Character Development: Magus Atheus of Tytalus (Player: Rafael)

I like all of your contact writeups. (A lot.)

I will address this in another thread, and thank you for the offer.

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Was this aspect further defined?

Not really, no. I think this depends a bit on how you and Nythin want the beginning of the saga to go.

It made sense to me that he wouldn't necessarily have learned the Parma (since he decided to end his apprenticeship on his own). But this does impose some hurdles to his first stories, so we can just have him learning the Parma as soon as he arrives at the covenant, with no great loss to me or the character.

EDIT: Upon further consideration, I see no real gain for him to start w/o Parma. It will just delay us and unnecessarily muddle the waters.

So I think that before going to Inchmore he went to Circulus Ruber, met quaesitor Visioturpis and said "I'm a magus now, teach me the Parma" and the Guernicus went with it (probably having already gotten Nobutes' go ahead). How does that sound?

I think I feel solid assuming that Henry met with Visioturpis directly, was conducting through an Oath Swearing ceremony, and taught Parma by him. We could also assume something of a direct personal relationship between the two that may or may not go anywhere in the future, but they have spent at least a couple of seasons together during this process and thus are known to one another.

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For a Companion, would you be opposed to a Goblin concept? And would you prefer a bruiser/combatant/agent or a factor to expand/amplify your agency?

By "goblin concept" I imagine you mean more than just having goblin blood?

You had previously mentioned an underworld guy with connections to the goblin market in Athlone. It sounded interesting to me.

Since we are yet to begin proper play with Atheus' agency I think it might be best to wait and see how that will unfold before adding a factor... but if you think it would be more fun than a combatant, no problem on my side. =]

I have been thinking about it. But I believe the Mage sets the tone when it comes to their surrounding cast of characters. So, I want to be sure you feel it meshes well with your concept and how you see playing your Mage.

As that material has developed there is a hybrid Goblin and Dokkalfar city called Forionnag (Under Star, in what is most likely extremely bad Gaelic) that is home to the Court of Goibniu. This is also the home of the Goblin Market. Any of the Goblin concepts I had in mind would be associated with the Court to one degree or another.

So I think I have three basic concepts that I think I could do with such a Goblin base idea, that would all mesh with your concept but bring different things to the table.

  • Goblin Agent

A stereotypical sneaky goblin who can fight, steal, spy and otherwise do nefarious things. If you are looking to shore up some direct combativeness in your entourage, this might be the better option. Someone to intimidate, steal ACs, collect on debts, and generally be your one man goon squad.

  • Goblin Crime-boss/Factor

Essentially a Factor specializing in criminals and misdeeds, which are also things the Goblins are interested in. If you want more indirect plot power through your agency being expanded and diversified into misdeeds and shenanigans, this may be the better choice.

  • Goblin Faerie Merchant/Factor

A merchant of the Goblin Market who buys/sells mystical faerie things, and like you is a Factor through such dealings. This would reinforce your agency with ... more of the same really. Amplify rather than diversify, though with a lean towards Faerie and the connections that the Goblins have in their trade network.

Or I could do something else. Like I said ... this is your Companion and if you have different ideas about what makes sense for being a friend and entourage member for your Mage just let me know what you have in mind and we can work on finding a mutually agreeable concept.

Thinking about Atheus future path and goals:

Atheus is not likely to look for a factor, at least on the beginning. In essence, a factor would mean that part of what he considers to be his strength (the agency) does not actually belongs to him. For a Tytalus this is not acceptable.

Thus the goblin agent would be the one he is most likely to accept as a companion.

His two main objectives (currently) are to marry Marie-Jeane and to @$#& with Athlone.

The first one he will most likely try to accomplish through respectable means.. or at least, means that do not implicate him. He will surely need agents to do that, and he can find the right guys... but it would be so much better if he had someone he can trust with the more delicate missions. Someone not expendable.

For the second he will do his best to put a strain on Ashenrise's existence, and he would in no way be shy of nefarious things for that. Again, someone capable of taking care of things would be great.

I think the Goblin Agent would fit the bill more for these purposes. But I have no idea what he can offer in return, except for a vague promise of future support. Thoughts?

By the way, the reason Gael (Marie-Jeane's father) has no idea (yet) of her infatuation with Atheus (and his with her) is because I didn't want to take the marriage for granted. Essentially Atheus is in a race against time: he needs to become someone before Gael decides to marry Marie-Jeane to someone else.
(Of course, maybe he will fail. Plan B is to elope with her... but he'd rather not need to.)

First, if he is an actual Goblin, vitality through stories is its own reward in some ways. But he wouldn't tell you that.

Second a lot depends on how the two are originally tied together. A Goblin could be hired for the right amount of wealth, or story seed/potential, or vis etc. Or come to a friendly arrangement as regards that with a Magus who happened to do them a good turn in some way as well. Perhaps saved his life, or perhaps helped him get away from a mob or some knights or a jealous husband etc.

I'll ponder building a Goblin Agent and show you a basic spread sometime soon.

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