Childhood Virtues and Flaws

There appears to be a bit of a contradiction on these in the Apprentice book, though maybe I'm just misreading it; at one point in the book, it says you can take them if your character is 14 or younger, but later it seem to imply that you can have them up until the end of adolesence (21). Which is correct? I'm planning on running an all-apprentices game at GenCon this year, and want to finish my pre-gens before August :slight_smile:

"Characters age 14 and young can select Childhood Virtues and Flaws..."

"Childhood Virtues and Flaws change during the transitions of maturation. They may be retained through the first two transitional stages, infant to child and child to adolescent, but must be changed by the final transition of Maturation, from adolescent to adult."

By my reading, you can only select Childhood Virtues and Flaws for a character 14 or younger. You can keep those virtues and flaws when the character matures from 14 to 15, but must exchange them when the character matures from 20 to 21. A character created at age 15 can't take them, but a character created at age 14 and then played for a year can keep them.

That's how it read to me, but it struck me as odd; if I make a character starting at age 17, I can't by the rules take a childhood flaw for her, since I didn't roleplay her from 14 or before? That just seems weird to me.

I didn't say it wasn't weird. I just said that's how I read the rules. Mind you, I wouldn't follow them as written in my saga. Many of the "Childhood" virtues and flaws seem to me to be potentially appropriate to adult characters. For instance, Infatuation is a very "Arthurian Romance" sort of flaw and Bully is, alas, prevelent among adults as well as children in real life.