifier to the Perception roll, so the Ease Factor is 8.
  • Self-heal +2 (Prunella vulgaris, also called woundwort) is fine. +1 modifier to the Perception roll, so Ease Factor is 8.
  • Pennyroyal +2 does not seem appropriate, as it is an abortive, stimulates blood flow and is also used topically as an insect repellant. -3 modifier to the Perception roll, so the Ease Factor is 12.

One roll for each component until all 10 remaining points are used up or you've gone through all the components.

You should keep a detailed account of the lab texts and those experiments in your character's stats, as they will become relevant in the future.


roll (6)+ pcn (2) + magic lore (4) + specialisation (1) = 13. Success!
Birch gives +2

Human hair:

roll(3)+ pcn (2) + magic lore (4) + specialisation (1) = 10, fail. Human hair does not work, perhaps unsurprisingly.

Spider web:
Definite success! should have set it higher :slight_smile:
roll(10)+ pcn (2) + magic lore (4) + specialisation (1) =
Spider webs +2

Human blood:
roll(8)+ pcn (2) + magic lore (4) + specialisation (1) = 15 success! Human blood gives a +3!


roll(7)+ pcn (2) + magic lore (4) + specialisation (1) = 14 a success.
Sage +2

Self heal:
roll(6)+ pcn (2) + magic lore (4) + specialisation (1) =+7 is enough. +2 from self heal. But there is no more experimental bonus left for, so no bonus, or a +1 bonus if I can apply that way

Penny royal:
Unexpectedly works. But there is no more experimental bonus left.

All the rolls in order since the rolls went pretty well:

Things which worked:
Birch gives +2
Spider webs +2
Human blood gives a +3!
Sage +2
self heal would get a +2, but there is only +1 left, so either nothing of a +1