character design and development

So the ball could get rolling, I created a page for my future-apprentice. No House yet, obviously. The almost-apprentice, Neleos the fisher's boy, is in development. I need to figure out how to mechanically represent him spending a year or two being prepared for for an apprenticeship before being stolen away. Any thoughts?

I don't feel a hurry to have him enter play, just want to get the math dealt with.

Hi raccoonmask!

Stats, skill totals Flaws/Virtues totals check out, as far as I can see.

Question: How did the Faerie merchant steal the boy from within another covenant?

Don't know if I can reconcile Depressed with Self-Confident.

How are you looking to play up the Iapetus angle: is he an Enemy, a Tormenting Master, a Supernatural Nuisance?

How old will he be? If he is 14 (or older) he can take the educated virtue and put the points into Latin, and artes liberals. He could also take arcane lore for another 50xp that he could put into magic theory. He can obviously also take scribe, order of hermes lore... but I would expect that Latin and artes liberals followed by magic theory will be the main things...

you cannot be both humble and have hubris.

Hi silveroak!

Why? It's not incompatible, a Verditius apprentice may be very humble, and then gains Hubris from the Mysteries, so mechanically they certainly may coexist, if opposed.

In canon, the current* Verditius Primus is one such magus (p.87 the Sundered Eagle). Stouritus has avoided all activities that increase Hubris, including progressing in House Mysteries, and consequently has Humble +2, Hubris +1.

Certainly unusual. I'd agree!

*by current I mean 1220 current :wink:

Hi, thanks for the feedback


Fixed, I added Hubris

It's a ward so Rego is fine for me, why the requisites? The effect works only on sounds, an Imaginem thing. For now I change it in ReIm.
Andreva? I borrowed The effect of Wand of Cleanliness from [url]], in that trhead there's an Andreva maga with a sword focus.

Yes the idea comes from Stouritus, but I also agree it's an unusual one. No problem I replaced Humble with Poor Earing.

Hi leo,

My understanding of Hermetic magic is less than perfect, so I was awaiting other people's input, don't change the Bronze Statuette item just on my account! :frowning:

The Andreva thing may be me misremembering.

That's certainly an option, play a 14-year old character with the backgrounds needed to have been 'trained' by a magus. The other option which I just found in the book is the 'Abandoned Apprentice' flaw in Apprentices, and give him a year or two of basic educational training. The downside is that means his arts would already be opened. The upside means his arts would already be opened. And then his former master has a stronger story side... hmm.

So.. my math says I need to make 14 rolls for aging? o.O Is that correct?

Anna has been updated! I took all the vis for the Wands of Light from her stores. However, she is still loaning the library one of the wands. That's right, the library has magical flame free light! The other wand is at her family estate.

Blossom has been updated! She's on her way to being a Philosopher, and following her mother into a life of lab work!

Leaf has been updated! He wrote a book sharing Ancient Roman secrets!

That's all for now. Aegis and Evandrus still need to go through the update cycle. Although on that note: Evandrus's spent a season translating Mario ex Boni's lab texts! Which arts should I use to calculate the lab total?

Edit: Aegis has been updated. Soon she'll be the best cook in the Covenant! Right after the current generation dies off!

Creo Corpus

Why not, a ReIm effect that ward a lab from external sounds make more sense than a PeIm effect, that as you pointed would silence the entire room.

For 1120,

Sybilla had 1 adventure, 28 freaking days! She will take her experience from that, and her Blacksmithing chores will not be completed. Will advance her. she has no further adventures. She reaches in Winter her Gain Limit for Latin (14 points), so I will reallocate 10 points to Artes Liberales (GL again!) and 1 to Teaching of the 25 she earned, if that's ok silveroak.
Forgot she was also in the covenant adventure. Despite being ½ faerie, I'm sure she's probably very tired of Faerie attacks.

Sandor just has the one Covenant adventure, will advance.

