Cheap books spotted in Brisbane, Australia

Fellow Australians!

I was off to another city today and stopped at one of the game stores there. The proprietor has had a massive downturn in his RPG sales, since about a year ago, and half his RPG stock is now in his half-price bin. For Ars I saw Sanctuary of Ice, Living Lore, Cause and Cure and Bishop's Staff going half-price. I picked up Faerie Stories for half price, myself.

He also has BBC, HoH:TL and one other (I think it was Fallen Fane) at standards price. He doesn't have RoP:D, which is what I went in for (I came out with GotF, FS, "Season of Mists", "At Deaths Door", "The Medieval Underground" and a free ticket to "The Corpse Bride", so you might say my purchasing decisions, er, evolved...while I was there.

So, the shop was Daily Planet in Brisbane...with whom I'm utterly unaffiliated. Napolens has s ome older 4th ed stuff, too.