character design and development

silveroak, regarding Oliverius I updated the wiki with all the corrections and redistributed some XP to have a score in Teaching.

For 1121, will advance all characters through Spring (no adventures).

Lady Agniezka has adventures in every other season. Advanced to Summer. To Fall. Winter, had too many adventures, took her xp from those.
Aging roll: _: 1D10 = [10] = 10 + 4 Age - 2 Wealthy- 2 healthy locale - 1 good food -1 good wine - 14 LR = -16, no apparent aging
Her husband, the Knight Severinus keeps on keeping on:
55: _: 1D10 = [9] = 9 + Age 6 -2 Wealthy - 2 Healthy location - 1 Food - 1 Wine = 9 apparent aging

Gloriana has adventures in every other season. Gloriana's Spring season in the Lab is wasted, she tried to invent one thing and cram others, did not work!! Experimentation came up "8". :frowning: Invent "Case for preservation of the male essence" Lesser Enchanted device level 14, + Create More Potions of Creation + Create Bind Wounds charged devices CrCo Lab total: 56 + 3 Int +14 MT + 5 Aura +5 Lab (2 Cr/2Co/1 GQ) +1 Similar spell + 3 points Amber to Co/ Basket shape +4 preserve contents/ fig wood +3 Sex magic + bandages +4 healing Wounds experiment roll _: 1D10 = [2] = 2 = 100, 28 points assigned to the Case, 40 assigned to Bind wound bandages: as Bind Wounds, Moon duration, CrCo 15, bandages +4 healing Wounds, 30 points to Potions of Creation. Experimentation chart: _: 1D10 = [8] = 8 Complete failure, arghhh! Roll for Case to see if it is destroyed! _: 1D10 = [7] = 7, not destroyed. Well, it doesn't matter, as a Lesser Enchanted device, if it was not constructed in one season, it's not constructed at all. Will try in Winter again.
silveroak, she had scheduled Fall to gain further Insight into Fertility from studying her daughter Sybilla. Is this something she can still do? Seem to remember you writing that you could only have one Insight in mind at a time.
Advanced to Summer. Fall
She tries again...she fails again! nvent "Case for preservation of the male essence" Lesser Enchanted device level 14, + Create More Potions of Creation + Create Bind Wounds charged devices CrCo Lab total: 56 + 3 Int +14 MT + 5 Aura +5 Lab (2 Cr/2Co/1 GQ) +1 Similar spell + 3 points Amber to Co/ Basket shape +4 preserve contents/ fig wood +3 Sex magic + bandages +4 healing Wounds experiment roll + _: 1D10 = [6] = 6 - 2 = 102 Lab Total. Extraordinary Results chart... _: 1D10 = [8] = 8 inconceivable!, failure, again.
Will.Try.In.Winter. :blush:
Invent spells/devices, will try again! adventure takes 14 days, 8 xp + 3= 5 Faerie Magic, 5 (8) MT, 1 HM Lore ; Invent "Case for preservation of the male essence" Lesser Enchanted device level 14, + Create More Potions of Creation + Create Bind Wounds charged devices CrCo Lab total: 56 + 3 Int +14 MT + 5 Aura +5 Lab (2 Cr/2Co/1 GQ) +1 Similar spell + 3 points Amber to Co/ Basket shape +4 preserve contents/ fig wood +3 Sex magic + bandages +4 healing Wounds + experiment roll _: 1D10 = [1] = 1 - 8 days= 91 total, 28 Lab Total to Case, 40 assigned to Bind wound bandages, 23 to Potions of Creation, Drumroll Extraordinary effects chart... _: 1D10 = [5] = 5 side effect, _: 1D10 = [5] = 5 minor side effect
Aging roll: +3 Age + Roll _: 1D10 = [10] = 10 - 2 Magi standards - 2 Healthy Feature - 1 Good food - 1 Good wine = -3 no apparent aging.

Andros/SRex will be advanced through Summer, through Fall. and Winter. Andros'a aging roll: _: 1D10 = [2] = 2 + 6 Age - 2 magi Standards- 2 healthy locale - 1 good food -1 good wine-3 familiar bond- 6 LR = - 7 nothing happens
Adventures took too much time, wasn't able to finish his MT tractatus.

Sybilla has an adventure in the Fall, will be advanced through Summer. Done for the year.

Sandor has an adventure in the Fall, will be advanced through Summer. Done for the year.

Danaë has no adventures (sad!), will be advanced for the year.

*edited multiple times

she cannot gain insight until she has made the case.