Lady A had 2 adventures in Spring, she will take her xp from her scheduled reading (25 days of adventuring just about allow her to do this). Will advance.
Aging roll: _: 1D10 = [5] = 5 + 4 Age - 2 Wealthy- 2 healthy locale - 1 good food -1 good wine - 14 LR = -11, no apparent aging
Her husband's aging roll: _: 1D10 = [9] = 9 + Age 6 -2 Wealthy - 2 Healthy location - 1 Food - 1 Wine = 9 apparent aging

Gloriana had 3 adventures in Spring, she rolls for Fertility Cult Insight in Winter, silveroak: _: 1D10 = [6] = 6 + 3 int + 13 MT = Insight. What must she create in order to gain Insight?

Gloriana also gains her Mystagogue, woo-hoo! Let me think on the first Initiation and how it should go.

Simian Rex advanced.
Andros to be advanced after I sleep some.
Edit* Andros advanced, spells invented for Winter 1120: Sight of the Molting magus (from TL p.72) and Physician's Eye: Warping shenanigans again! _: 1D10 = [1] = 1, Warping results : _: 1D10 = [2] = 2, minor flaw, bah! Propose for Molting Magus that Andros's next action after casting this spell must be an attempt to collect Co material discovered by this spell (a minor compulsion); for Physician's Eye, the person seems discolored and repulsive to Andros for about a day, depending on diseases found.
Andros'a aging roll:
_: 1D10 = [10] = 10 + 6 Age - 2 magi Standards- 2 healthy locale - 1 good food -1 good wine-3 familiar bond- 6 LR = - 9 nothing happens

Danaë advanced.

Evandrus is updated. He now has a stolen cave painting in his lab. I installed it as a full fledged lesser feature, so I assumed it could provide a bonus in a corpus specialty.

In that case he gets a staggering 85 towards decoding the lab texts, so that should tell him what's in the lab journals unless Mario managed something truly awe inspiring.

Hi Quite Possibly a Cat!

Hehehe, you installed the painting in Ouragan's Lab, are you expanding Evandrus's Lab? :smiley:

Also 85 for Evandrus in Creo Corpus seems rather low. Even w/o Clawball's aid, I count 93! (CrCo 63 + 3 Int + MT 16(spell spec.) + 5 Aura + 6 Lab (GQ 2/Spells 3/+1 Co). With the feline it's over a 100!

One of the magic theory points doesn't count since Evandrus just got it. Also I didn't include the spell spec. Good catch on the lab though, that's still another three.

Also good catch on the feature in the wrong lab! :open_mouth: Luckily I just put the feature in the wrong list, and changed the stats for Evandrus's lab.

Evandrus's didn't expect to need any help, so Clawball could worry about the important stuff. Like sleeping in the sun!

Why does Oliverius have "fragile constitution humble", and what does that mean?

You also have gone through a lot of ordeals pre-play that are things I would rather have happen during play.

For silveroak

Oh a typo, I meant Fragile Constitution only.

Mmm, the intent was to design and old verditius magus gone deep in the mysteries of his house, especially automata.

But maybe I have gone too far: too old, too focused on automata, too many mysteries :confused:

What do you think if I change the concept a little?

Something like a Verditius in his fifties/sixties with a major magical focus on metals (which can still be useful for automata).

In this case, a single Initiation on Elder Runes would be acceptable (how many seasons to get it?) or do you prefer no initiations at all?

I prefer none, but have certainly allowed an initiation within mystery houses before, so 1 should be fine. 1 season to initiate, assuming the parens either is or knows the mystagogue.

Ok, one last question before I go on whit Oliverius v2.

The mystery of Elder Runes allow a magus to use MT x Philosophiae pawns of Vis per season, right?

A longevity ritual by a magus with this mystery is ok for you?

I mean, I can easily get a LR with a very high magnitudo without breaking the rules as written, but maybe you prefer to put a limit.