Character discussion: Tearlach mac Meirrill

"I don't always play Ars Magica...but when I do, I have Peregrine by the jesses."

I knew it wasn't Jonathan Goldsmith, but the resemblance was strong...and the falcon...well. :smiley:

Peregrine, I'd like to request a minor alteration to stats: drop Low German to 2 and Slavic to 1 (frees up 25 XP). Use the freed-up points to take Italian up to 3.
OK with you?

Not a problem.

Found a movie with the same actor where his appearance is a lot closer to what I picture Tearlach looking like. Only problem is, I can't get a decent screencap. :slight_smile: So I've got a video clip instead: one of the songs from the movie.


Clip itself starts at about 0:25, and Boyarsky (aka Tearlach) is the singer.

(Just for amusement value, here's a trailer for the movie -- the song is much better and the movie itself looks like a lot of fun. :slight_smile:)