Ok, will use Lab time for Fall for something else, and will try again in Winter what she failed to do in Spring. Since Sybilla is assigned to lab chores in the Fall, can Gloriana train in her in Magic Theory during the Fall, while doing her Lab work?

You can retry the spring lab in fall. Technically yes, you can train an apprentice in magic theory while doing lab work, but the apprentice cannot provide assistance while being trained.

Evandrus, Leaf and Blossom have been updated. Also Evandrus has some rolls to make!

Experiment Roll for original research using the spell Restore Fertility (F) - CrCo - 40
Simple Die: 4, not that it matters since he easily gets the lab total anyway!
Extraordinary Results: 4, I forgot to specify, but Evandrus obviously uses MAXIMUM RISK! Since its original research he'll choose to add +2
Side Effect: Roll-8 That's a major side effect.
Since the spell is:

Restore Fertility (F) - CrCo - 40
R: Touch D: Mom T: Group, Ritual
This restores fertility to barren women, assuming the cause was some sort of injury, disease, poison or other trauma. Up to 100 women may be effected at once.
Base 20+1 touch +3 Group.

My suggestion, if you aren't feeling creative, is that all children born to the affected women are female. Although its up to the Storyguide, so feel free to pick whatever. Silveroak?

Oh, and he also studies the cave painting for insight! Stress(9)+Magic Theory(15)+Int(3)=27. There is the 9 I wanted for my research roll!

Final Question: Silveroak, What did Evandrus uncover from breaking the code on Mario's lab texts?

I see a horrible mistake! I apparently forgot to paste over the wolf from my working document! :blush:

Name: Fang
Gender: Male
Season: Summer
Personality Traits: Bloodthirsty+2, Glutton+3, Curious+3
Essential Traits: Wolf+3
Reputation: Bloodthirsty (local) 4
Confidence 1 (3)
Size: -1
Characteristics: Int:-1 Per:+0 Pre:-2 Com:+0 Str:-1 Sta:+3 Dex:+2 Qik:+2
Virtues: Long-Winded, Sharp Ears, Unaffected by the Gift
Flaws: Greedy (Minor), Infamous, Nocturnal (Minor), Magical Friend
Magical Qualities: Improved Toughness, Gift of Speech, Personal Power (Human Shape), Personal Power (Hands of the Magical Animal), Personal Power (Flight of the Hummingbird) Greater Power (Gaze of the Wolf), Lesser Power (Nip), Improved Power*2
Magical Inferiorities: Reduced Might
Abilities: Italian 5, Athletics 5 (distance running), Awareness 3 (smell), Brawl 5 (teeth), Hunt 4 (track by smell), Survival 3 (winter), Stealth 2 (Forests) [10]

Gaze of the Wolf – ReCo(An)
0 points, Init+1
R: Sight D: Conc T: Group
The targeted group of animals or people is held motionless, as long as the wolf concentrates and holds them in its gaze. Note that the targets do NOT need to see the wolf’s gaze or even be aware of the wolf!
Base 5 +3 sight +1 conc +2 group +1 Req, 10 levels to mastery points 4 mastery points spend on reduced might cost. 3 mastery points spend on increased initiative

Nip – PeCo(An)
0 points, Init-3
R: Sight D: Mom T: Ind
The target suffers a light wound, apparently from a bite. Affects both animals and humans.
Base 5 +3 sight +1 req, 5 mastery points spend on reduced might cost

Human Shape – Pg 39 RoP: Magic, 1 point, Init+0
Hands of the Magical Animal Pg 39 RoP: Magic, Constant, 0 point, Init+0
Flight of the Hummingbird Pg 39 RoP: Magic, Constant, 0 point, Init+0

Life Story: Fang is from a magical wolf pack. He doesn’t know how long he’s been alive or his pack has been around, but he and his pack have only been truly intelligent for a few winters. The change happened after the group feasted on a number of magical humans. In the months, afterwards the wolves of the pack gained intelligence, speech and the ability to take human shape. They prefer not to hunt humans now, but most of them are still content to live as they have otherwise.

Fang however wants to explore the world. He wants to get a chance to use this new intelligence to understand the world. He wants to see what is out there.

Design Notes: Characteristics were taken from the Wolf in RoP:M. Strength has a base of +1 and Quick also has a base of +1 before size adjustments. By setting intelligence to -1
Virtues and flaws were taken from the Wolf as well. However, improved characteristic virtue was not taken because the characteristics didn’t require it. The compulsion to kill was downgraded to a bloodthirsty personality trait. Additional flaws and virtues were added to taste.
Magical Qualities were added to taste. Gaze of the Wolf was inspired by the short entry about wolves of virtue in RoP:M
Abilities were taken from the Wolf entry in RoP:M. Extra abilities were added to finish out the xp spending.

