Character: Yannis

GotF:Rhine Tribunal pg. 30-35 has rules for how forests can be represented as creatures of Might and a sample forest.

RoP:M has more details on fleshing out genii locorum. There are still some applicable rules in GotF though, like a requirement that a Rhine forest genius locus have a minimum 30 Magic Might and that they have Control Weather, which RoP:M genii locorum don't have.

Will you be writing-up Arduinna/Ardennes or shall I do it? If me, what Season and Magic Might (30-45)?

Take note that the genius locus' Magic Might caps the spell levels of the Crafter/Master of (Form)

Season. Summer sounds ok. He is a powerful spirit, but not one of the major forests on the rhine area. You can write it up, but I reserve the right to play fast and loose with beings of such power. They are plot devices, so imo they should be able to do or not do stuff based on story reasons.

@Xavi Arduinna is female according to the Celtic legends of the Ardennes, she was equated to Diana by the Romans. Since you will be using her as a plot device, I'd rather not stat her out. From what you've said, I am assuming Arduinna is Magic Might 30, which means the spells I use via Spiritual Pact are capped at level 30.

Wow... :exploding_head: Affinity +90 xp + Puissant = Forest Lore 7 + 2.

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Arduinna, genius loci of the Ardennes

Magic Might: 40 (Herbam)

Locus: Magic Aura 6 (forest +2, preternatural tether +4)

Virtues & Flaws: Magic Spirit, Daimon, Ways of the Forest

Magical Qualities & Inferiorities: Focus power (x 6), Greater Power (x 2), Ritual power (x 2)


Crafter of Herbam , variable points, Init: (Qik-Might cost), Herbam: duplicates any non-Ritual Creo Herbam or Rego Herbam spell no greater than 40th level at a cost of 1 Might point per magnitude of the effect. (Focus Power x 2)

Guide, 3 points, Init +1, Mentem (Greater Power)

Manifestation, 4 or more points, Init (Qik–Might cost), Animal or Herbam (Focus Power x 2)

Master of Herbam , variable points, Init: (Qik - Might cost), Herbam: duplicates any non-Ritual Muto Herbam or Perdo Herbam spell no greater than 40th level at a cost of 1 Might point per magnitude of the effect. (Focus Power x 2)

Presence, 0 points, constant, Mentem (Greater Power)

Shroud, 2 points, Init: (Qik - 12), Mentem. Provides an effect similar to The Shrouded Glen. (Ritual Power x 2)

Vis: 8 pawns of Herbam Vis, 4 pawns a year can also be harvested deep inside the forest.

The Arduenna Silva

When Julius Caesar set about expanding the boundaries of Rome, the Hercynian Forest was not the only magical forest the Cult of Mercury encountered. In 57 B.C. Julius Caesar set out to conquer northern Gaul and in the region of what would be called Gallia Belgica was another vast, ancient forest the Romans named Arduenna Silva. Once again the Cult of Mercury set out to empower the limes and yet again their efforts lead to the fragmentation of the main spirit Arduenna into many, smaller genii locorum.

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Yannis is the first-born son of a royal chase gamekeepr born in a hamlet situated at the area where the Forest of Cuise connects with the Ardennes. He started going with his father and learning the trade at an early age. He started manifesting The Gift before his eighth winter after spending a lot of time in the Ardennes collecting deadwood. HIs parents sent him to live with the Folk Witch Eliza in Reims the next year.

He spent two years with Eliza, eventually learning Latin and the basics of Folk Witch magic and organization. It was during this time that he met and befriended the boy named Sulpice. On his tenth winter he was presented to Mistress Greta, who gave him crushing news; his Gift could not be Opened. He opted to go back home instead of staying with the Coven.

Yannis' father, claiming the privilege of a gamekeeper to live within the royal chase, had a hut constructed for Yannis' use. It was during this time that Yannis felt called by the Ardennes. He then spent the next twelve years exploring and deepening this connection, which culminated in a Spiritual Pact with the genius locus Arduinna.

How different is your malediction from Unbearable to (Beings)? It should affect interactions with Sophie.

Totally different. Mechanically it functions as Supernatural Nuisance (Faeries).

Yeah... Sophie'd probably be a pain in Yannis' ass

@Xavi Will you allow Arduinna, and therefore Yannis, to have the Shroud power from GotF, p.33-34? Or possibly Crafter of Vim to represent her ability to repulse the Faerie Realm?

I removed Manifestation since it doesn't seem thematic

Once you have clarified with Xavi the Virtue Awakening for Yannis, you should put it into this thread as well.

No pressure, but I am anxious to know how it worked out.

It's an existing Virtue in HoH:MC, p.104.

Or are you referring to the Technique+Form part in the computation? That's kind of moot considering Yannis' Suppresed Gift. He can do lab work, but cannot use Arts. :slight_smile:

Anyways, his effective Nature Lore is 9. :wink:


There are no Hermetic Arts any more in the world. So I do not understand what remains of Awakening without adaptation, and for what the 1 point of Virtues got spent.
But anyway: no pressure. Just discuss it with @Xavi.

  • TeFo = Arts.
  • Yannis cannot use Arts due to Suppressed Gift
  • So, even if there were replacement Arts, e.g. Com+Animal Ken for a Folk Witch, Yannis still would not get the TeFo.

Where can I find the virtue/power Shroud? It does not seem in ROP:M

It's not a Virtue, it's a spirit power.

Hmm! :smiley: So all you would have to do is:

  • agree with Xavi about the 'replacement Arts' in Awakening,
  • decide with him whether it requires the Gift,
  • adapt Awakening accordingly,
  • and write it down.

And - presto chango - you could benefit from it again. Well, perhaps only after you retrieved your Gift ....

It works like a laboratory activity and is based off Nature Lore, so it should work even without Arts. But the replacement Arts can wait. Supressed Gift is a Major Story Flaw after all. :slight_smile:

As I read Awakening, even in the lab it needs the Gift of the main worker opened and the TeFo present: just Nature Lore is as useful in a lab as just Magic Theory.

Do you have an agreement with Xavi to the contrary?

Ah. Right. My fault.

Shroud sounds a suitable power for an area considered to be unsuitable for massed travel, so yes, we can have it. Could tyou post the diverse powers of Anduinna that you were thinking in the public thread?

I thought you had abandoned the Merinita Mysteries in favor to a spiritual pact and forest lore. Spiritual pact and other stuff makes for a more in depth association with the forest than the Merinita Mysteries after all. And they are less convulated mechanically and conceptually it seems to work the same.
You can have a familiar using Animal Ken as per the folk witch rules if you want.

Sounds good?

Supressed Gift is from Apprentices?

@Xavi I guess we need a ruling for this. Will Awakening still function with Suppressed Gift? If not, then I have a free Virtue point to spend.