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Oliverius- I am getting a minimum "post gauntlet" age of 29 2/3
if the same stats were a few years post guantlet it would be a minimum of 24 5/6

linguist does not apply to your native language, and yes, I have taken linguist and your affinity into account.

I have 711 points in abilities and 497 points in arts.

I get 697 points in abilities and 500 points in arts. There are 3 extra points in Mentem that i think you missed so there is the discrepancy there. Not sure about the first one. Anyway.

711+500 = 1211 points total (excluding the first 5 levels of the native language)
Up to Gauntlet at age 22 she gets 365 points (50 extra from Well-traveled)
Post-Gauntled she gets 30 points per year. (1211-365)/30 = 28,2.

So I get 50,2 years old. Cut 6 points and we are at even 50. Correct?

I added the 3 to mentem- so yes, you need to cut 6 points.

Question: I noticed Aurthor doesn't have a longevity ritual listed on his character sheet. Does that mean he doesn't have one, or it's hiding somewhere? Also, I assume I'll roll my aging stuff myself when we move years?

He got an absurd one by Evandrus with the help of Gloriana when she was Camilla the Apprentice, in 1104. Like in the 20+ LR range. Probably buried in this thread or in OCD, I'll see if I can find it. Don't know about A.'s aging rolls, they're not in the character sheet.

Here it is, +21

He also rolled the first two rolls, but as for the rest...

Hi everyone,

I just posted in the wiki Oliverius ex Verditius, updated to when it comes to Praesidium Orae.

silveroak (or anyone who wants it), could you take a look if everything is ok?

After any changes I'll proceed with the aging rolls.

I have made the changes and cut 6 xp from Eumelia on the wiki.

Would she have been able to buy a Longevity ritual from another magus before arriving at Praesidium? Not sure how the payment of this would be done but I'm willing to cut some xp, maybe 30 as the equivalent of a year. The question then is what LR level can I go with?

Buying from someone else involves a lot of additional complexity I am not going to go into- since you can't exactly have a longevity ritual delived by redcap. She can make her own prior to coming to the covenant, or just wait and deal with the magi here.

Silveroak, do you happen to have written down Aurthor's birth year (or maybe starting year) I have no idea how many aging rolls I need to catch up on... We're 19 years past game-start and Aurthor's listed at 38.

His birth year was 1068

Hi leo, nice items!

Initial stab at analysis:

Let's see: Oliverius should have the minor Flaw Hubris, and a corresponding Personality trait at 1(4) at the least, as part of becoming a Verditius Magus with an Inner Mystery or two. This does not appear to be optional, it's an inherent part of Verditius Mysteries.

The in-canon Items of Quality Initiation includes the Increased Hubris Flaw, which you did not appear to have taken (

). Did you experiment with the scripts? The whole Mysteries thing in silveroak's Saga pre-game is not clear to me.

I find the mechanics of "Bronze Statuette of Silence" opaque. Should this be Perdo or Rego (or one with the other Requisites)? Wouldn't this destroy all sound inside? I believe there was a discussion in the Forums about a similar spell/item, I'll see if I can dig it up. Hmm, was this one of Andreva's items, the bronze-focused Maga?

I don't mind the enormous amounts of vis used, with a very old Verditius magus this is to be expected, it evens out in the end; around 195 pawns over 71 years, less than 3/year, that's is very modest (though 42 extra pawns in the LR, whoa!)

Note that your Affinity with Verditius Lore is really Affinity Organization Lore; your totals for Order of Hermes lore and other Orgs should also increase.

Catch you later!

So the ball could get rolling, I created a page for my future-apprentice. No House yet, obviously. The almost-apprentice, Neleos the fisher's boy, is in development. I need to figure out how to mechanically represent him spending a year or two being prepared for for an apprenticeship before being stolen away. Any thoughts?

I don't feel a hurry to have him enter play, just want to get the math dealt with.

Hi raccoonmask!

Stats, skill totals Flaws/Virtues totals check out, as far as I can see.

Question: How did the Faerie merchant steal the boy from within another covenant?

Don't know if I can reconcile Depressed with Self-Confident.

How are you looking to play up the Iapetus angle: is he an Enemy, a Tormenting Master, a Supernatural Nuisance?

How old will he be? If he is 14 (or older) he can take the educated virtue and put the points into Latin, and artes liberals. He could also take arcane lore for another 50xp that he could put into magic theory. He can obviously also take scribe, order of hermes lore... but I would expect that Latin and artes liberals followed by magic theory will be the main things...

you cannot be both humble and have hubris.

Hi silveroak!

Why? It's not incompatible, a Verditius apprentice may be very humble, and then gains Hubris from the Mysteries, so mechanically they certainly may coexist, if opposed.

In canon, the current* Verditius Primus is one such magus (p.87 the Sundered Eagle). Stouritus has avoided all activities that increase Hubris, including progressing in House Mysteries, and consequently has Humble +2, Hubris +1.

Certainly unusual. I'd agree!

*by current I mean 1220 current :wink:

Hi, thanks for the feedback


Fixed, I added Hubris

It's a ward so Rego is fine for me, why the requisites? The effect works only on sounds, an Imaginem thing. For now I change it in ReIm.
Andreva? I borrowed The effect of Wand of Cleanliness from [url]], in that trhead there's an Andreva maga with a sword focus.

Yes the idea comes from Stouritus, but I also agree it's an unusual one. No problem I replaced Humble with Poor Earing.

Hi leo,

My understanding of Hermetic magic is less than perfect, so I was awaiting other people's input, don't change the Bronze Statuette item just on my account! :frowning:

The Andreva thing may be me misremembering.

That's certainly an option, play a 14-year old character with the backgrounds needed to have been 'trained' by a magus. The other option which I just found in the book is the 'Abandoned Apprentice' flaw in Apprentices, and give him a year or two of basic educational training. The downside is that means his arts would already be opened. The upside means his arts would already be opened. And then his former master has a stronger story side... hmm.