Character sheet error


We've started a new saga and noted that the AM character sheet downloaded from Atlas appears to contain a mistake regarding wound recording. Since injuries no longer run on a static damage track, at least by my reading, the section with the wound track running parallel to fatigue looks misplaced.

Have I read this right?


Yes you have, the offical sheet is in error.

This is a known problem.

Personnaly I recommand you the character sheets from the Mad irishman website :

The sheet in the back of the book looks wrong, but the one from the website seems ok. I use pages 1 + 2 of the mad irishman's 1st sheet, and a pages 3 + 4 from a sheet designed for 3rd edition (not ideal, but I like the layout). Sadly, I can't find a 5th edition sheet which includes encumberance, and i'm far too lazy to make my own.

Thank you. I'll download the sheets from the site linked. The sheets I'm using currently that are in error are the ones I downloaded from Atlas.

I'd be interested in knowing more about the "combination" sheet layout...perhaps you'll convince me to amend my sheet.

And I'm partly to blame regarding the sheet error, but that's a long story. :blush:


I made this one as a combination of two other ArM character sheets. I'm not sure it's 100% correct, but at least it has correct Healthboxes.
Try it HERE.
Hope it'll be usefull.

Sorry but I can't seem to open the link. It shows a page 403 error.

More specifically, it says "Hotlinking is not allowed".

So, not (yet) as useful as it might be. :wink:

Oh, sorry, I forgot, But it can be simply bypassed - just copy the link and paste into browser. Here:
Sorry for trouble.

Lol, you just left yourself open for a load of critique :smiley: . Before I start, I'd like to make it clear that I DO like it, it just isn't quite perfect in my eyes.

The 3rd edition sheet 3+4 I used was from a postscript file (I have no idea who did it, but nice job if he's reading) ...

Still not perfect, but close (pages screwed up, spells too cramped)

OK, now for my assesment of the mad irishmans. (the 1st, not newer)
Page 1.
Decrepitude and Warping should have boxes for score and points.
Whilst it does need the soak value, i'm not convinced it needs the armour worn + armour load. But it doesn't hurt I guess.
Wounds could probably use bigger tick boxes, or more spread out, to avoid accidently rubbing out more than 1 box. And total penalty seems wasted, it probably changes too often to make it worthwhile (though may depend on what kind of game you play, heh).
Weapons I don't feel needs to have every number repeated for every weapon. Boxes to show totals, and a sidenote on how they are calculated might be cleaner. And I think SPC refers to Space? Not used in 5th.

Page 2.
Something for Load, Burden and Encumberance.

Page 3.
I'm not sure if Arcane abilities needs to be repeated, but it doesn't hurt.
The Casting totals all miss +stamina. And the multiple casting is from 4th.
I wouldn't bother with the Raw Vis box, let people write it in the equipment.
Lab Results seems either wasted space, or not enough space, depending on the mage (tricky one, lol)
I'd put familiar on this page.

Page 4.
As mentioned, I'd take the familiar off this page. An older mage could fill the sheet, needing to print again for more spell space. Seems a shame to print out the familiar again too.
I'd use fewer spells. Maybe only 2/3 as many. With the space saved used to leave more notes about the spells.

Maybe that sounds harsh, maybe it doesn't. If I didn't mention it, it's because it seems pretty damn good. Also, thanks for not using any fancy border, for not using colour, for not using an image behind the sheet. They don't do any good, make the sheet harder to use, and use up the margin space where I make cramped notes :smiley:
Thanks for the sheet, even with my issues with it, it's still the best all-round 5th edition sheet available.