Character Idea, What Virtue and Flaws Should I Take ?


As stated in prior post, I have this idea for a blind swordsmen. My idea is to have him as a dishonored knight or something.

The basic back story is: Knight/guardsman protecting castle or covenant, demon attacks, destroys the place, leave the Knight/guardsman alive, but blind. The blindness give him a "Second sight" ability. Now a loner and traveler looking for "redemption" for "sin" or something like that.

My question is, can you take "Knight" as a virtue and not currently be an active knight. Or should i just take "Warrior" and the "duty bound" flaw?

A knight? Not a masseur? Meh... 8)

Not sure what you mean by an "active" knight - if you mean currently sworn to a lord, the Social Status virtue doesn't really address that, but there would still be some relationship there, some higher lord to whom he's sworn, who made him a knight, or whatever. Perhaps the relationship is dormant, but it's there at some level.

In some cultures (and certainly in the genre in general), there are also Knights Errant, who wander about "doing good work". Their lord or duties have given them leave to do this, so... great!

A "warrior" is merely someone who is in the combat business - could be a noble, could be a scummy peasant. A Knight has social privileges and rank above the common man, and the two are as different as someone who has studied politics and a Kennedy (if you'll excuse the analogy.) Beyond that, how you depict the knight is up to you, and your Troupe.

(Edit: But if it were me, I'd suggest something like:
Puissant Alertness (another result of the blinding - crucial for those "other senses")
possibly Privileged Upbringing
possibly Premonitions
possibly Strong Willed (to not give up after blinding)
possibly Temporal Influence (depending who his family is, etc)
possibly "Famous", to help counter the blindness
possibly Protection
(Things like "Tough" could work too, but he may be "out of shape" since the blinding, etc.)

Some Personality Flaw as result of Blinding - Driven, Wrathful, Fear, OverSensitive, Pious, Vow, etc
possibly Disfigured, depending on how blinding was done
possibly Mentor, someone who can guide him on his new dark path

Careful about the Story flaws, this character could easily fit too many.

Gives me this idea of a blind knight trying to avenge the death of his lord, family... whatever while helping people along the way and righting wrongs, helped by his mentor... who is in fact a demon: iirc, vengeance is evil, and the knight may very easily sin without being conscious of it and while thinking he's right. Which is in itself yet another sin.