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In the tub, I was wondering about a grog that has died in our last adventure and a gift we could make to lessen the pain of her young husband. I came up with a ring duration CrIm spell in her likeness (cheap, but personal).

This led me to wonder if there wasn't anybody interested in portraits in Medieval Europe (they are easy to make - CrIm circle). Then I added a touch of Harry Potter and voilà, why not make Medieval movies (Medieval television is - you guessed it - ring shaped).

And from there it was a small step to devices that photocopy books onto paper with a circle on it.

I'm now going to design a pioneer of photography magus. Good finesse is required and artistic talent - but what else? I also need an appropriate focus.

Input welcome.

Hmm. It doesn't seem like it would be that hard, either. "Create an image that affects a single sense" is the baseline for Level 1 CrIm. Making it move is +1. Very intricate images is one magnitude higher, as well, and presumably requires a Rego requisite, although the spells in the CrIm section that have movement don't. So, we're looking at a base Level 3 for a detailed moving image of a person. I would be inclined to make the caster make a Finesse (or some kind of Craft) roll to get the details right.

If it's an item...let's say, a smallish pedestal-looking thingie, that continually projects this image like a three-dimensional .gif, I'd call that Touch range (+1), D: Sun (+2), T: Individual. Final effect level would then be 10?

Usable twice a day (+1), Environmental Trigger: sunrise/sunset (+3), for an item's lab total of 14. Sound right?

What's sad is that both Cygna and Fiona could pull that off in a single season if I'm right (Fiona with relative ease, Cygna would probably need to experiment...which actually gives me an idea).

This kinda sounds like one of those facepalm "Why didn't I think of that?!?" type things. :smiley:

Easy to do. By the core RAW there is no reason why 100% of the covenants do not have access to all hermetic books ever written, much like modern unversities. The line has tried to nerf that power repeatedly, however because the implications to hermetic scholarship are just massive. IMO this is just the case because the quality of books is too high in ArM5 (it should be around 5 on average) but that is me.


Timothy has put in Hollywood already. HoH:S p.54: "The Daughters of Echo" even run the Order's film archive.