character role call

If you have a character to propose, post a name and brief description here, I will create a thread to discus the creation and development of that character.

Below are the ideas I have right now. Two are quite old and deep into mystery cults, if that is a problem I'm willing to adjust or shelve them.

Gerard de Flambeau: A late summer/early autumn magus, a Mercurian Milite who has also reached the rank of Lion in the Cult of Mithras. He will be marshalling a Hermetic Expeditionary Force to lead the colonization of the Antichthones. I'm not sure which tribunal is most appropriate, I'm thinking Iberia but not set on that.

Archimedes ex Verditius: A mid-autumn magus, high up in the Brotherhood of the Green Cockerel and the Fraternity of Samos. His goal is to establish the Order of Hermes as a powerful faction of society, equal in power to the church and the state. He is seeking the secrets of the Mechanica of Heron, which, along with various applications of Hermetic Architecture, will allow for the creation of an undefeatable military power answerable only to the Order, thereby forcing society to acknowledge and respect hermetic authority. (Note: this is his hubristic intent; not the player's assumption of what will happen). He will set up his base of operations in the Theban tribunal, which he will champion as the best political model for the entire Order of Hermes to adopt as it takes its place alongside the other Great Powers of Europe.

Valentin of the Younger House: An early-summer Pralician, who got involved with the Children of Odin. Before the recent Grand Tribunal, many members of the Children of Odin were Marched due to an assassination attempt (possibly successful if the SG prefers) on the King of France. Valentin was not involved in the plot, so has not been formally accused of any Hermetic crime, but he thought it best to make himself scarce, and he has travelled to Africa, to join the new Roman covenant there, and pursue the secrets of the African continent's magic.

Julian ex Tytalus: A mid-summer Tytalan member of the Titanoi and expert in the magic realm. He is an accomplished Theurgist, and working on the research necessary to travel to the place that was found on the other side of the magic realm. His source of conflict (which all Tytalus seek) is to surpass and shame the house of Bonisagus in the realm of magical research, achieving the breakthrough they all strive for and disprove the notion that Tytalans aren't interested in or good at research. Thinking Alps if allowed, or Rhine.

Terpsichore ex Mercere. Gifted, mute Maga whose tongue has been cut off by armored men when she was young. Taken in by and adopted by a Redcap, harbours a deep hatred agains the kind of people who maimed her. That includes crusaders, knights, emirs and so on. Levant Tribunal.

Neophron Ilfetwis is a Bjoarner from Ilefetu clan with an Egyptian Vulture heartbeast.

At gauntlet he's sort of an animal "corporeal" necromancer which seems fitting for a vulture. He's a Bjornaer so animal spirits are also of interests to him. All those activities fall under the same arts : Rego and Animalem.
He's decent a finding stuff, using animated animal corpses he has access to a broad range of senses. he can teleport himself in vulture form but he can also teleport the animated animal corpses and use their senses at distance with sense sharing spells. When he's found something, he can control the animal to safety and teleport to him using the corpse as an arcane connection.

Later He's been initiated along the way to the classical Ilfetu Augury method of reading blood pattern from wounded animal and has broaden his "ghost" necromancer arsenal with classical Mentem spells.

His goal is to lead the way in discovering new Mysteries for his House and seek unknown animal spirits from those lands. He considers that he's got a unique opportunity to investigate the southern part of the Levant Tribunal from the covenant of Aqaba for Ancient Ruins as well the as lesser known magic of the present inhabitants.

Magnarbor ex Bonisagus. Magus Bonisagi with a heavy specialty on Herbam. MMF in Trees and Wood. Obsessed with the idea of finding the many varieties of fruit trees that may be inside the Garden of Eden, most notably the Tree of the Fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Locating him in the Aqaba covenant for relative proximity.
(Never mind, the idea that was previously posted here became uninteresting after I started fleshing the character out in my head.)