character design and development

Anna just barely manages the familiar bond as Muto Corpus (it matches Fang's Muto Corpus power) by using a nocturnal lab routine. Muto(6)+Corpus(7)+Int(3)+Aura(5)+MT(7)+Nocturnal Lab Routine(2)=30! She'll take three points of bronze chord. It costs all six pawns of her Muto vis.

Thought we had agreed the Praesidium pays the first 6 pawns, in this case the whole of the binding.

We did? In that case change it to Rego Corpus! Wolves lead packs and Fang's got the paralysis gaze. That's Rego. :smiley: Anna can chip in a corpus and rego vis so she has enough.

It was proposed, I have no record of a vote, and I have not removed vis from covenant accounts for any other familiar bindings.

Well back to Muto Corpus then.

Last I saw of the discussion it was here, and I thought it was agreed, as only Taurus seemed opposed. I think Evandrus used that discount, as he did not have the entirety of the cost covered.

Andros for a fact did, and declared so.

Your first link was to the proposal, I never saw a concensus or vote. Since it seems to have been taken as done despite that lack, I need to record what vis has been used- so far I can only find Andros having used the stores being mentioned... 6 rego for Andros, I'm not sure what else.

Ignes.Festivus Pazzino would like to take some XP in Code of Hermes ability if possible.

you can put 5xp into any ability that was used by anyone during the adventure, rolling or behind the scenes (for example, ride if you took horses, or area lore for the location it was in...), to a total of the earned xp.

Ah, thanks for the clarification. I prefer to take 7 XP in Intrigue then. If Ignes.Festivus is fine with it.

Evandrus has to experiment for the insight spell:

Extraordinary die roll(1) That's a 'splosion Extraordinary Result Die(2)*2+1=5!
Side Effect(9) Major side benefit!
Silveroak Evandrus has wrangled himself a major side benefit on Introduction of the Male Essence!

I've gotten everyone updated. We're applying both apt student and good teacher too training right?

Hehehe, it's up to you, not to me! However, you can only assign up to 5 xp per ability derived from an adventure. So 5 Intrigue, 2 something else.

Thought we were applying Apt student but not Good Teacher to Training. If both apply, then I have to modify some totals!

You are right :unamused: . New attempt: 5 XP in Intrigue and 2 in Code of Hermes.

Whoops. Aegis's xp has been corrected for. Luckily, I never had an incorrect Magic theory total. Only some extra xp. (She only trained in MT once before, and she should have gotten 7xp without a good teach bonus. So the extra xp made no difference and its now been corrected for! No harm done!)

I've updated Aurthor, Arduino and Pazzino.

For Pazzino I assumed a longevity ritual of 21th magnitude, same level of Aurthor's one (also provided by Evandros), because I can't find the exact power anywhere.

Mentor cannot teach "Magic theory and philiosophae". He can teach one subject at a time. Latin and teaching may be learned by someone taking the class, as long as at least half the points are on the topic being taught, but a class cannot have a divided subject. (if the class being taught is on a language then points may be diverted to artes liberales)

Oliverius's 1222 rolls:
Refinement seasons: Oliverius - Refinement during 1122:
1D10+13 = [3]+13 = 16
1D10+13 = [7]+13 = 20

Oliverius: LR 11, covenant life 6, aging 6: 1D10-11 = [8]-11 = -3

Pazzino got a LR in 1111, and Evandrus experimented with it, and got up to 29th magnitude! But I don't think he was updated with the resulting Warping, as he should have a flaw already (At Warping score 1).