Character Creation for Trogdor

Good man, Dibbelt.

Doing otherwise would seem presumptuous. And I don't want to get off on the wrong foot with them.

Best thing to do would be to read the Herbam tractatus and visit with his family while he waits. There's not much that can be done without a proper library or a lab.

Konrad will present himself for inspection at Fengheld as soon as he can reasonably get there. (Taking what direction from redcaps that he needs.)

You can go ahead and create a topic for your magus' stats, like the others did. You can find the template in the House Rules topic.


Sorry, my vacation put that on the back burner. I'll get working on it.

Moving this here as it concerns character creation rather than the story.

Where did I specify the yield of the personal vis source? Was it in the other saga? Can't remember specifying it here, so we can still adjust it a little bit. I can easily see bumping it up to 3 pawns per year, perhaps even 4.

If it was something that had surfaced before his apprenticeship, as a manifestation of his Gift, then this would tie up nicely with his first master's behaviour towards Konrad -- he was losing a vis source more than an apprentice, after all.

He would probably have spent his apprenticeship with his hair being regularly shorn by his masters, as well, to prevent him from accidentally (or not so accidentally) using that vis himself. That would also add to his anger at not being allowed to use vis to heal his relatives, considering that he himself had produced enough to heal them in previous years.

It was in the other saga. Just let me know what it's value is here and I'll plan accordingly.

I like that.

Let's go with 3 pawns per year for now, then. I can always boost it to 4 pawns later on if we see that it isn't enough.

The current year is 1208. You arrive at Fengheld during spring.