Choke & Puke from Beer Money

I always assumed this card worked in a similar fashion (though more powerful given the "puke" effect) as the original from Lunch Money, but in working on my little project I've realized the wording in different.

Take a look (I added emphasis):

According to this, the target seems free to attack and block other attacks?

I guess I can visualize the victim wailing on the attacker to get him to let go, but I wanted a clarification that the Choke and the Choke & Puke act differently in this regard?


Anyone have an opinion on this one? Or did I hit the nail on the head as to how this one works?


I always just assumed that the person being held can't do anything at all except discard (in hopes of getting a freedom or thunder head). After all, she might be a bit too busy trying to obtain oxygen to do much else.

The victim can't defend against the free attacks, or any other attacks, on the round that he's released. But while he's actually being held, he CAN attack and defend and heal and whatever else he wants ... he just keeps losing counters, is all.

It works exactly as written then (which of course is good).

Thanks for clarifying it!


Stomp and Headbutt will break a Choke. Thunderhead will break a Choke & Puke. Will a Stomp or a Headbutt also break a Choke & Puke? Will a Thunderhead also break a Choke?

That's a good question for those who mix the decks together.

Strictly speaking the rules state explicitly which cards effect which cards, but obviously when you cross between decks you cant expect the rules to list all of the other cards in the other sets.

There was a small section in the rules on interop with the other sets, but I don't recall this one being mentioned. Maybe a Lunch Money Interop FAQ is needed!


If somebody wanted to put together a basic FAQ, we'd be happy to put it up on the website. :slight_smile:

Does that mean it's 1 free Basic Attack in addition to whatever else they do that turn? Or does that mean that the victim can't defend against any attacks, but players are only allowed to play Basic Attacks on her?

X number of players turns in a single round.

For the round the victim cannot defend, so ALL attcaks bay ALL players get in undefended. On each players turn they get a free basic attack VS the victim. Then they can playa normal attack against whom ever they wish.

At least that's how I read it!

That would be a little unfair though, because then theoretically, someone could play a Basic Attack on the victim (which they can't defend against), and then play something like Big Combo also on the victim (also not being able to defend). So everyone would be attacking the victim twice.

Unless you mean each player gets a free Basic Attack on the victim, then continues their turn, but CANNOT attack the victim again that turn. Is that what you mean?

No, it is possible that everyone could pile on the victim twice. In a large, multiplayer game I don't know that everyone would waste their normal attack on the victim since you know that everyone else is going to get a free shot on him so he's likely to be in bad shape by the end. Usually people go after the leaders.

Oh okay, thanx for clarifying. Man that really sucks for the victim, especially since the people I play with usually go after the person who's almost dead to get them out of the game.

I'm having a tournament on the 26th with about 7 people. We're playing 1 game, everyone starts with 100 points! Whoever gets Choke & Puke playing on them is gonna be hurting!