Also:Blossom will use her wonderful ritual power on her mother four times. That will cost her 20 confidence, but Anna can increase her Str and Dex to 0 and her Int to +3 I'm not sure how well this compares to stat boosting ritual circles... unless anyone has any objections?

Comments on the familiar or Blossom's use of ritual power anyone? Especially Silveroak?

Disappointed Fang doesn't have a "Hungry like the wolf! Hungry like the wolf!" power :laughing:

Will not voice an opinion on Blossom's Ritual Power or use thereof.

silveroak, Gloriana will try to initiate Affinity with Mentem with her Merinita Mystagogue. To recap, the Mystagogue has 6 in HM Lore and 4 Presence. This would be a diff 15 (Mystagogue has the minor Virtue being initiated).

I propose the following Initiation:

During a season of traveling with and receiving instruction from the Mystagogue, they end up climbing a very high peak during the night of the full moon. The Initiate has to concentrate on more ethereal matters, while being questioned on what she has learned in the season and unblinkingly facing the Moon and ignoring the tug of her bodily needs. She must succeed on 3 consecutive Sta + Conc rolls vs diff 9, each one taking 6 hours, no food or drink may be consumed (After one day without water, the character begins to suffer deprivation (see ArM5, page 180)). After this, the character must stay silent for one year (though can communicate by other means, including mentally, of course). During that year she must serve the Mystagogue (or whomever she points out) for one season (perhaps making an LR ritual, CrCo being Gloriana's forte).

Script: +3 Mystagogue's time (season teaching HM Lore to the initiate), +1 Initiate's Time (1 season serving the Mystagogue or some other House member) + 3 Travel to a specific place and time/year of silence + x Sympathetic bonus = 7+X

Updating Aurthor right now:
Age: Aurthor aging, 1121. (Age +5) - Ritual (21) - Covenant Life (-6): 1D10-22 = [3]-22 = -19
Refinement of lab, 1121: 1D10+8 = [7]+8 = 15 Refined his lab and figured out where everything goes. Highly Organized! Also updated the involved numbers.

Regarding my math, I screwed up my numbers and wasted 5 xp on my rego studies. Oh well.

restore fertility- all children born to these women will be twins

please put the wolf on the wikki and I will take a look at that.

This being Merinita I would suggest an adventure in a faerie regio

Aegis has been updated! I've also made updates for Blossom using her ritual power. Stat boosting rituals are super cool.

You know if that cave had been filled with Corpus vis, Evandrus it would have been enough to power another round of stat boosting circles...

Also Fang is on the Wiki

fun with warping!

note: mentor teaching teaching one on one (to aurthor) has a SQ of 28 (including the +6 for one on one) with a maximum teaching level of 9. with another +3 if you use the teaching lab...

Two questions you may have missed silveroak. :frowning:

Mario's lab notes:
1 inspiration for the frozen womb (MuCo35) freezes the development of a fetus for 1 year (ritual, range touch, target: unborn child)
1 lab text for the frozen womb
1 lab for inspiration for child of last night's meeting: range touch, target unborn child, ages an unborn child until birth begins or concentration ends (CrCo, base 30, duration concentration, target unborn child, total 35)

inspiration from the wall: introduction of the male essence: this spell will teleport or magically replicate "surgical" insertion of the male essence into a woman, with normal chances of reproduction occurring. (ReCo:20, base 10, range touch, target:part)

Oh dang, that will push Evandrus too... 35 breakthrough points! Assuming I didn't make a mistake somewhere... Regardless Evandrus will get all these done for the breakthrough points ASAP.

35 points are needed for the main breakthrough (fertility magic), but each project only gives breakthrough points equal to the magnitude, so a level 35 effect gives 7 breakthrough points. Also note that projects are fixed at inspiration, they cannot be altered to maximize breakthrough points.

Also, Neleos, the Greek fisherman's son, looks about ready for anyone who wants to make a deal with a faerie merchant for this gifted boy; Assuming silveroak gives Neleos the okay. not in any hurry, as I'm still getting used to Oliverius now that Aurthor is handed off.

Neelos is good

Fang- essential trait should be something other than his species.
I show he has 350 points in abilities, with a summer character having an allowance of 360, giving him 10 more to spend.
otherwise he looks fine