Character development

I never got to try out mastery's in 4th ed, so I wanted to play with them now - the only problem is finding the damn abilities, there scattered all over the place - there were a couple I liked the look of which Xavier doesnt currently use because I cant remember where they were atm :cry: plus the cominbation of Flawless magic and mastered spells is nice :slight_smile:

I'll change it so I still have my sigil then, easy enougH.


EDIT I did consider affinity with Rego, but Puissent seemed easier and just as effective, whats your thoughts on which to take (or should I just take both?)

I would prefer that a new magus not be more experienced than the majority of the PC's , I spent quite a lot of time trying to cut down the 4 or 5 years of post apprenticeship experience I would have liked and it mildly irritates me when different rules of character design apply later.
(we have had a year of downtime so he is about 5 years more experienced than everyone except Aelinius)

Xavier is built with no additional XP - its just 4 years of story, no XP


EDIT: Btw, for my spell selection, do you think they are ok, as my csting totals are very close to the actual levels, should I have gone for fewer, higher level spells? or are they ok as is?

EDIT II: Had an idea for a minor flaw - Deleterious Circumstances - blood of the innocent (somewhat vague, but I would leave it to the SG to determine)? Thoughts? Comments? Ok, bad??


OPs I mixed up one thing. Kal make your magus so that he is upto level with the other characters. That is compensation for the year that has passed in game time and as many extra years as I gave the others. Aelianus is supposed to have more time out off apprenticeship then the rest. Now I don't remember how much time I gave the non-Aelianus characters but anyway... Sorry for the mix up. :blush:

No worries - from what Andrew has said - I'll give Xavier 30 XP then for one additional year beyond his apprenticeship (it is 30 XP per year right?).



Ok, this is the second draft of Xavier - i have included the 30XP for one year past apprenticeship.

Xavier Francis of Bonisgus
Characteristics: Int +3, Per +0, Pre +0, Com +0, Str +0, Sta +1, Dex +0, Qik +2
Size: 0
Age: 26 (26)
Decrepitude: 0
Confidence: 1 (3)
Virtues: +0 The Gift, +0 Hermetic Magus, +3 Flawless Magic, +1 Puissant Rego, +1 Skilled Parens, +1 Educated, +1 Mastered Spells, +1 Improved Attributes, +1 Boosted Magic, +0 Puissent Magic Theory
Flaws: -3 Ambitious, -3 Diablotic Past, -1 Hatred (Diabolists), -1 Susceptibility to Divine, -1 Infamous, -0 Mentor (Josef Rangar)
Personality Traits: Unfazed +3, Devoted (the order) +3, Merciless +1 (+3 vs diabolists)
Reputations: -4 Outcast Sinner
Fist Fight
Soak: +0
Fatigue: Ok, 0, -1, -5, ko
Wound Penalties: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Area Lore (Rhine Tribunal) 1 (politics), Artes Liberales 1 (ceremonial magic), Athletics 1 (grace), Awareness 2 (alertness), Brawl 1 (dodge), Code of Hermes 1 (political intrigue), Concentration 2 (spells), Finesse 2 (precision), Folk Ken 2 (magi), Germanic 5 (prose), Order of Hermes Lore 1 (politics), Infernal Lore 1 (demons), Intrigue 1 (gossip), Latin 4 (hermetic use), Magic Theory 4(6) (inventing spells), Penetration 2 (pedo), Philosophiae 1 (ceremonial magic), Parma Magica 2 (mentem), Profession (Scribe) 1 (copying), Theology 1
Arts: Cr 0, In 6, Mu 0, Pe 7, Re 7+3, An 0, Aq 0, Au 0, Co 8, He 0, Ig 0, Im 5, Me 6, Te 0, Vi 8
Twlight Scars & Effects: none
Magic Sigil:
Equipment: Dagger
Laboratory: none
Encumbrance: 0
Spells Known:
PeVi20 Demon’s Eternal Oblivion (CT +20; Mastery 4: Adaptable, Fast Cast, Penetration, Multi Cast)
ReCo20 Flight of the Magus (CT +20; Mastery 1: Stalwart Casting)
ReCo15 Lift the Dangling Puppet (CT +20: Mastery 1: Fast Cast)
InMe20 Posing the Silent Question (CT +16; Mastery 3: Quiet Casting x2, Still Casting)
ReCo20 Repel the Unwanted (CT +22; Mastery 3: Fast Cast, Penetration, Multi Cast)
ReMe10 Call to Slumber (CT +18; Mastery 1: Fast Cast)
InCo20 The Inexorable Search (CT +16; Mastery 1: Ceremonial Casting)
InAu15 Whispering Winds (CT +8; Mastery 1: Stalwart Casting)
PeVi20 Winds of Mundane Silence (CT +18; Mastery 2: Adaptable, Unravelling)
ReIm10 Wizard’s Sidestep (CT +17; Mastery 1: Fast Cast)


Don't really have time to review your character, and I don't know what you've done.

In case you misunderstood, The XP thing means that you should be just one year out of apprenticeship, nothing else.

Thats what I done - childhood (early&later), apprenticeship and 1 year



Yup! :smiley:

That's fine . I can't talk about extra years with No XP , Iolar has around 48 of them.
I didn't take time to check all the xp .

I have no problem with it as an idear , I think I would prefer the innocent rather than innocent blood as that seems a bit specific to me. But I can think of several ways that could function as a flaw

If you want to be a master of Rego take both , if you just want to be good then one of them is fine I tend to think Puissant works better.
When I designed someone who was a master of one art I took Both

First Draft of the Woodcarver from Shadows of the past

Str -1
Sta 0
Dex +2
Qui 0
Int +2
Per 0
Pre +1
Com +1
Unaffected by the Gift
Puissant Wood Working
Affinity- Wood working

Covenant Upbringing
Disfigured- Tattoo’s
No Sense of Direction

Magic Might 5
Major Virtue- Magical Craftsman
Improved Abilities x2 total 220xp

Speak Odd Celtic tongue-5 (Compatible with Iolar’s home language at –2)
Speak Latin – 4 50
Craft Wood Carving –7 (+2)
Bargain 2
Charm 2
Leadership 2
Magic Lore 2
Ettiquette 1
Guile 1

It seems that there arent any major flaws with the 2nd draft of Xavier then - so I'll work out the last bits of personal stuff and his combat scores, then I'll post him in the character sheets thread?


It still seems to me you could have 1 more flaw and Virtue which I would normally have

The XP seems to add up

Sure, but if he's ok with his character as it is, why would he want to absolutely burden himself with another flaw? Not every character is supposed to have 10 v/f :wink:

I agree no problem with it , but I thought I would mention is as the only area I could see which may want changing

To be honest - i cant see another virtue that I want, so I dont see the point of trying to grab another flaw for a virtuer I'm not that fussed about :slight_smile:

I'll see if I can finish off the character tomorrow now, as I have to clean the flat before we move - I may be off line for a week or so after tuesday as I'm moving house...




Just got an ok from Mad MAx to join in and start cooking a character, so I thought I'd say hi. I have about a half-dozen ideas bouncing around, and figured I could winnow them down by checking in, and asking if there are any character types or capacities the covenant needs?