character design and development

You are right :unamused: . New attempt: 5 XP in Intrigue and 2 in Code of Hermes.

Whoops. Aegis's xp has been corrected for. Luckily, I never had an incorrect Magic theory total. Only some extra xp. (She only trained in MT once before, and she should have gotten 7xp without a good teach bonus. So the extra xp made no difference and its now been corrected for! No harm done!)

I've updated Aurthor, Arduino and Pazzino.

For Pazzino I assumed a longevity ritual of 21th magnitude, same level of Aurthor's one (also provided by Evandros), because I can't find the exact power anywhere.

Mentor cannot teach "Magic theory and philiosophae". He can teach one subject at a time. Latin and teaching may be learned by someone taking the class, as long as at least half the points are on the topic being taught, but a class cannot have a divided subject. (if the class being taught is on a language then points may be diverted to artes liberales)

Oliverius's 1222 rolls:
Refinement seasons: Oliverius - Refinement during 1122:
1D10+13 = [3]+13 = 16
1D10+13 = [7]+13 = 20

Oliverius: LR 11, covenant life 6, aging 6: 1D10-11 = [8]-11 = -3

Pazzino got a LR in 1111, and Evandrus experimented with it, and got up to 29th magnitude! But I don't think he was updated with the resulting Warping, as he should have a flaw already (At Warping score 1).

Hi silveroak, haven't updated Gloriana, as I wanted your ruling on a couple of things:

•New Affinity for Mentem Merinita initiation proposal:

silveroak, Gloriana will try to initiate Affinity with Mentem with her Merinita Mystagogue. To recap, the Mystagogue has 6 in HM Lore and 4 Presence. This would be a diff 15 (Mystagogue has the minor Virtue being initiated).

After a season of traveling with and receiving instruction from the Mystagogue, the Initiate has to travel to Mont Blanc on a night of a full moon (may take a guide) and make a grueling ascent, must succeed on 3 consecutive Sta + Athletics rolls vs diff 9, each one representing 6 hours of travel, bearing appropriate signs to honor Diana. The character then enters a faerie regio where the moon completely dominates the sky, and proceeds to have an adventure that showcases the initiate's knowledge, must then exit the place successfully. The initiate then has to spend one year in silence, communicating only with her mind if at all (Mentem or Imaginem, or Animal if so inclined). After this the Initiate owes a season of service to her Mystagogue/cult.

Script: +3 Mystagogue's time (season teaching HM Lore to the initiate), +1 Initiate's Time (1 season serving the Mystagogue or some other House member) + 3 Travel to a specific place and time + X year of silence + Y Sympathetic bonus = 7+X+Y. May be overkill, as the Mystagogue has a +10 and difficulty is 15, so would only be a +5 usually, but it might be too awfully convenient to have an exact +5 Initiation available. What do you think? Should she go for an easier Initiation?

Thanks Ignes.Festivus!

silveroak regarding Pazzino Ignes.Festivus is right, what do you think of Fragile Constitution as his first minor virtue from LR's warping?

I think fragile constitution is fine.

regarding the initiation: I get +3 Mystagogue's time +1 initiate's time +3 travel +3 quest for +10. I don't see a lot of symbolism that matches to a mentem affinity- there is certainly symbolism for wilderness, abstinence and other things... but this certainly works as an initiation script. On the other hnd this mystagogue has probably devised her own stripped down scripts (and probably saved her own time first), so the quest, travel to a specific place and time, and the season of service to the mystagogue (who won't want to give that part up) will probably suffice.

Ok, then that will be the Initiation used, thanks!

How about the failed roll for Insight? Is this one of those cases where she can eke a +2/+3 (she is familiar with the caster, she knows the spell cast, and the source of Insight was carried to term by her, and has grown beside her).

I will grant a +2 bonus for your own child (for the mother) only.

That's great, thanks! What is the thing she can invent with this Insight?

Echo of the unborn gift: detects within an unborn child the potential for the gift to manifest, ether at birth or later in life InVi base:10, range:touch, target: unborn child, duration: moment +1 detecting potential instead of just present Gift
total InVi:20

speaking of which, is Sybilla Gifted? If she is helping around the covenant in a craft capacity I should be taking that into considerations on the economics...

also if she sticks with the weaving to where she is what they consider fully trained hey will probably want to initiate her into the wise woman lore...


Sybilla is Ungifted, unless someone wants to play her as a Magus? She is a superb craftsperson in potential, she is learning many crafts, and is doing chores related to her learning, so yes, she is helping the covenant in crafts.
However, her mother sees that she can be of use in the lab,(per the saga rule that someone in tune with her magic, i.e. Strong Faerie Blood, can help in the Lab) so she has been giving her "Lab chores" and really training her in MTheory.
She needs high Carpentry to make her wooden dolls when she gets that Virtue in a few years, but with Affinity and Training she can also raise her Weaving, sounds good.
Eventually she might petition the covenant to consider one of those Figurines as her work for the season.
The Wise woman thing sounds very nice for the character.

Hi silveroak, how do you want to handle the Quest for Gloriana's Initiation? Do you roll an adventure for winter? She'll take Francesco in that case.

I think this got missed: Evandrus got a major side benefit for Introduction of the Male Essence. Silveroak?

Twins will be conceived if conception is possible, and the birth will be unusually easy (+6 to childbirthing rolls)

Hi raccoonmask!

I may be very late,and this already been discussed, but I just noticed Oliverius Refined his lab twice in one year, in the first year he took possession. Don't you need to work in the lab for one year per current Refinement score to attempt to further Refine it? (thus at least to 1123 to attempt the 2nd Refinement).

As to the Metallic minion, are you crafting two as Lesser Enchanted items, or one as a Greater Enchanted item, Opening in the first and enchanting in the second?
This is the Tireless Servant but with metal, not bone, correct?

you do need to have worked a lab for a number of years equal to the refinement score in order to refine it.

For 1123, Sybilla has no adventures, she's shy! Will advance.

Sandor has an adventure in Summer, will advance for Spring. Done, will advance.

Gloriana binds Mother Rabbit in Spring. Advanced for the year.
Aging roll: _: 1D10 = [4] = 4 +4 age - 2 Magi standards - 2 Healthy Feature - 1 Good food - 1 Good wine - 2 Bronze cord = -0 no apparent aging.

[strike]Others await the results of adventures or invitations to adventure.[/strike]

Lady A has no adventures, will advance for the year. Aging roll: _: 1D10 = [4] = 4 + 4 Age - 2 Wealthy- 2 healthy locale - 1 good food -1 good wine - 14 LR = -12, no apparent aging.
Her husband's aging roll: _: 1D10 = [8] = 8 + Age 6 -2 Wealthy - 2 Healthy location - 1 Food - 1 Wine = 8 apparent aging

Andros has no adventures until Winter, will advance him for Spring to Fall. Winter will advance. Aging roll: _: 1D10 = [3] = 3 + 7 Age - 2 magi Standards- 2 healthy locale - 1 good food -1 good wine-3 familiar bond- 6 LR = - 5 nothing happens

Danae will study her jinn for Sihr in Spring. Her Summer adventures are finished, will advance.
First aging roll! _: 1D10 = [9] = 9+4 Age + - 2Magi standards - 2 Healthy feature -1 Good Food - 1 Good wine = 7, nothing happens (Unaging)